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					      Player Development Panthers

              Building Character One Goal At A Time                              Volume 1, Issue 1, Nov. 09

           Panther Tracks
1.        Welcome to Panther Tracks

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Panther Tracks, the newsletter of the
CAL Player Development Panthers. The goal of this bulletin is to both in-
                                                                                Drinking Gatorade From The
form and encourage the Panther community about activities, issues, and
                                                                                 Cup At The Richmond Hill
just plain good news pertaining to the Panthers. Issues will be released as          Stars Tournament
news happens. If you have something that would be of interest to the rest
of the Panther community, or just a great Panther picture please email me
details. If it “fits” and we can work your news, information, or picture in,
                                                                                   Panther Profile
we will be glad to include it. (Items may be edited). You will find contact
information at the bottom of the page.                                          “Chicago 1,2,3”. Every CAL
                                                                                Panther player who has ever
 2.       Let The Games Begin
                                                                                played for Tim Gregory knows
 Panther teams, and all teams for that matter, must have their rosters          what that phrase means. Tim
 registered/approved by the OMHA prior to playing any games, exhibition         has coached in the CAL for the
 or otherwise. “Why aren’t we rostered yet?” and “when will we be ros-          past 17 years and has been with
 tered?” are 2 often-asked questions being asked around the rink these          the Panther program for the
 days. To put the rostering situation into proper perspective it is helpful     past 6 , bringing more than a
 to understand some of the factors which are contributing to CAL roster-        little silver into the CAL trophy
 ing woes this season. First of all the CAL’s online player registration this   case in the process. This year
 fall was, for reasons outside of CAL control, fraught with problems which      Tim is coaching the Panther
 negatively affected many registering players. Secondly the OMHA                Minor PeeWee team to the
 adopted an entirely new minor hockey database for this hockey season,          delight of many of the kids who
 one which is far superior to the old one but the transition has not been       played for him last season on
 problem free. Alongside that, the process has become considerably more         the Major Atom PD team.
 complex this season and the necessary steps involved in rostering a team       When Tim is not looking after
 have more than doubled. Thirdly, the hundreds of rosters being submit-         the Chalmers Association,
 ted to the OMHA weekly must be processed by volunteers, people who             coaching the Midget Chalmers
 like us have full-time employment and families to attend to apart from         House League team, attending
 these responsibilities. The list goes on. The games will begin thanks to       CAL meetings, or coaching his
 tireless efforts of a number of CAL folks who are devoting both free time      Minor PeeWee Panthers, you
 and a portion of their employment time to get the job done. I won't men-       are apt to find him tooling
 tion names here but would simply say that we are fortunate to have peo-        around town in his lemon-
 ple of such character among us at the CAL.                                     yellow 1976 AMC Gremlin,
                                                                                cooking up a feast for supper,
     3.    The Ultimate Road Trip                                               or just plain gone fishin’. If you
                                                                                see Tim at the rink, he takes
 Want to know more about the PD Major Midget’s European “road trip” ?           his Timmy’s “double-double”.
 Find out here …

Questions or comments? Email us at calpanthers @
     Player Development Panthers

              Building Character One Goal At A Time

4.     Lookin’ Like The Pros

By now your Panther has received his new-look CAL
pro-style home jersey. After many many years of
faithful service our old white Boston Bruin color jer-
seys are entering a well-deserved retirement. The full
conversion of the Panther program to Canadian na-                                 Panther Friends Both On And
tional team colors will be complete when available                                 Off The Ice At The Oshawa
finances allow for the purchase of the complementary                                      Tournament

away jerseys (red?, black?) to replace our current gold
away jersey. The cost of these jerseys exceeds the
jersey deposit and must render many years of service        7.          The True Cost Of Success
to the Panther program. Please help your Panther to
                                                            Most would agree that success, whether it be on
respect the Panther program and help the CAL by
                                                            the ice or in life, does not come cheaply. Ice costs
encouraging them to keep their hockey jersey some-
                                                            last year for the Player Development program
where other than at the bottom of their hockey equip-
                                                            were in excess of $26,000 more than the previous
ment bag. The players who will wear the jersey in
                                                            year. This was due to a number of factors includ-
years to come thank you!
                                                            ing a significant increase in the hourly rate for ice,
                                                            the increase in the length of many hockey games
5.     Food For Thought
                                                            from 50 minutes to 90 minutes and 120 minutes,
                                                            an increase in the number of games played, and
Panther teams do not have a budget. Essentially they
                                                            on-ice officials fee increases. These costs continue
are given an ice allocation, jerseys, and funding for 3
                                                            to increase yearly. As well tournament fees are
tournaments per season. In the past any other finan-
                                                            rising significantly, along with the costs of outfit-
cial needs or wants that a Panther team had involved a
                                                            ting Panther teams with jerseys, socks, and the
“passing the hat” , finding a benefactor, or coming up
                                                            like. All that to say that the true cost of operating
with a fund-raising initiative. Witness what the Major
                                                            the Player Development program is rising dra-
Midget Panther team has been doing to raise funds for
                                                            matically so that it was necessary to increase the
their trip to Europe. Your team is free to develop and
                                                            registration fee for PD players for the 2009-2010
initiate fund-raising initiatives (subject to the PD Con-
                                                            hockey season to its current level. The Player De-
venor’s approval) as you wish. One fund-raising vehi-
                                                            velopment program and the CAL as a whole are a
cle which is available to Panther teams is to operate
                                                            “not-for-profit” organization. Monies collected by
the canteen at Harold Harvey arena. This entails Pan-
                                                            the CAL in general and PD in particular, are
ther hockey parents working in the canteen primarily
                                                            poured back into the league. Into your child’s
on Friday evenings and Saturdays. The food for sale is
                                                            hockey experience. Into the character develop-
provided and the profits would be returned to your
                                                            ment of your son or daughter. CAL hockey,
team. Speak to your team manager if you would like
                                                            whether it be house-league hockey or player devel-
your team to be involved in this initiative.
                                                            opment hockey, remains one of the few remaining
6.     Memorable Quotes                                     bargains out there today. Success does not come
                                                            cheaply but then again it’s not about what a thing
"How would you like it if, at your job, every time          costs, it’s about the value one realizes for the cost.
you made the slightest mistake a little red light           More than 1100 Kingston families have recognized
                                                            the value this hockey season and chosen to play
went on over your head and 18,000 people stood
                                                            their hockey in the CAL. See you at the rink.
up and screamed at you?" - Hall of Fame
Montreal Canadiens goalie Jacques Plante.

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