Sem_5_Practicals-CVS by akashyap


									Sem 5 Practicals
CVS Dr.mohan

1.Mr.Harish, aged 40 yrs attended the clinic for a check up. On examination the BP was found to be 170/100mm Hg. His FBS and PPBS was 110 & 190 mg/dl respectively. Q1. which antihypertensive drug should be used cautiously in this patient? Q2.which antihypertensive drugs can be preferred?

2.A 50 year old asthmatic patient attended the clinic with the history of discomfort in the chest on exertion. Routine investigation including ECG and stress test, suggested exertional angina. He was put on oral medication for angina. Few months later, he developed cardiac failure. Q1.What could be the possible medication he was started on? Q2.Why did the medication cause above complication? Q3.What could be the alternative medication for this patient?

3.A 65 yrs old known asthmatic lady has been diagnosed to be hypertensive with BP measuring 160/100mm Hg. All the biochemical investigations were within normal limits. She was prescribed hydrochlorothiazide 25mg/day. Three months later she complained of pain in the small joints and on investigation her blood uric acid level was 12mg/dl. Q1.Was the use of hydrochlorothiazide initially in this patient justified? Q2.Why did the patient develop hyperuricemia and joint pain? Q3.Which classes of drugs can be used to manage hypertension in this patient?

4.Mr.Sharath, a 50 year old software entrepreneur was put on atenolol 50 mg for hypertension. A few weeks later he started complaining of exertional dyspnoea and pedal edema. Attending physician prescribed frusemide 40 mg OD. With this his symptoms were relieved, but he complained of weakness. Q1.what is the reason for initial dyspnoea and pedal edema and later weakness? Q2. how will you manage this case?

5.A 60 years old male attended the clinic for general check up. On routine examination his BP was found to be 160/104mm of Hg. All biochemical findings were within normal limits. He was started hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg once a day. Since the BP control was inadequate, the dose was increased to 50 mg/day. Six months later he complained of generalized weakness and BP was 140/90 mm Hg. Q1. what could be the reason for generalized weakness? Q2. was the increase in the dose from 25mg to 50 mg justifiable? Q3. what would be your line of treatment?

6.Identify the drug

12. Identify the group of drugs. Name one long acting preparation of this group.

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