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					Money, Money, Money!!

 ELSUN’s Conference

 Burnley Football Club

    7        November
Firstly we would like to say a great big
thank you to everyone who helped to
make our conference go so well.

   All the organising committee
   All the presenters
   Kitty Ussher MP for opening our
   All the staff at Burnley FC
   And last but not least, Lee for
    hosting our conference

We hope you find our report useful, you
can also look at some photographs of the
day on our website


You can also contact us by:

Email: Sharon.lees@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 07931764177
   How our day ran and what is was all

Everyone knows that having your own money is very
important and we wanted to learn as much as we
could about how to look after your money and how
you can earn your own money.

The group decided that the best way would be to
have 4 workshops and here is what people learned in
each workshop.

        Workshop 1 – How to Budget
                    Cath Barton

Cath told everyone how important it is to make sure
you have enough money to pay for everything in your
Sometimes people want to just spend their money on
things they really like, like going to the football or
buying clothes.

Cath explained that it is great to buy things you
like but also said how important it is that you save
enough money to pay for things like bills, food
shopping and your rent or mortgage.

          Workshop 2 – Getting a job
                    Kaarina McCooey

LCC Employment Support Service are great at
supporting people with a disability who are looking
for a job, they also help people stay in the job once
they have got a job they like.

They can offer you really good help to help you find
and keep the job that you want.

They can also give you the support to get a full-
time paid job when you feel ready for it.

A fully trained and qualified employment officer will
work closely with you to support you to find work.

 Please Contact: Gill Collins on 07778140868 if you want to
               know more about the Service
         Workshop 3 – Bank Accounts
                       Steve Mcquail

Mr McQuail is a very experienced Bank Manager and
answered lots of questions about how people can use
bank accounts. Anyone can open a bank account.

Mr McQuail works for Barclays and he told us that
if anyone wanted to open an account or would like
some information about bank accounts they can go
into their local Barclays Bank and someone could
help them.
 Workshop 4 - Independent Living Funds
                        Kate Burgess

The independent living funds give people money to help them
live in their own homes and get the care and support they

This means that people get a lot of control and choice
about how they live their lives and the support they get.

There is a lot of work being done on independent living and
you can loads more information off their website
After a lovely lunch we had a fantastic presentation!

                     Jason Rhodes

Jason runs his own business and is a real inspiration to

Jason’s company is called I C Jason Rhodes and they can
provide “easy read” information to people with learning
disabilities which can help them understand the issues that
might affect them.

Jason has been successfully running his business for over 3
years and now employs 2 members of staff.

I C Jason Rhodes also manage conferences, events and
gives presentations around disabled people in business or
looking to start their own business.

Jason has also written his own book about how to set up
your own business called “Doing it like Jason”

If you would like to know any more about Jason’s business
or want to buy a copy of his book you can contact Jason
Tel: 01254 306850
Email: icjasonrhodes@ hotmail.co.uk
Thank you again to everyone who helped
and to all of you who came on the day!

We look forward to seeing you all again
     at next years conferences.

 We will let people know the dates as
   soon as we have booked them.

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