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									Short Tricks for IIT-JEE/AIEEE                                         Page 1 of 2

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           We provide Shrot Tricks Modules on the following topics :

                   Integration of modulus Functions
                   Integration of Greatest Integer Functions
                   Integration of Periodic Functions
                   Integration of Even and Odd Functions
                   Summation of Limits by Integrations
                   Lambnitz's Rule
                   Cancellation Law, Walli's Formulae
                   Area Under Curves
                   Integration by Master Formulae
                   Differentiation Equations
                   Differentiation of Impliit Function
                   Differentiation of Infinite Series
                   Differentiation of Parametric Equations
                   Bionomial Theorem
                   Sequences and Series
                   Complex Numbers

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Short Tricks for IIT-JEE/AIEEE                                               Page 2 of 2

                   Quadratic Equations
                   Determinants and Metrices
                   Coordinates of Points and its Locus
                   Straight Lines
                   The Circle
                   The Ellipse
                   The Parabola
                   The Hyperbola
                   Logarithmic Differentiation
                   Permutations and Combinations
                   Exponential and Logarithmic Series

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