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					                                                  President’s Letter
                     Dear Austin Area Theta Alums,

                     I am so happy to have been selected to serve the Austin Alumnae Chapter as its
                     President for the next two years. I hope that all of the new officers and I can help
                     to create meaningful programs, events, and service opportunities for Theta Alums
                     in this area.

                     Whitney, Sarah, Robin, Jessica, Allyson, Anne, Dotty, and I look forward to
                     serving the Austin Theta Alumnae during our terms in office. Please take a few
                     moments to fill out the attached survey so that we will have a better understanding
                     of what you want from the Alumnae organization.

                     Please peruse our new website. We are excited about using
                     our website as an efficient way to communicate with all of our members. On the
                     homepage of the site you can add your name to email lists that reflect your
                     interests. Check it out!

                     I hope that you will all choose to become dues paying members this year. The dues
                     support wonderful programs for both alumnae and actives at the Alpha Theta
                     House. For those of you who continue to support this organization, thank you
                     from all of us.


                     Liz Handlin
                                      Welcome to the Treasurer’s Corner
                     Alumnae Chapter Treasurer Whitney Payne has created the Treasurer’s Corner to
                     update members on financial, budget, and dues information.
                                Don’t Forget to Pay Your Dues for the 2007 – 2008 Year!
                     All Theta Alums in the Austin area are encouraged to join our chapter. Dues are
                     paid annually and dues-paying members receive 4 newsletters per year, a copy of
                     our directory, and invitations to all alumnae events as well as selected events
                     (including a few special events for members and their children) at the Alpha Theta
                     House. The benefits of membership are many so if you haven't paid your dues for
                     the 2007 - 2008 year yet please consider joining our group!

                     Our fiscal year begins March 1 and runs through February of the following year so
                     once you pay your dues in 2007 you don't pay again until March 2008!

                     If you would like to receive a receipt for your dues payment please include a self-
                     addressed stamped envelope with your payment or, if an electronic copy will do,
  Theta Kite Flyer   include your email address and indicate that you would like a receipt mailed to you.

 The Newsletter of   Please note that the first $15 of your dues payment is sent to Theta's
                     National Office (a requirement for all alumnae chapters). If you are able and
the Austin Alumnae   willing to donate a few extra dollars to the chapter your generosity will be
  of Kappa Alpha     appreciated!

       Theta         Your dues and donations are used to fund programs for both alumnae and actives
                     including Founders Day, the Christmas Tea, and various service and scholarship
                     programs. Thank you to all who contribute so generously to our organization. If
    June 2007        you have any questions about dues or our finances please contact me.
                             Austin Alumnae Chapter Officers 2007 - 2008
 President                               Liz Handlin           
                                                                         home: 249-5325
                                                                         cell: 431-6038
 Vice President, Treasurer               Whitney Payne         
                                                                         cell: 297 8844
 VP – Secretary, Mailing                 Robin Cox             
 List/Correspondence                                                     home: 512-335-7061
 Directory Chair                         Lily Lloyd            
                                                                         Cell: 512-608-7539
 Programs Co-Chair                       Allyson Hertel        
                                                                         Cell: 512-828-9396
                                                                         Home: 512-494-4349
 Programs Co-Chair                       Sarah Stiles          
 Newsletter Chair                        Liz Handlin (temporary –until a
                                         new newsletter chair is found)  home: 249 5325
                                                                         cell: 431-6038
 Nite Kites Chair                        Jessica Stafford      
                                                                         Home: 294-0601
 Chapter Archivist                       Olwyn Anderson                  Home: 512-478-8239
 Data Chair                              Dotty Rutishauser     
                                                                         home: 467 8775
 Panhellenic Chair                       Anne Duffy            
                                                                         Home: 260 9264
 Directory Committee                     All Alumnae Officers

                                        Calling All Theta Alumnae!
                       Theta Alumnae Group - Volunteer Opportunities 2007/2008
                                        CHAIRPERSON POSITIONS
Newsletter Chair – You don’t have to be a writer to help with the newsletter! Liz Handlin is more than willing
to continue writing the newsletter if you can help with copying and mailing the document. However, if you love to
write you can take on writing responsibilities as well. Call Liz Handlin at 512-249-5325 if you have an interest

