International and local scholars congregated at City University of

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International and local scholars congregated at City University of Powered By Docstoc
					International and local scholars congregated at City University of Hong
Kong (CityU) on 1 June for an
international symposium on strategies
concerning university governance in

“The Search for New University
Governance in Asia” was jointly
organized by the Comparative
Education Policy Unit of the
Department of Public and Social
Administration at CityU; the Centre for
East Asian Studies at the University of Bristol; and the Research Institute
for Higher Education at Hiroshima University.

Academics from Australia, the UK, the US, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan
and Hong Kong discussed issues including incorporation, corporatization
and restructuring as they shared the experience of university governance
introduced in recent years by institutes in Asia, and the subsequent issues
and implications. The insights are of special relevance to Hong Kong as it
pursues its goal to become a regional hub for higher education.

Dr David Chan Kin-keung, Associate Professor of the Department of
Asian and International Studies and Convenor of the Comparative
Education Policy Research Unit, expressed that university governance was a
determining factor as to whether or not a city could become such a focal
point for education. “We should not limit our horizons for the development
of higher education in Hong Kong. We should extend our views to the
whole region,” he said.

“Besides Hong Kong, many other Asian countries and regions, such as
Japan and Taiwan, are working towards similar goals. Singapore and
Malaysia have also clearly expressed similar visions,” he added.

Professor Mok Ka-ho of the University of Bristol, said the governments of
Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand were restructuring university governance
through incorporation and corporatization. “When public policies are
influenced by liberalization and
marketization all over the world, we
have to analyze whether the
government should still take a leading
role in university governance,” he said.

Professor Jun Oba of Hiroshima
University said the symposium had
facilitated an exchange of experiences
in university governance between
different regions, which would have a
positive influence on the development
of higher education.
The symposium was sponsored by the Lee Hysan Foundation and the Hong
Kong Educational Research Association. Dr Anna Kwan Siu-fong, Senior
Education Development Officer of Education Development Office of CityU
and representative of the Hong Kong Educational Research Association,
thanked the organizers for organizing such a meaningful symposium.