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									Grants Committee
Delegated Authority Approvals 2006/7 Item no: 11
Report by:   Ian Redding              Job title:    Head of Overview & Scrutiny, Social
                                                    Policy & Grants Division
             Tracey Rice
                                                    Policy & Grants Committee Support

Date:        13 November 2006

Contact      Ian Redding

Telephone:   020 7934 9802            Email:

Summary            This report informs Members about approvals made under delegated
                   authority powers to date in respect of 2006/7.

Recommendations    That Members:
                       1. Receive this report and note the grants made under delegated
                          powers as set out within the report and the attached appendices.
                       2. Agree to receive further reports on grant approvals under
                          delegated powers at each grant-making meeting.
                       3. Note that the final report detailing all delegated authority approvals
                          in respect of 2006/7 will be presented to the Grants Committee
                          AGM in July 2007.
     London Councils Grants Committee, 13 November 2006      Delegated Authority Approvals 2006/7
     Item no: 11                                                                      Page 2 of 7

1.   Under London Councils Standing Order 22 the Grants Committee is permitted to delegate
     decision-making powers to London Councils officers, as it considers appropriate to the
     carrying out of its business.

2.   At the Committee’s 13 July 2006 meeting Members agreed to retain broadly the same
     range of delegated authority powers for the 2006/7 municipal year as had applied to
     2005/6 but with the following notable additions:
     Where expenditure not exceeding £30,000 is involved, and it is evident that it will enable
     London Councils Business Plan and funding priorities to be addressed,;
         a. To extend the period of an existing grant that is time-expiring, where in evaluating
            that grant it is evident that further and/or follow-up work is needed to enable the
            benefits from the earlier work to be better realised, or enhanced benefits to be
            achieved, etc.
         b. To agree a new grant of significance to achieving London Councils priorities.
         c. To agree expenditure on a proposal for a research project.

3.   Including these changes, delegated powers are in respect of 4 distinct areas of funding:
     a/ Small grants to currently funded organisations
     The headings under which such grants are currently approved are:
          Interim and/or wind-down grants, for up to three months at existing funding levels
          Maternity locum cover
          Disability access
          Urgent non-recurrent purposes (for example, removal costs, increased rent levels)
     for which an overall provision of £100,000 has initially been set aside for each financial
     year, subject to a limit of £10,000 in any one instance (previously £5,000).

     b/ Other issues relating to currently funded organisations
            Appeals
            Grant variations
            Management consultancies – small grants (up to £7,500)
            Inflation allowances.

     c/ Grants for New Applications up to £30,000
     Now utilised for the purposes outlined in paragraph 2 above.

     d/ Delegated European Social Fund Joint-financing decision-making
     The ALG and Greater London Enterprise (GLE) jointly manage the ALG’s ESF Co-
     financing programme. Organisations apply via a competitive bidding round; the ALG and
     GLE hold seminars to disseminate information about the bidding round and how to apply,
     in partnership with London Voluntary Sector Training Consortium (LVSTC).

     Each application is checked to ensure the activities, and the organisation, are eligible for
     funding. Two scorers (one ALG, one GLE) assess each application separately and then
     agree a final score between them. All bids are ranked in score order. An internal
     ALG/GLE assessment panel (typically comprising Director of Social Policy and Grants
     London Councils Grants Committee, 13 November 2006      Delegated Authority Approvals 2006/7
     Item no: 11                                                                      Page 3 of 7

      (ALG), Head of Renewal and Culture Team (ALG), Head of Overview and Scrutiny Team
      (ALG), ESF Co-financing Programme Manager (GLE), European Team Manager (GLE))
      meets to review the top scoring projects and
          How they fit within the strategic framework of the ALG’s co-financing plan;
          To ensure that funded projects will provide good value for money; and
          The outcomes that the ALG and ESF are looking to fund.
      The panel also ensures that there is a good spread of projects geographically across
      London and across the different targets groups of the ALG's ESF Co-financing
      programme. The panel also checks that the scoring process was fair and transparent.

      It is at this stage that the Director uses delegated authority powers to agree which
      projects to fund. The recommendations of the internal panel are scrutinised by an
      external assessment panel, made up of
            Representatives from second tier and other organisations working with the
               programme’s target groups,
            Government Office for London, and
            LVSTC.
      The final list of projects awarded funding is reported back to the Grants Committee for

      The costs of grants under this power are met from the provision of £2,000,000 (net) per
      annum in the Committee’s grants budget.

      e/ Specific Annual Funds
      In addition to these, the Grants Committee will from time to time delegate responsibility
      for final decisions to the Director, particularly where bids have been invited against
      specific, and typically ring-fenced, funds. The most regularly occurring examples of this
      are the Outer London Cultural Development Fund and the Supporting People
      Development Fund for which there are annual bidding rounds.

