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Material Safety Data Sheet
         Dihydrogen Monoxide
•   Could cause severe tissue damage
•   Nausea
•   Vomiting
•   Death
•   Found in tumors of terminal cancer patients
  No Choice - you must use this
• Each of you will be a primary user
• It is an additive in certain foods you buy
• Chemical is also called Hydroxyl Acid
      What is this stuff

Why on earth should anyone have to
              use it.
    What on earth could it be.
•   Read MSDS - Know what your using
•   Ask - Understand what your using
•   Reading - Only half the answer
•   Keep an open mind
•   Listen
•   Don’t jump to conclusions
•   Learn as much as you can
What ever you are using
Use it safely and wisely or you too
         could end up like