Further information for Science INSET Nov 13th by dfhercbml


									                         Further information for Science INSET Nov 13th
                                     Lossiemouth High School

The information below is provided to help you choose how to get the best out of the day. Please
complete the response form that follows to indicate your current wishes. This will help me to plan rooms,
etc and support the day.
                     Strand 1                                               Strand 2
LTS Presentation:                                      Schools sharing:
Wendy French is a seconded Primary teacher with        It is hoped that you will bring to the day
LTS. Having made the case for change, she will         experiences, thinking or work in progress that you
highlight the contribution of science to               can share with others. During this session you will
interdisciplinary learning, literacy and numeracy      discuss these with others with the aim of:
and health and wellbeing. She will highlight the       a) increasing your awareness of what others are
increasing range of practical support material         doing and exploring areas of mutual interest.
available on the CfE website and within Glow to        b) identifying specific tasks for groups to work on
support planning and change within schools and         during the day.
within the classroom
                                                       The above could build on specific discussions in
                                                       school, explore shorter/ more flexible themes, the
                                                       role of outdoor education, incorporating critical
                                                       skills, writing success criteria, etc, etc.
LTS workshop:                                      Development tasks:
Wendy French will explore possible interpretations Following the initial discussions, specific
of a selection of Early and First level outcomes.  development tasks will be identified/ confirmed for
                                                   the day.
Using science stories as a stimulus for science at
the early level.
                                                   It is envisaged that work will continue on these
                                                   tasks during the rest of the day. Where
I can talk about science stories to develop my
                                                   participants choose to opt into one or more
understanding of science and the world around
                                                   workshops during the morning or afternoon it is
                                                   hoped that the work of the group can
Part A - Examining examples of science learning
                                                   accommodate this. Wendy French or Peter
opportunities stimulated through science stories
                                                   Macklin (science development officers with LTS)
which create opportunities for purposeful play and
                                                   and David Binney will circulate amongst the
active learning. Also looking at how these
                                                   groups to support their work during the day as
contexts for learning create natural links to the
wider world and other curriculum areas.
Part B - Planning opportunities for teaching and
learning in science related to a particular
experience and outcome.
Glow introduction:
Allan Reid, Moray’s Glow support officer, will issue
usernames and passwords to those who are new
to Glow and will provide a brief introduction to key
aspects of Glow.
CfE sciences Moray Glow group:
David Binney will give an introduction to Moray’s
CfE sciences Glow group and illustrate what we
are aiming to do and how practitioners in Moray
can contribute.
National science Glow group:
Peter Macklin (science development officer with
LTS) will illustrate what the national science Glow
group can offer and outline the exciting
developments in the pipeline.
                        Response form Science INSET Nov 13th

                                Lossiemouth High School
You are free to change you mind on the day but these initial responses will help me to plan and
modify arrangements for the day.

Please choose:
  LTS Presentation:                      or    Schools sharing:
  Wendy French
                                               I can bring to the table work I am doing on

                                               I would like to do development work on . . . .
                                               (These may be the same areas.)
  LTS workshop                           or    Work on development task:
  (Wendy French)

  Glow introduction                      or    Work on development task:
  (Allan Reid)

  Moray Glow science                     or    Work on development task:
  (David Binney)

  National Glow science                  or    Work on development task:
  (Peter Macklin)

Please return this info in any form you like as soon as possible to:

David Binney
Beechbrae Education Centre

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