STOP_ by fionan


									 You should plan to leave by                                 .

 You may plan to return by                                   .

 Be sure to secure all your valuables.

 Plan to take your pets with you.

 Straighten up living room & remove misc. items from all tables.

 Remove all small appliances from kitchen counter.

 Clean all windows.

 Remove all items from bedroom nightstands.

 Clean out front guest closet.

 Clean garage and move cars from driveway.

 Straighten patio furniture.

 Clean front yard (hoses, rakes, sprinklers etc.).

 Open all window coverings.

 Turn on lights.

    Let’s make this house look like a “Show Home”!
                               Script for Open Houses

Are you looking to buy?

If yes:
How did you like the house?
(Looking for an objection) ex.) I need at least 4 bedrooms, not 3

Well, if you can tell me what you’re looking for I can put you in my system and
automatically update you when a home comes on the market that DOES match your

You will see this property before most realtors see it!
You don’t have to search around the Internet looking at outdated listings!
When a property is pending sale my system updates automatically!
When a property sells my system will update you and tell you the sale price!
When you are ready to buy I will be able to service you better because I will be able to
anticipate your needs!

Pull out the buyer sheet and have them fill it out

If No

If they are neighbors or just looking tell them that you can email them every time a home
comes on the market in your neighborhood like their home

No unsolicited calls!
It’s like receiving an automatic comp on your home because you can always compare it to
the features of your house!
You will know when the next open houses will be!
You will know what is going on with home prices in the area!
If you ever need to sell you can contact me from the email and know that I am an expert in
this neighborhood.
                                    Your Name Here
                                         Your Number Here
                                                  Your webiste here
                                            Your email address here
                                             Your Slogan here

                       Still Looking?
Let me do the work for you. My MLS-
integrated system will automatically update
you on the most current listings available!
Simply fill in your preferences and leave me your email address, you
won’t even have to talk to me. When you see a home that you like,
either call me and I’ll show you the home.
           W E L C O M E!
Email Address:

Please tell me what you are looking for:
Towns       Bedrooms   Bathrooms   Price Range

   Let my automated system update you when new
           properties come on the market!
            Hello Neighbor…

Are You Wondering What Your Home Is
Just leave your email address and I will send you an update
every time a comparable home lists in you neighborhood!
 Visit my website, www. and click Price Your Home. I
will send you a complimentary evaluation of your home’s
                worth in the current market.

  Phone:                               Address:


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