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					                       THE                                      ASWA Long Beach Chapter 21

                                                       Serving the South Bay & Long Beach Areas
                                                    September 2006
                      American Society of Women Accountants, Volume LVIII Issue 10

                                         President’s Message

September 2006

Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer for most people. Some people choose to
celebrate the day spending it at the beach, at back-yard barbeques, or at an amusement park.
Like 50,000 other people, I chose to spend the day at Knott’s Berry Farm (cheap alternative to
Di$neyland). That was a big mistake. Too many other people had the same idea. In my whole
day (and night) there, I was only able to get on three rides total due to there being too many
people. Southern California is way over crowded.

This month is the five-year anniversary of September 11, 2001. Many people died during the
terrorist attacks committed upon our country. Since then, the fighting in IRAQ is still going on, we
have not found Osama bin Laden, and we were recently paying $4/gallon for gas. We are still
feeling the effects of what happened five years ago and we will continue to feel the effects,
especially for people who lost loved ones.
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                            Hello from your New Newsletter Editor
                     I’ve got a tough act to follow! Our past editor, Ruth Barnes
                       made it look so easy. Please be patient with me while I’m
                      learning and remember that I do welcome your suggestions.

    I have named this issue “The Wave” for
   times past. Would you like to help name                            Dinner Meeting
       this - your Chapter Newsletter?                       Wednesday, September 27, 2006
                                                                 The Grand, 4101 Willow Ave.,
        Submit your suggestions to me                         (west of Lakewood Blvd.) Long Beach
          by the 15th of October.
                                                                  Social & Networking 6:00 PM
                    Thank you,
                                                                         Dinner 6:30 PM
       Your newsletter editor, Kay Hoeffken
                                                                        Speaker 7:30 PM

                                                                     “10 Most Often
Please call Cynthia Day-Elliott at 562/427-9663 or                Missed Items in a
send and email to by Septem-            Persons Financial Affairs”
ber 20, 2006. The permanent reservation list will be
in effect for this meeting. All No-shows will be                        Delia Fernandez
charged for dinner costs unless Cynthia has been                       Menu: Cobb Salad
notified. If you wish to come to hear the speaker            Students $16, Members $20, Guests $23
and not attend the dinner, feel free to do so at            Members may come just to hear the speaker
approximately 7:30 PM.
September 2006 - The Wave                          Page 1                             Long Beach Chapter #21
                     President’s Message
                                                                            Coming Events
                         continued ...
                                                                               October 25
This month we also lost Steve Irvin, the crocodile hunter. He died        **City of Long Beach
unexpectedly doing something he loved (playing with dangerous            Dept of Financial Mgmt

This months ASWA meeting is on Estate Planning. Death occurring                November 15
unexpectedly catches most people unprepared financially. This causes      **Importance of Small
the survivors to make important financial decisions hurriedly. Come to   Business to The Economy
our September meeting on Wednesday, September 27, 2006, to learn
how you can prepare now on your estate planning, so that when your            December 13
time comes your don’t leave your survivors unprepared.
                                                                               January 24
                        Efrain Ruiz                                             Tax Topic
                        ASWA-Long Beach Chapter President                     Karen Hefner

                                                                              February 28
                            Speaker’s Bio                                        **RHI
                                                                              Margo French
                       Delia Fernandez
                                                                                 April 25
Delia is founder and president of Fernandez Financial                      **EFWA Leadership
Advisory, LLC, an independent, fee-only financial planning                     Presentation
and registered investment advisory firm in Los Alamitos,                 Goal Setting and Career
which she opened in 1994.                                                        Planning
Delia has always been fascinated with money – how to make
                                                                                 May 23
it, how to keep it, and how to protect it. She began her career
working with money issues at TRW’s credit reporting division,             **Alternative Meeting
where she served as director of public affairs. She was their               Community Service
national spokesperson with television, radio and print media,
appearing on programs such as The Today Show and A.M.                           June 27
Los Angeles with Regis Philbin.                                                Installation
She went on to Ashton-Tate Corporation, where she was
director of investor relations and public relations, working with
Wall Street to discuss the company’s stock.                                  Board Meetings
                                                                               October 30
Delia has an MBA from California State University, Long                        January 8
Beach, and a B.A. from Scripps College in Claremont. She                       February 5
obtained her financial planning certificate from UC Irvine
                                                                                 May 7
September 2006 - The Wave                             Page 2                       Long Beach Chapter #21
              Developing Stronger Decision-Making Skills
As accountants become increasingly involved in contributing to business strategy, they
need excellent decision-making skills. For managers, this challenge goes a step further: They
must make sure their teams also have these abilities.
Below are a few tips to help you strengthen this component of your own professional