Panhellenic Co-Chair – Anne Duffy has been our panhellenic chair for many years and she would like to have a
co-chair who can share responsibilities with her. She attends one meeting per month from August through May of
each year with alumnae representatives from other sororities. Their main interest is in facilitating recruitment (rush)
applications for college bound women. They also provide scholarships for collegiate women in the Austin area. If
you are interested please contact Liz Handlin 512-249-5325 or Anne Duffy at 512-260-9264 for more information.
This is not a time consuming role so if you don’t have a lot of time but would like to get involved this could be the
opportunity for you!
                                         COMMITTEE POSITIONS

Programs Committee – These women will help the Programs Co-chairs plan and coordinate all aspects of our
alum social and philanthropic functions. This is a really fun committee! Do you have great ideas for some new
programs or special interest groups? If so, please join this committee. Your participation doesn’t have to take up a
lot of time but we could really use some good ideas from passionate women. We have noticed that some other
Theta Alumnae chapters have groups that range from Bible Study, to knitting, to gardening so if you have an interest
and you would like to build a group of others who share your passion let us know and join our committee! Contact
Sarah Stiles at 806-543-5226 or Allyson Hertel 828-9396 for more information
                              Have You Seen Our New Website?
                                 The Austin Theta Alumnae Website
 The site is brand new and we are so excited about using the internet to communicate with our members.
 Please check the website frequently for information about events, fall recruitment, and alumni news.
 In the future you can expect to be able to submit dues sheets online, sign up for the online newsletter, and
 pay dues online.

                             Alumnae Chapter Officer Meeting Schedule

             May 8, 2007
                                                         What: Alumnae Officer Meetings
             July 31, 2007                                      Time: 7 - 8:30 pm
                                                    Location: Waterloo Ice House Restaurant
           October 30, 2007                    Address: 6203 N. Capital of Texas Hwy (Ph: 418-9700)
                                                Attendees: All Alumni Officers and Program Chairs
           January 15, 2008                              Contact: Liz Handlin at 249-5325

                              Alumnae Newsletter Publication Schedule

June 2007
- deadline for article submission: May 25, 2007
- the June newsletter will be distributed to ALL Austin area alumnae regardless of dues-payment status

August 2007
- deadline for article submission: July 27, 2007
- the August newsletter will only be distributed to Austin area alumnae who have paid their 2007 dues

November 2007
- deadline for article submission: October 26, 2007
- the November newsletter will only be distributed to Austin area alumnae who have paid their 2007 dues

January 2008
- deadline for article submission: TBD

                                         Alpha Theta Recruitment

August 10th Actives move into the house for the 2007 – 2008 school year

August 13th Recruitment begins

To get involved with recruitment please contact Jaymie Richards, Alumnae Advisory Board, or Sarah Stiles, Programs Co-Chair, or Allyson Hertel,
Programs Co-Chair
                                            2006 Rush Update
Julie Lewis and Lindsey Majors, Rush Co-Chairs report that 2006 recruitment/rush was a success! The Theta
house pledged 47 new sisters. Julie Lewis said, “Alpha Theta pledged 47 this year and the alum support was
great and so appreciated – we truly count on it for a successful year. The rush team will be working on a new
skit for 2007 and we are very excited about it. Thanks to the alums for all their help.” Following are some stats
about the 47 pledges:
17 pledges are legacies
4 are from Austin, TX
9 are from Dallas, TX
13 are from Houston, TX
6 are from out of state (3 from Oklahoma, 1 from California, 1 from Georgia, and 1 from Mississippi)

                     Alpha Theta Facility Corporation Board (FCB) Update
The Kappa Alpha Theta house, located at 2401 Pearl St, is the gem of the UT campus. All Alpha Theta alums
are aware of how beautiful the house is, but for those alumnae who did not attend the University of Texas,
please drop by sometime and see the facility that the AT alumnae are so proud of – and rightly so! The FCB is
privileged to be entrusted with the care, maintenance and upkeep of this home so that all actives – present and
future – will en joy living there.
The FCB meets monthly and is always looking for ways to improve the house so that it is in the best shape
possible. From the not so exciting AC coils and kitchen boiler, to the more visible remodeling and redecorating
projects, the role of the FCB board is to maintain all aspects of the property, including exteriors and interiors
and to keep the house in tip top condition. Doing extra projects that the actives have requested, or ones that
surprise them, is part of the joy of being a member of the FCB!
We currently have an active board of 12 alumnae representing Theta chapters from all over the country and all
ages! That combination of Theta minds is a great recipe for a successful board! If you would like to become
more active as an alum – and haven’t quite found the right way to do it – please consider joining us! We will
have an open annual meeting in October, and an official notification will be in your Theta magazine
this summer. If you have any questions regarding responsibilities and time commitment, please feel free to
contact me! I look forward to hearing from you!
Some of the exciting projects completed by the FCB in the past two years have been:
      Recovering furniture in red TV room
      Repainting halls,, dining room , bedrooms and living rooms
      New patio furniture
      Remodeled old computer room into workout room
      New carpet in trophy room
      New laptop for security pass card systems
      Landscaping changes

Come help us keep the AT facility the best it can be and meet some new Theta sisters as well!

