Making it Visible_ Exploring the Role of Creativity and by hcj


									Making it Visible: Exploring the Role of Creativity and Imagination in
Health and Wellbeing.
Platform at the Bridge, Easterhouse
Thursday 22 November 2007
10am – 4.30pm, registration from 9.30pm


9.30am      Registration and refreshments

10.00       Welcome and introductions from Chair, Gregor Henderson, Director,
            National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing, Scottish

10.10       Snapshots:
                Platform at the Bridge
                National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing
                Glasgow Arts and Health Learning Network
                Artfull

10.40       Workshop sessions
            Choose one of the following options:
            1. Art and Architecture and the Environment: the role of the
            imagination and artists in the making of healthcare environments with
            HLM Architects (Glasgow), Reiach and Hall Architects (Edinburgh), artists
            Ally Wallace and Tom Clark and Jackie Sands, Arts and Health
            Coordinator NHSGGC. Presentations and a chaired conversation which
            will explore recent artist, architecture and health sector dialogues; the
            learning, challenges and work involved in integrating artist proposals into
            two new PFI Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic Hospitals in Glasgow.
            2. Creating Connections (Part 1): The Story So Far....
            The workshop will begin with a performance of Dancing with Wolves: Red
            Riding Hood and The Wolf Man by project participants The All Stars, a
            group of adults affected by disability and age related illhealth in North
            Lanarkshire. The performance will be followed by an introduction to the
            working methods and techniques used in project delivery, with Zoe Brook
            (dramatherapist and theatre artist) and Bryony Murray (visual artist and
            designer) of Bazooka Arts.
          3. The Arts Therapies - Emotional Intelligence: towards a unified field
          theory for arts and health, with Malcolm Learmonth, Arts & Health Lead
          for the British Association of Art Therapists. An attempt to apply
          emotionally intelligent principles to understanding the spectrum of arts and
          health activities, whilst celebrating and recognising difference.

          4. Exploring Creativity: Barbara McEwan Gulliver, Art in Hospital will
          chair this session of short presentations and exhibitions from:
               Project Ability - Celine McIlmunn
               Creative Interventions in Health - Michele Lazenby
               Art in Hospital - Irene Florence

          5. The Right Person – Forum theatre with Foxtrot Theatre Company.
          A recently commissioned piece of Forum theatre around mental health and
          wellbeing issues.

11.40     Refreshment break

12.00     Jim Tough, Acting Chief Executive, Scottish Arts Council will consider the
          role of arts, health and wellbeing within the Equalities framework at the
          Scottish Arts Council and in the broader context of changing political and
          cultural scenes, as the Scottish Arts Council moves towards Creative

12.15pm   Clive Parkinson presents Towards Transformation: exploring the
          impact of culture, creativity and the arts on health and wellbeing…
          Much of the current UK government policy tells us that we should be
          making changes in our lives; striving towards being more engaged,
          emotionally literate members of society, without really suggesting the
          mechanisms for achieving this. Research undertaken at Manchester
          Metropolitan University asserts that engaging in creativity, culture and the
          arts has a profound affect on well-being, increasing individual capacity to
          make changes in our lives. Clive Parkinson is the Director of Arts for
          Health at Manchester Metropolitan University and project lead on the
          Invest to Save: Arts in Health project. He will share aspects of the project
          and explore the developmental and research practice that has emerged
          through this process.

1.00      Lunch including a slot from Universal Comedy

2.00      Launch of the Participatory Arts Self-evaluation project led by the
          Mental Health Foundation in association with Evaluation Support Scotland
          and Artfull

2.30      Workshop sessions
          Choose one of the following options:
          1. Medical Humanities: a discipline bridging medicine and the
          arts with Professor Marek Dominiczak, Glasgow Medical Humanities
          Unit, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and University of Glasgow,
          Professor Margaret Smith, Director of Nursing, NHS Greater Glasgow and
              Clyde and Christine Borland, Artist, the Glasgow School of Art
              This workshop aims to introduce a new academic discipline, medical
              humanities, and its Glasgow focus - the Medical Humanities Unit. The
              session will focus on the study module on Arts and Medicine currently
              offered to medical students at the University of Glasgow. It will also offer
              an opportunity to discuss possible future collaborations.
              2. Creating Connections (Part 2): Traveller's Tales ...
              This workshop will focus on visual artwork created as part of the Creating
              Connections project. Participants Art Beat will exhibit their work and talk
              about the experience of creating artwork based on the theme of Traveller's
              Tales. The second part of the workshop will offer delegates the
              opportunity to engage in practical creative exercises and will be facilitated
              by Bazooka Arts

              3. The Arts Therapies: Resonant Themes with Sheena McGregor (art
              therapist) & Aby Vulliamy (music therapist). Exploring two contrasting case
              studies produced in art and music therapy to describe the children's
              interwoven processes and overlapping themes.

              4. Practical workshops from two different perspectives:
              Choose to participate in one of the following options:
                     Painting & drawing with Art in Hospital
                     Relief printing with Project Ability

              5. The Right Person – Forum theatre with Foxtrot Theatre Company.
              A recently commissioned piece of Forum theatre around mental health and
              wellbeing issues.

3.30          Refreshment break

3.45          Question Time with Panel

4.15          Music from Polyphony, a band created by service users, staff and
              volunteers from Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Glasgow

4.30          Close

Please note there will be a limited number of places available for the workshop sessions
and places will be booked on a first come, first served basis at registration on the day.

While this programme is confirmed to date it is subject to final changes between now and
the conference.

This conference has been organised in partnership with the Glasgow Arts and
Health Learning Network.

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