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the project assigned during the first spell of 3 day in service



Project: How to make teaching more effective.

               This project is submitted   in partial fulfillment of
21 day In Service Course for Post Graduate Teacher (Computer
Science) 2008-2009 (9th June to 20th June 2008) at Kendriya
Vidyalaya IIT Guwahati, (7th Nov. to 9th Nov.2008) at Kendriya
Vidyalaya Maligaon, GUWAHATI, and (1st December to 3rd
December 2008,& 4th February to 6th February 2009)at
Kendriya Vidyalaya EAC UPPER SHILLONG.

I am thankful and grateful to Mrs. Saroj Kujur Principal KV EAC
UPPER SHILLONG her valuable guidance and suggestions in
completing the project.

Project Submitted by:

Birbal Jat PGT (Computer Sc.)

Observed by:

Mrs. Saroj Kujur
Principal Kendriya Vidyalaya EAC Upper Shillong.
The project assigned during the first spell of 3 day In Service

Course at KV Maligaon, GUWAHATI was




During the second spell of 3 day In Service Course held at the

Vidyalaya level, Child Centered activities were conducted and

observations recorded by the Principal and the students of class


How to manage a class ?

      A class can be managed effectively with proper planning

and active participation of students.

How to make teaching effective?

      The key to make teaching effective is keeping students

actively involved in the entire lesson. This is done with just a

handful of simple teaching strategies.
Project Design:

     In this stage the teacher tried to find out the main causes

which affect teaching. He found the following causes that affect

classroom teaching at high level.

        Lack of attention

        Not bringing text books / Class work copies

        Disinterested students

        Inhibitions in sharing views

        Not understanding the directions of the teacher.
Project Work Plan:

In this stage the teacher planned some milestones for proper
working on the assigned project. The milestones set for the
project are:

   Prepare a suitable lesson plan for the students.

   To make the students understand the concepts of the

     topic “Programming Methodology”.

   To   enable    students     to   use   proper   guidelines   and

     characteristics while they are making programs in C++ as

     well as in Visual Basic.

   As to involve the active participation of the students

     activities like “making program codes and error detection

     in the codes” were done by the students.

   The students are made to be able to create programs

     using flow of control statements.

   One program in C++ to print area of a circle was prepared

     by the students and displayed before the observer.

   It was observed that the students have assimilated the

     topic and started responding well.
To Set better Class Room Management:

     The teacher used the following tips to make the class
room teaching effective.

(1) All-Write:
     Students were asked to write down their own answers in
their class work note book which improved the quality of the
response of students.
(2) Pair / Share:
     Students were asked to sit in pair and share their
responses making the class room management more effective.
(3) Check-for-Understanding:
     Many a times it is observed that students fail to
understand the direction of their teacher thus simple asking a
couple of students to do so. This was checked by the students
provided with real life situation making the understanding
capability more and effective and in achieving on what the
target was set.

(4) Do Now:

Effective classroom management starts from the second
students walk into the classroom. Therefore, the “do now” is a
short assignment that the students are to complete as soon as
they enter the classroom. Personally, I put up 1-4 review
questions on the board every day as the “do now” assignment.
The “do now” gives the students something to do right away
and is a great opportunity for review.
Assessment & Evaluation:

Unfortunately, many of these classroom management plans
involve elaborate systems of rewards and punishment. For
example, writing students names on the board with check
marks added next to the name for each inappropriate behavior.
Not only is this degrading, but the effectiveness of this
classroom management plan is short-lived at best. In fact,
often times this classroom management plan can have the
exact opposite effect on student behavior.

Likewise, rewarding students for behavior that is expected of
them sends the absolutely wrong message. Teachers should
not reward a student for acting appropriately in class.
Rewarding appropriate behavior is not effective classroom
management, it is bribery and the students will come to expect
it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not speaking about a pizza party
or movie after a week in which the students worked well in
class. That type of reward is fine as long as it is unexpected.

So, if teachers do not give rewards or punishments as a
classroom management plan, then how do teachers effectively
manage student behavior?

Easy, the key to classroom management is keeping students
actively involved in the entire lesson.

Effective classroom management is not about rewards and

punishments. Effective class room management is about the

teacher keeping the students actively involved in the entire

lesson. Thus by practicing the teaching strategies, the teacher

was able to reduce class room management problem.



  1. Lesson Plan

  2. Power Point Presentations

  3. Student activities

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