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					         Great Idea Exploration Scoring Guide                  Student Name______________________
Use this scoring guide as you prepare for and facilitate your Exploration. Put these scoring guides in your
group’s portfolio (one scoring guide per student)
Exemplary (90-100 points)
All “Proficient” criteria plus at least one of the following:
□ Exploration includes 5-6 different types of activities and texts
□ Facilitation employs consistent academic language and professional presentation skills
□ Each session has its own distinct theme and the four sessions are organized to build understanding
□ Materials demonstrate a research process that required significant outside time
□ Final project assignment for Socrates café is typed on a handout and provides a menu of options
□ Other:

Proficient (75-89 points)
□ Exploration materials prepared ahead of time for each exploration day
□ Exploration materials blend text and experiential elements
□ No technical delays during the Exploration that exceed 3 minutes
□ Exploration team does not run out of material
□ All members contribute to the facilitation and participation of the Exploration
□ Explanations of questions and activities enable explorers to participate fully
□ Exploration group remains focused and on task throughout the exploration
□ Facilitation team provides assignments for explorers to do outside of class, including a final
   project for the Socrates café on finals day
□ Portfolio includes evaluation, detailed plans and copies of materials for each Exploration session

Progressing (65-74 points)
□ Meets 5-8 of the “Proficient” criteria

Beginning (64 points and below)
□ Meets fewer than 5 of the “Proficient” criteria

Facilitation Score:    /100

Comments regarding student’s performance as a facilitator:

Explorer Score:       /25

Comments regarding student’s participation as an explorer: