FOOTBALL FOOD GUIDE

Pre match food can have a major effect on performance? A player’s diet
should be high in CARBOHYDRATES and low in FATS. The ideal target
should be Carbohydrates 60-70%, Fats 20-30% and Protein 10-15%. The
key to getting enough is to be absolutely sure you include the staple
Carbohydrates at main meal times. These are bread, potatoes, rice, pasta
or noodles. So the following is a typical day’s menu to show you that it is
not as hard as you might have thought.
                        300ml of fresh orange juice
                    60gm cereal with semi skimmed milk
           2 thick slices of toast with jam, marmalade or honey
            As a change you could try scrambled egg on toast

             3 from bananas, apples, pears, oranges, melon etc
           1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, 1 in the evening
                           A few low fat biscuits.
   A chunk of CORBA’s cake, which is high in carbohydrates, flapjack or
                               chocolate cake
   It is a good idea to keep some carbohydrate snack bars handy to eat
  between meals. There are lots of these bars on the shelf at all grocery
  shops. You could try dried fruits prunes, raisins, apricots or pears etc.

     This should include pasta, noodles, pizza, potatoes, rice and fresh
 vegetables. For example Chilli Con Carne came with rice followed by dried
              fresh fruit salad with Greek Yoghurt and honey.
  As a change have you ever tried a freshly made waffle or pancake, with
                     either tuna salad or syrup toppings.

This should include pasta, noodles, pizza, potatoes, rice, fresh vegetables
and fruit. For example if you had rice for lunch try potatoes for dinner or
  the other way round. Have you ever thought to try a salad? There is a
variety to choose from in your local grocery shop. As a change try fish as
                             part of your diet.

 French fries (CHIPS), eggs and bacon, fish & chips, crisps and doughnuts.
  Excess butter/margarine, salami, pepperoni, bologna, sausage, hot dogs,
              beef burgers, sausage rolls and Cornish pasties.
                      Alcoholic drinks and pop drinks.

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