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					                            YOUTH HOSTEL REGULATIONS

1. Youth hostels (school excursion hostels and youth hostels owned by the Polish Youth
Hostels Association) are for use of school pupils, university students, teachers, members of
PYHA and well as foreigners, members of the International Youth Hostels Federation. Non-
members may be granted a night's lodging at these hostels should places be available.

2. Groups of at least 5 persons (as a rule they may amount to 20) should book at least one
month in advance, enclosing a stamp for a reply. When booking they should give the surname
and first-name of the group leader, his address, the number and sex of of the participants,
name and address of the school (organization), the duration of sojourn at the hostel, date and
time of arrival. After the proposed date has been confirmed (which should take place within
ten days) the group leader should immediately send to the hostel, on account, a postal money
order amounting to 25 percent of the total sum due. Should the booking not be claimed, the
amount paid on account is not refunded as a rule. Refunds may be given only in exceptional
cases, should the warden so decide, subject to the deduction of any sums already spend by the
When the payment on account is not remitted ten days before the arrival of the tourist group at
the hostel, the waren of the hostel may cancel the booking. Bookings of tourist groups are
concidered in order of notification, school and student groups, being given, first

3. Individual tourists and groups of less than five may be admitted directly at the hostel, if
places are available, school youth under 20 years and students up to 25 years enjoy priority
before other tourists.

4. Groups and individual tourists may be admitted at the hostels also for an over-day stay, by
paying the fixed amount when place is available.

5. Immediately on arrival at the hostel, which should be between 5.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m.,
tourists must fill in the housebook, hand in their cards to the warden or his assistant and settle
due fees. The price list is posted in the hostel at a visible place.

6. No more than three consecutive nigths may be spend at one hostels, except when free
places are available and at the warden's permission.

7. Boys and girls are provided by the warden with separate accomodation for the night.

8. Persons who have contraced an infectious desease may not use hostels during their
quarantine period.

9. The group leader is the person responsible for the group overnight.

10. Persons who stay at the hostel must use their own bed-clothes (2 sheets and pillowcase) or
sheet and sleeping bag they do not wish to use hostel's bed-clothes or if the hostel does not
have sheets.

11. Persons who stay at the hostel must make their beds before 9 p.m. to allow those in charge
to check whether they all have sheets or sleeping bags. Staying overnight without bed-clothes
and pillowcase is not allowed.
12. Ligths must be extinguished and silence must be kept at the hostel from 10 p.m. to 6.00
a.m. Tourists arriving later or leaving the hostel earlier must not disturb others. Exceptions
from the established hours of silence may only be made in exceptional cases with consent of
the warden.

13. Persons who stay at the hostel must make their beds not later than 8.00 a.m. and tidy up
the room.

14. Use of the dormitories between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. is as a rule prohibited. Exceptions from
this rule are allowed only during bad weather and in hostels which are not provided with a
recreation and dining-room.

15. Cooking is allowed on only at the places and time appointed by the warden. The kitchen
must be tided and cooking utensiles must be cleaned immediately after a meal.

16. All breakages and damage to youth hostels property must be reported to the warden who
will decide upon the amount of indemnity to be paid.

17. Neat dress and polite behaviours is obligatory in the hostel. Gambling and consumption of
alcoholic drinks are prohibited under hostel regulations.

18. Smoking in the dormitories is prohibited. Smoking is allowed only in the place allowed by
the warden.

19. Animals are not allowed in hostels.

20. The warden may retain the card of any member whose conduct is improper or who
infringes the hostel's rules. The warden may request the member to leave the hostel and is
obliged to inform the school or organization concerned about this fact.

21. Persons using youth hostels may write down all positive remarks and complaints in the
special housebook.

22. Persons who use the hostel are obliged to abide by the instructions of the warden in all
matters not covered by the regulations, and concerned with the activity of the hostel, its
cleanliness, safeguarding property and respect for the principles of culture and proper