ahmedabad or ahmadabad is the largest city in gujarat and the by lindash


									Gujarat offers a unique combination of a strategic geographic location, state-of-the-art
infrastructure, multilingual workforce, and concentration of corporate and financial resources, all
in a world-class pro-business environment.

Gujarat has already:
    Good educational facilities and R&D Institutions
    39 Engineering Colleges offering undergraduate & Post graduate courses having 12,500
    49 Polytechnics offering diploma courses in Engineering having 16,500 seats
    Centers of Excellence such as NID, NIFT, IIM, PERD

In Gujarat:
     Relatively less congested and polluted, offering better standards of living to its
     State offers a greater road length, a lower Consumer Price Index and lower commercial
        real estate rates in comparison to the other States
     One of the lowest cost of living amongst all the States
     High quality of power, both in terms of uninterrupted supplies and also in terms
        maintaining frequency, without fluctuations
     No power cuts in GIDC industrial estates and other industrial estates
     No power cuts in town and cities

Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat and the sixth largest city in India with a population of
almost 5 million.

Ahmedabad is well connected with rails and roads. The Ahmedabad railway station holds as a
junction with railway lines emerging towards Mumbai, Delhi, Saurashtra and Kutch. Ahmedabad
has Domestic and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport As far as roads are concerned;
Ahmedabad is an important station on the National Highway 8 which connects Delhi to Mumbai.
All the internal roads in Ahmedabad is well planned & having advantage of lowest traveling time
from one part to other compare to any other mega city of India.
Ahmedabad has the lowest labour costs amongst the major cities in India, with a labour costs
less than 50% of those in Delhi and 40% below those in Pune.

Labour costs in the leading cities in India

                        Ahm edabad
       Delhi               60                     Chandigarh


   Pune                                              Nagpur

            Kolkata                      Indore

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