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									                                  Statement of Work

             AutoCAD and PDF Drawings for MFH Floorplans

                                    48 CES/CEACH

   The contractor shall provide all labour, materials and transportation necessary for
surveying existing Military Family Housing units and then producing computer
generated drawings for the USAF Housing Management Office on RAF Lakenheath.
Units to be surveyed are at RAF Lakenheath, RAF Mildenhall, RAF Feltwell, RAF
Ely, Lords Walk in Eriswell (adjacent to RAF Lakenheath housing), Beck Row &
Thetford. Approximately 1700 housing units fall within this scope of work. List
supplied to successful bidder.

       The contractor shall submit drawings (hard copy and electronic) in two
formats; AutoCAD 2010 and PDF.

   1) The PDF drawings shall consist of the following: Five paper sets of PDF
      drawings on 8 ½” x 11”. These shall be laminated with holes punched and
      presented in 3 or 4 hole binders with a colour cover designating bedroom and
      unit type.

   2) A front page showing a colour photograph of the front elevation of the housing
      unit with addresses of all the units of this type listed below (see attached

   3) The reverse side of the page shall display detailed ground floor, first floor, and
      (if applicable) second or third floor plans with all rooms identified (There are
      approximately 100 three storey housing units at RAF Lakenheath and less
      than 10 four storey units located on RAF Feltwell, and RAF Mildenhall).
      Where necessary these shall be reproduced on 3 or 4 sides of 8 ½” x 11”
      paper) at 1/8 inch equals one foot (1:96) scale.

   4) All windows shall be annotated W1 (window 1), W2 (window two) etc on the
      plans and shall be measured for height and width (inside measurements) in
      inches. These measurements shall be listed on a window schedule as part of
      the floor plans.

   5) All rooms shall be marked on the floor plans with their sizes and also laid out
      in a schedule. Kitchens, bathrooms and ensuites shall be dimensioned wall to
      wall primarily on the schedule but shall also have the clear floor dimensions
      indicated on a schedule.

   6) Kitchens shall be fully detailed with floor standing cabinets and all white

   7) Bathrooms, utility rooms and ensuites shall be fully detailed to include all
      sanitary fittings. Utility rooms shall also show washing machines, tumble
      dryers and any floor units or worktops.
8) All the dimensions shall be imperial with metric equivalents in brackets. In
   order to clarify the scale of the drawing a simple scale bar indicating true
   scale shall be located at the bottom of the floor plan page.

9) A floor coverings schedule (metric only required) shall be included on the floor
   plan page as well as net and gross floor areas. These are to be imperial
   dimensions. Net and gross floor areas are defined in the attached extract
   from the US Air Force Family housing guide. August 2004 edition. Can be
   found on-line.

10) Drawings are shall be annotated with numbers of bedrooms ie 3BR and the
    rank category for the house such as “Senior Enlisted”, the rank category for
    all housing types will be provided by the Housing Management Office.

11) All external features shall be listed i.e. - sheds, patios etc.

12) Attached garages or patios shall be included on the floor plan with
    dimensions shown. Where garages are remote from the house the garage
    shall be photographed and shall also have an accurate floor plan produced
    for inclusion in the general house details.

13) The Housing Management Office will assist in arranging access to occupied
    properties either for survey or verification purposes. The surveyor on site
    may cold call on housing units without an appointment (except for units in
    Manston Road RAF Lakenheath). The Housing Management Office will give
    residents prior notification that a surveyor will be on site in their area
    undertaking the work.

14) Schedule of work shall be pre agreed between the surveyor and Contracting
    Office. Abortive time will not attract additional payment therefore the bidder is
    advised to utilise any such time to carry out this work on vacant units.

15) The Housing Management office will provide a spreadsheet to successful
    bidder (and update periodically) of vacant units to surveyor. Due to military
    operations, this schedule should be taken only as a guide because of
    continuous changes of occupancy.

16) The Housing Management office will also provide successful bidder an
    electronic copy of all basic housing unit floor plans available. These are not
    to scale and are indicative only.

17) Drawings of each individual housing unit is not required, however, potential
    vendor may be required to gain entry into every housing unit listed to verify
    that they have provided drawings and data of every variant of house type.
    This will be listed as a separate line item.

18) AutoCAD drawings shall be layered with separate layers for text, fittings,
   schedules, and dimensions.

   a) Contractor shall provide the AutoCAD drawings using the RAF
Lakenheath Contractor Guideline for As-Builts and Appendix A. SDSFIE Feature
Summary Listing.

    b) Five copies of both the PDF and the AutoCAD drawings shall be provided
in electronic format on either DVD or CD media.
       c) A drawing register shall be provided and identify file name, description,
   type, date & etc for indexing all drawings.

Prior to commencement of work, the contractor shall complete all security
requirements for access to Air Force Installations.

                                  BID SCHEDULE

   1. Floor Plan Unit Types (approximately 120) - Priced per each
   2. Verification of unit floor plan types (approximately 1700) - Priced per unit
   3. PDF, AutoCAD drawings, Binders with floor plan types – Priced as a whole
      for all sets required
   4. One time Management Fee

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