      Similarly to “3c” above, decisions taken under these powers are communicated to Grants
      Committee Elected Officers who, if they have any concerns about the proposals, can call
      for those items to be taken to full Committee.

Use of Delegated Powers to Date in respect of 2006/7

4.    In respect of the provisions for small grants to currently funded organisations, a detailed
      listing of awards to date is provided in table 1 at Appendix 1. These are summarised
      below, where it is identified that £48,650 remains of the original £100,000 allocated for

                   Purpose                  Provision        Approvals           Balance
                                               (£)              (£)                 (£)
       Disability Access                     25,000              0                25,000
       Maternity Locum                       25,000            3,650              21,350
       Interim/Wind-down                     25,000              0                25,000
       Non-Recurrent                         25,000           47,700             -22,700
                                  Total      100,000          51,350              48,650

5.    Grant variations approved during 2006/7 are listed in table 2 of Appendix 1: these have
      no additional cost to the Committee.
     London Councils Grants Committee, 13 November 2006     Delegated Authority Approvals 2006/7
     Item no: 11                                                                     Page 4 of 7

6.   In respect of grants for new applications, grants approved under the extended purposes
     set out in paragraph 2 above are listed in table 3 of Appendix 1. The financial effects of
     these decisions are reflected in the Financial Overview report at item 12 on today’s

7.   In respect of other specific delegated authority powers,
             decisions relating to European Social Fund co-financing were last reported to
                Grants Committee in July 2005 in respect of the 2005/6 programme.: a bidding
                round in respect of 2007/8 is due shortly. Members have asked for a report on
                the Grants Committee’s historical role as an ESF Co-financer, the
                effectiveness of its programme, and its potential future role beyond 2007/8,
                which will be presented for consideration at the January 2007 meeting.
             decisions taken on the Committee’s Outer London Cultural Development Fund
                for 2006/7, for which £145,000 is set aside as part of the Committee’s Culture
                funding programme, were reported in detail to the Grants Committee’s meeting
                on 12 July 2006;
             decisions relating to the Supporting People Development Fund have not been
                taken under delegated authority on this occasion and are instead subject to a
                separate report at item 16 on today’s agenda.

8.   The Director will continue to report to each Committee on all grants made under
     delegated authority, and how these affect the Committee’s available resources.
        London Councils Grants Committee, 13 November 2006       Delegated Authority Approvals 2006/7
        Item no: 11                                                                       Page 5 of 7

                                                                                        Appendix 1

                             Delegated Authority Approvals 2006/7

Table 1 summarises decisions taken to date in respect of the provisions for small grants to
currently funded organisations.

Table 1
   Delegated Authority              Organisation                Grant Description       Amount (£)
Non-Recurrent               Islington Women’s Aid            Consultancy fees              9,500.00
Non-Recurrent               Enfield Law Centre               Relocation costs              5,000.00
Non-Recurrent               London Notting Hill Carnival     Develop a business plan      10,000.00
Non-Recurrent               Eaves Lilith Project             Women’s safety event          2,200.00
Non-Recurrent               London Cycling Campaign          Summer of sport              10,000.00
Non-Recurrent               Victim Support London            Victim/crime campaign         6,000.00
Non-Recurrent               Migrants Resource Centre         IT equipment                  5,000.00
                                                             Sub-total                    47,700.00
Maternity Locum             Wandsworth CAB                                                   221.00
Maternity Locum             Galop                                                          3,429.00
                                                             Overall-total                 3,650.00


Table 2 summarises decisions taken to date on other issues relating to existing funded
organisations. As grant variations, there is a net nil cost to the Committee of these changes.

Table 2
Grant variation        Black Londoners Forum                                               8,500.00
Grant variation        Eaves Housing for Women                                            10,000.00
Grant variation        Black Neighbourhood Renewal & Regeneration Network                  4,401.33

Table 3 summarises decisions taken to date in relation to Outer London Cultural Development
Fund for 2006/7.

