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									U.S. Department of Defense Chooses eEye Digital Security for
Vulnerability Management Solution

eEye Digital Security has provided IT security technology to the DoD for
six consecutive years; Retina vulnerability management meets strict
government compliance requirements.

Irvine, CA, March 02, 2010 -- eEye Digital Security, a provider of
unified vulnerability management and compliance solutions, today
announced it was selected by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as the
vendor of choice for providing critical vulnerability management,
assessment and remediation. The contractual relationship between eEye and
the DoD dates back to 2004 and includes renewal terms for the foreseeable
future. eEye will deploy its award-winning Retina vulnerability
management and assessment technology and provide consulting services via
its research team.

eEye is working with BAE Systems, a global defense, security, and
aerospace company and prime contractor to the Defense Information Systems
Agency on the vulnerability management solution. With approximately
107,000 employees worldwide, BAE Systems' reported sales of US $36.2
billion in 2009.

eEye has been a leader in identifying zero-day threats and critical
vulnerabilities, helping the DoD protect against the latest threats
including USB social engineering attacks that have recently plagued
networks, as documented on the 60 minutes TV segment, "Sabotaging the
System." This CBS program reported how sections of Brazil’s electrical
grid were shut down by hackers, and how the state government of Virginia
was victimized by a cyber-extortion scheme.

An article published in Defense Systems covered a new policy directive
concerning information sharing between the DoD and unclassified private
sector networks. Several major policy initiatives, issued by Cheryl Roby,
the DoD’s chief information officer, called for establishing a standard
for reporting, sharing, and responding to cyber attacks or threats.

"Retina is an ideal network security platform for reporting on threats
that may compromise IT systems," said Kevin Hickey, eEye CEO. "We are
closely aligned with the DoD’s IT security objectives and have developed
the technology specific to their requirements. When pointed to any IP
addressed device, Retina has the power to immediately target
vulnerabilities and generate detailed reports that meet strict
government-mandated compliance requirements. We are fortunate to have a
long established history of working successfully with the DoD and will
for years to come."

The award-winning suite of powerful Retina security solutions identify
known and zero day vulnerabilities and provide security risk assessment,
enabling security best practices, policy enforcement, and regulatory
audits. eEye has been providing security technology and services to state
and federal government agencies for more than 10 years.
The eEye research team conducts monthly Vulnerability Expert Forums
(VEFs) that provide analysis on recently announced zero-day threats and
critical vulnerabilities from Microsoft and other major software vendors.
Open and free to the public, VEFs are held monthly. Register for the next
Vulnerability Expert Forum.

About eEye Digital Security:
Founded in 1998, eEye Digital Security is a leader in vulnerability
management and compliance, providing the only unified solution that
integrates assessment, mitigation and protection into a complete
offering. eEye enables secure and compliant computing through world-
renowned research and is consistently the first to identify and protect
systems from zero-day threats. eEye is a trusted advisor providing
network security education; product deployment services and enterprise-
wide integration.

About BAE Systems:
BAE Systems is a global defense, security and aerospace company with
approximately 107,000 employees worldwide. The Company delivers a full
range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as
advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions and
customer support services. In 2009, BAE Systems reported sales of US$
36.2 billion.

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