Governance Committee Terms of Reference

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					                                                                   Appendix 2

              Non Clinical Risk Committee - Terms of Reference

1. Membership

Chair                Non Executive Director (Stephen Wheeler)

Vice Chair           Non Executive Director (Jonathon Lloyd)
Executives           Director of Human Resources (Executive Lead)
                     Director of Facilities
                     Director of Planning and Strategic Development
                     Trust Board Secretary

Others               Chief Executive and Chair (non-voting members)

Co-opt               Health & Safety Manager
as necessary         Assistant Director Development
                     Caldicott Guardian

Quorum               One third of the voting members which must include:
                     1 Executive
                     1 Non executive

Secretary            The Director of Human Resources or their nominee shall
                     act as secretary of the Committee.

In addition from time to time lead managers may be invited to attend to
present papers, but would not be voting members.

2. Purpose

        To provide assurance to the Trust Board that all non-clinical risks
        within the Trust are appropriately identified, assessed and
        managed. To ensure that non-managed risks are reported to the
        Board and where appropriate are entered onto the Trust risk
        register. The committee will agree the programme of work with the
        Trust Board.

        In addition the Committee should provide assurance to the Trust
        Board that horizon scanning takes place on a regular basis to
        ensure that new risks are identified, quantified and allocated a risk

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                                                               Appendix 2

3. Terms of Reference
     (b) Functions:
         To seek assurance that the Trust has a robust framework for
          the management of risks arising from or associated with
          estates and facilities, environment and equipment, health and
          safety, workforce, reputation management, information
          governance, business continuity.
         To seek assurance that the Trust has a robust framework to
          manage poor performance and monitor managerial
         To review and prioritise non clinical risks, making
          recommendations to the Trust Board where necessary and/or
          reporting committees to further review or take action.
         To review non clinical elements of the assurance framework
          and risk register, in order to report regularly through to the
          Trust Board and facilitate the statement of internal control at
          year end.
         To monitor action plans, in relation to non-clinical risk,
          resulting from improvement reviews/notices from the Audit
          Commission, the Healthcare Commission, Health and Safety
          Executive and other external assessors.
         To contribute towards compliance against all non clinical core
          and developmental standards for better health, together with
          ensuring the declaration submission dates are achieved.
         To seek assurance that the Trust has appropriate Human
          Resources, and Patient Choice strategies and policies and that
          these are implemented consistently.

      (c) Links:
           To receive direct reports from and oversee the work of the
            reporting committees.
           To ensure the Audit Committee is regularly updated in relation
            to areas of performance and risk.
           To work with other assurance committees to ensure that
            clinical and non clinical risks are managed appropriately.
           To seek assurance that the Management Board effectively
            balances the delivery of operational performance with the
            management of risk, across the organisation.
           To seek assurance that external governance links with PCTs
            and SHA are resulting in appropriate frameworks to ensure
            governance principles extend across primary & secondary

      (d) Reporting to the Trust Board:

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                                                                 Appendix 2

             To provide a written report to the Trust Board, after each
              meeting to report on assurance and non-clinical risks
             The minutes of this meeting will be formally recorded and
              available to the Trust Board.
             To oversee the production of a Health and Safety annual

      (e) Frequency:

      (f) Review of Terms of Reference:
      The terms of reference are to be reviewed every two years.

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                                                            Appendix 2

4. Areas for Assurance Reporting

Risk Area        Lead Director     Reporting           Sub-
                                   Committee           committees
Estates and      Director of       Health & Safety     Environment
Facilities,      Facilities        Committee           Committee
Environment &                                          Health & Safety
Equipment                                              of Staff
                                   Medical Gas
                                   Fire Safety
Workforce        Director of HR    Three Initiatives
Information      Director of       Information
Governance       Planning and      Governance
                 Strategic         Committee
                                   Medical Records
Reputation       Director of
Management       Planning and
Business         Chief Executive   Major Incident      Pandemic Flu
Continuity                         Planning Group
Equality and     Director of HR    Equality and
Human Rights                       Diversity

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