Table 3
   Name                  Boroughs                  Project              Communities          Grant
                                                                         Benefiting            £
African and       Newham, Redbridge,         Sign Language           women, deaf, BME,        5,617
Caribbean         Waltham Forest             Poetry and Music        older people
        London Councils Grants Committee, 13 November 2006         Delegated Authority Approvals 2006/7
        Item no: 11                                                                         Page 6 of 7

Carl Campbell    Bexley, Harrow, Waltham      Caribbean Dance         school children,          6,075
Dance            Forest                       Workshops               BME
Company 7
Children's       Croydon, Enfield, Harrow,    Writing workshops       school children           4,500
Discovery        Sutton                       and interactive
Centre                                        performances
Community        Barnet, Brent, Enfield,      Drama production        disabled, older           6,000
Focus            Haringey, Harrow,                                    people
Connaught        Barking & Dagenham,          Music                   older people              7,500
Opera            Bexley, Brent, Bromley,      performances
                 Ealing, Enfield, Haringey,
                 Harrow, Havering,
                 Hillingdon, Kingston
                 upon Thames, Merton,
                 Redbridge, Richmond
                 upon Thames, Sutton,
                 Waltham Forest
Dituria          Hounslow, Richmond           Sports, art             young people              6,000
(Knowledge)      upon Thames                  exhibition, poetry      originating from the
                                              photography and         Balkans
                                              culture day
Entis            Bexley, Bromley,             Short film dramas       young people and          4,990
                 Croydon, Kingston,                                   teachers (esp. from
                 Merton, Richmond Sutton                              areas of high

Global Arts      Kingston, Merton, Sutton     Performance             young people (14-         4,395
Kingston                                      including youth         19), BME
                                              bands, dance,
                                              singing and theatre
Insight Arts     Barnet, Brent, Haringey      Theatre                 ex-offenders,            10,000
Trust                                         performances            criminal justice
Iroko Theatre    Brent, Ealing, Haringey,     African dance,          children and young        7,475
Company          Harrow, Hounslow,            drama storytelling      people (esp. those
                 Merton, Waltham Forest       and music               underachieving or
                                              workshops               with learning
London           Barnet, Bromley,             Classical music in      older people,             8,000
Mozart           Croydon, Havering,           community venues        children with
Players          Hounslow, Kingston upon                              special education
                 Thames, Merton and                                   needs
Mind the Gap     Croydon, Merton              Theatre piece using     learning disabled         7,906
                                              film, sculpture, live
                                              music and choral
Nettlefold       Barnet, Brent, Croydon,      Educational arts        Children with             7,500
Festival Trust   Enfield and Sutton           workshops and           special education
                                              “ColourDome”            needs
        London Councils Grants Committee, 13 November 2006     Delegated Authority Approvals 2006/7
        Item no: 11                                                                     Page 7 of 7

Photo Voice      Barking and Dagenham,      Photography            unaccompanied             9,083
                 Newham, Redbridge                                 refugees
Spread the       Barking and Dagenham,      Creative writing       people on low             8,531
Word             Bexley, Bromley,           workshops              incomes and older
                 Havering, Newham,                                 people
Stitches in      Hounslow and Newham        Embroidery, silk       older people, BME,        4,943
Time                                        painting and other     women, children
                                            fabric based crafts
Streets Alive    Havering, Newham           Interactive theatre    young people,             6,750
Theatre                                     piece including        homeless and at
Company                                     clowning               risk of homeless,
                                            techniques             BME
The Green        Ealing, Hillingdon,        Tree-planting,         refugee/ asylum           6,000
Corridor         Hounslow                   buddying and           seeker children
Time of Our      Barking & Dagenham,        Reminiscence           older people,             7,500
Lives            Enfield, Havering,         musical revue          disabled
Community        Newham, Redbridge,
Music Theatre    Waltham Forest
WebPlay UK       Barnet, Haringey, Harrow   Drama project with     young people              8,635
                 and Merton                 use of internet
Wish Works       Bromley, Croydon           Performance and        children - 4-8 years      7,342
                                            workshops              old
                                            marionettes, rod
                                            and hand puppets,
                                            projections and live
Total                                                                                      144,742

Table 4 summarises the decisions taken in respect of powers to award grants of up to £30,000
for 2006/7

Table 4

Purpose           Organisation         Grant Description                                    £
One-off Grant     Age Concern          2003/4 Liability                                   15,000
Non-recurrent     Women’s              Protect 3 posts so as to continue to provide       20,000
                  Resource Centre      essential services to coordinate and support
                                       women’s organisations in London
Open-Bidding      Accountability       Extending Community Accountancy network            18,974
                                       to include Bromley
Open-Bidding      Becap                Extending Community Accountancy network            28,667
                                       to include Haringey and Waltham Forest
New               Voluntary Action     Funding Central London Community                   23,335
Accountability    Camden               Accountancy network initially to include
Project                                Camden and Islington
Total                                                                                     105,976

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