       • Gather the right information. Resist the temptation to think you can come to a quick
       resolution without considering all the facts. First narrow down the variables that have – or
       could have – a direct bearing on the outcome. Collecting this data will save you time by
       allowing you to avoid assessing information that is ultimately less than relevant to your
       • Establish the key criteria. Of the data you determine is related to your decision-making
       process, which aspects are most important? Ensure you give each of the factors the
       appropriate weight by ranking them at the outset.
       • Consult with others. Once you’ve formulated a solution, seek feedback from your
       colleagues – both staff members and other managers. Check with individuals you know
       will be candid, and avoid approaching those who will merely tell you what you want to
       • Learn from your mistakes. If a judgment call does not lead to the hoped-for results, take
       a step back and ask yourself: Did I have all of the information I needed? Was it reliable?
       Did I have any biases that affected my choice? Lessons from an instance that did not go
       as planned can be applied to future scenarios.

To be effective in your role as a leader, you must ensure that your team is also able to
make wise choices. The following suggestions can help you bring out the best in your

       • Challenge them. Assign projects that encourage staff to think critically.
       • Champion thinking on their own. If someone comes to you with a question about how
       to proceed with an initiative, ask for his or her recommendation as to what would constitute
       an effective strategy. This approach will help team members thoroughly analyze each
       situation and better crystallize their thoughts.
       • Revisit choices together. After a judgment has been made and led to a result, sit down
       with the staff member involved and assess which aspects of a decision led to success and
       which did not. Ask how he or she would handle the situation if it came up again.

Accountemps is the world’s first and largest temporary staffing service specializing in the
placement of accounting, finance and bookkeeping professionals. The company has more than
330 offices throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and offers online
job search services at For more information, please contact Margo
French at 562 436 6757.
September 2006 - The Wave                       Page 3                           Long Beach Chapter #21
Kay Hoeffken
4468 Larwin Ave
Cypress, CA 90630-4155

Address Correction Requested

                                         ASWA Mission Statement

“To enable women in all fields of accounting to achieve their personal, professional and
economic potential and to contribute to the future development of the profession.”


Our organization has set forth the following objectives to support our goals:

         To develop technical, leadership and management skills and to provide training in career planning and
         goal setting.

         To promote active participation in developing, implementing and maintaining accounting and ethical
         standards that serve the profession, the business community and the general public.

         To educate accounting professionals in the value of addressing quality-of-life issues.

         To cooperate with other accounting and business organizations in joint projects which support the
         mission of the society.

         To ensure the continuation of ASWA as a strong and viable organization supporting members in
         achieving successful careers.

Officers and Committee Chairs 2006-2007                                                        Newsletter
President                     Efrain Ruiz           562/208-2971           deadline
                                                                                               for submissions is
Treasurer                     Gloria Nicoll         562/427-3163
                                                                                               the first Friday of the
Secretary                     Beverly Prouty        562/867-3539         month in which
Director                      Cynthia Day-Elliott   562/427-9663       newsletters are
                                                                                               printed. Please send
Director                      Lenore Anderson            
                                                                                               me MS Word
Past Pres.                    Kay Hoeffken          714/827-4065     attached files by
Area Director                 Anne Christensen      714/842-9861     email and if you have
                                                                                               any other software,
                                                                                               please send me a
 Reservations                 Cynthia Day-Elliott   562/427-9663       text file. Only in very
 Membership                                                                                    special circum-
Director of Publicity         Cynthia Day-Elliott   562/427-9663                               stances will I accept
                                                                                               a fax or hardcopy
Social/Special Events                                                                          material so please
Newsletter/Webmistress        Kay Hoeffken 714/827-4065            call me if you cannot
Director of Student Affairs                                                                    send my email.
National Headquarters         FAX:703/506-3266      800/326-2163

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