Karla Wagner, President
Alpha Theta Facility Corporation Board

                                      Recap of Holiday 2006 Events

                                     Nite Kites 2006 Christmas Party

Jessica Stafford organized an outstanding Nite Kites Christmas Party which was held on December 9 th at Liz
Handlin’s house. Approximately 20 women attended and some brought spouses or dates. The event was
catered by Central Market and a great time was had by all. Hope to see even more people there in 2007.

                              Annual Theta Christmas Cheer Event 2006
Melissa Perry hosted the 2006 Christmas Cheer event at her home on December 10th. The Christmas Cheer
event is for Theta Alumnae and their children. The afternoon event was well attended and featured Santa, an
ever-popular guest. Guests were asked to bring gift cards that were donated to the Austin Children’s Shelter.
About Austin Children’s Shelter:
Austin Children’s Shelter (ACS) provides a temporary home when a child is
removed from his/her home due to life-threatening abuse or neglect. The Austin Children’s Shelter has provided a safe
haven for children in crisis (up to 17 years of age) for more than 20 years.

                                              Upcoming Events

                                                   Nite Kites
Please join us for our June 11 Event!

                                         What: Alumnae Happy Hour
                                         When: Monday June 11, 2007
                                     Location: Santa Rita Tex-Mex Cantina
                                   Address: 1206 W. 38th Street (Ph: 419-7482)
                                                Time: 6 - 9 pm

      Come one come all! Enjoy Santa Rita's fabulous happy hour food specials and incredible margaritas.

Theta Nite Kites is a group of (mostly) 20 – 40 year old Theta Alumnae in the Austin area who get together on a
periodic basis just for fun! We welcome any Theta Alum who wants to socialize with other women in the Austin
area. Some of the women who have attended Nite Kites events are older than 40 so if you are a fun loving
woman of 40, 50, 60, 70 + please feel welcome to join us for our events! Our group exists to promote
socializing and friendship among Theta Alums in the Austin area.

In 2006, we hosted several Nite Kites events. In September, a group of about 20 women gathered at Jessica’s
house for wine, pizza, and socializing. In October, about 15 of us met downtown on 4 th Street for happy hour.
We had a great time! New friendships were forged among Thetas from chapters from all over the US. Thetas
alums from North Dakota, Washington, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas were in attendance.

We welcome ideas for Nite Kite events. We know that some alumni chapters have Nite Kite sub-groups
devoted to all kinds of activities that range from volunteering, to bible study, to dining at new restaurants.
Whatever your interests, Nite Kites welcomes your participation and your ideas. Please contact Jessica Stafford at or 512-294-0601 about getting involved!

                           Congratulations to Allyson Abrahams Hertel!
Allyson Abrahams married Landon Hertel on April 14, 2007 in Austin. The ceremony and reception were held
outdoors at the home of Landon’s parents, Bill and Karen Hertel. They traveled to Grand Caymen for a week-
long honeymoon. Landon and Allyson are both native Texans who met while attending school at Texas Tech.
They dated for six years before marrying and now they even work together at Hertel Insuror’s Group here in

                        Information Wanted…About Fellow Theta Alums!
     Did you or a fellow Austin Area Theta Alum get a promotion at work? Publish a book? Have a baby? Get
     married? Have you received an award for civic contributions or professional accomplishments? If so, we
     want to know so we can pass along the good news in our newsletter! We all love to celebrate good news
     so please help us to do that by emailing me with whatever good news you hear about fellow Thetas! And
     don’t be afraid to “tell on” yourself either! We want to hear all of the great stuff going on in your lives so
                                  we can pass it on and we can all celebrate together.

      So, email me with the good stuff at and please indicate in the subject line that you
                                        are emailing with Theta Information.

                                       IMPORTANT NOTICE

        Make Sure that We Have Your Correct Contact Information For
                     Inclusion in the Alumnae Directory
           We will publish a directory which includes the names, contact information, and, if applicable,
   employment/career information for each dues paying member of the Austin Theta Alumnae Chapter in 2007.
    We plan to print and distribute the directory to all dues paying members no later than September 1, 2007 of
                                                       this year.

    If you would like to be included in the directory please make sure that you complete your dues sheet
    carefully and submit it to us no later than July 15th so that we can publish the correct information for
       you. If we don’t receive your dues by July 15th we cannot guarantee that you will be listed in the

    We will publish the information as it is submitted to us so if you have a special request regarding your name,
    employers name (or if you don’t want employer listed) or any other personal information please clearly state
    your preferences on the dues sheet. We will not be calling members to verify personal information so
                             please carefully check the details that you send to us.

         Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Dues Sheet and Directory Listing 2007 - 2008

Welcome to the new year of Kappa Alpha Theta! We look forward to your active membership! Please support the Theta
Alumnae projects and activities by returning your form and check by the membership deadline of July 15, 2007.

Note: Our fiscal year runs from March 1 – Feb 28 so when you pay your dues in 2007, you will not owe dues again until
March 2008. We didn’t send out a February or March newsletter this year but in the future we plan to mail out dues sheets
to coincide with our fiscal year.

Please complete the following information for our records and for the 2007 – 2008 alumni directory which will be
published no later than September 1, 2007. Dues paying members will receive a copy of the directory via mail (or we may
arrange for a pickup location) as soon as it is printed and bound. Please indicated if you would like employer information
listed, and if so, please feel free to attach a business card to this form.

* Please see the interests questionnaire on the reverse side of your dues sheet…please send us information on
your interests!

        Name _________________________________________________________________________
        Please print:    First                    Maiden                   Married                  Husband’s Name

        Theta Chapter, School and Pledge Year _____________________________________________

        Mailing Address and Zip _________________________________________________________

        Telephone (Work) _______________ (Home) _______________ (Cell) ___________________



        Employer or personal website (if you would like it listed)

I want to be more involved in Theta:
        _____ Alpha Theta House Corp                              _____ Alpha Theta Advisory Board
        _____ Programs Committee                                  _____ Alpha Theta Rush
        _____ Alumnae Chapter Officer                             _____ Meeting Hostess
        _____ Call me!!! My skills might meet Theta needs!!!!!    _____ Write the newsletter/manage website

We need your input! What types of meetings/events/service projects would you like to see?

Dues: _____ Benefactor                     $ 100.00
      _____ Twin Star                      $ 65.00
      _____ Theta Angel                    $ 45.00
      _____ Regular                        $ 35.00
      _____ Underwriting Donation          $______
                    Total                  $______
        *********** Make your check payable to Kappa Alpha Theta Austin Alumnae ***************

Mail this form and your check to:                 Liz Handlin, President
                                                  Austin Theta Alumnae Group
                                                  11113 Rio Vista Drive
                                                  Austin, TX 78726
           Austin Theta Alumnae Interests and Opinions Questionnaire
Dear Austin Theta Alumnae

We, the new officers of the Austin Chapter of Theta Alumnae, want your input and opinions about how we can
best serve you. We want you to feel that whatever time you have to devote to our alumnae chapter is time well
spent. In order to create programs and events that meet your needs we need your input. Please take a moment to
fill out this questionnaire and return it with your dues sheet. Thank you.

1.     Were you a dues-paying member in 2006 – 2007?
1a     Why or why not?

2.     In the past year how much time would you estimate that you have spent participating in alumnae
       programs or events?

2a     Do you anticipate spending more or less time this year on alumnae activities?

2b     What factors are influencing your decision?

3.     Are there particular programs that either interest or do not interest you?

4.     When deciding whether or not to attend an alumnae event, is the cost of the event a factor in your
       decision to attend?

5.     Reflecting on your time as an alumna, has there been an alumnae event or program (at any time) that you
       particularly enjoyed or would like to see repeated? If so, please describe.

6.     Are there any events you have not enjoyed or would not attend in the future? If so, please describe
       and explain why.

7.     Would you prefer to receive your Alumnae newsletters via email or would you prefer to receive a
       paper copy sent via US Mail?

8.     How would you like to celebrate Founders Day? At the Alpha Theta House as we have been doing in
       recent years or at a restaurant as we used to do? Or, do you have a different suggestion?

Austin Alumnae – Kappa Alpha Theta   NON-PROFIT ORG.
P.O. Box 26476                       U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Austin, TX 78755-0476                AUSTIN TEXAS
                                     PERMIT No. 184
Address Service Requested


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