Roll of honour

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					                                                                                                                                    Roll of honour
                                      Bank of the Year                         Deutsche Bank
                                      Financing Package                        France Telecom
                                      Bond House                               Deutsche Bank
                                      Equity House                             Goldman Sachs
                                      Loan House                                    Citigroup
                                      Derivatives House                            JP Morgan

BORROWER AWARDS                                                    Asia Securitisation                               Korean Air
Borrower of the Year                                    HBOS       Latin American Securitisation                        Visanet
Asia-Pacific Borrower                     Hutchison Whampoa        CDO House                                     Deutsche Bank
European Borrower                                       HBOS
North American Borrower                                   SLM      DERIVATIVES AWARDS
Latin American Borrower                  United Mexican States     Credit Derivatives House                         JP Morgan
Bank Borrower                                           HBOS       Interest-Rate Derivatives House                  JP Morgan
Sovereign Borrower                       United Mexican States     Equity Derivatives House                      Deutsche Bank
Supranational/Agency Borrower                              EIB
                                                                   LOAN AWARDS
Corporate Borrower                                     Olivetti
                                                                   US Loan House                                     JP Morgan
                                                                   US Loan                                                  TRW
                                                                   European Loan House                              BNP Paribas
US Dollar Bond House                                Citigroup
                                                                   European Loan                                         Olivetti
US Dollar Bond                                    GM/GMAC
                                                                   Asia-Pacific Loan House                             Citigroup
Eurodollar Bond House                               Citigroup
                                                                   Asia-Pacific Loan                              Japan Telecom
Eurodollar Bond                              United Kingdom
                                                                   US Loan Trading House                         Goldman Sachs
Euro Bond House                                Deutsche Bank
                                                                   European Loan Trading House                       JP Morgan
Euro Bond                                               HBOS
Yen Bond House                             Nomura Securities       HIGH-YIELD AWARDS
Euroyen/Global Yen Bond House                 Nikko Citigroup      US Leveraged Loan House                                 CSFB
Euroyen/Global Yen Bond                                    DBJ     US Leveraged Loan                                       TRW
Samurai Bond                             VW Financial Services     US High-Yield Bond House                                CSFB
US$ Investment-Grade Corporate Bond House     Morgan Stanley       US High-Yield Bond                                       AES
US$ Investment-Grade Corporate Bond               GM/GMAC          European Leveraged Loan House                           CSFB
Euro Investment-Grade Corporate Bond House       BNP Paribas       European Leveraged Loan                    SEAT Pagine Gialle
Euro Investment-Grade Corporate Bond                   Olivetti    European High-Yield Bond House                Deutsche Bank
Financial Bond House – Senior Debt                 JP Morgan       European High-Yield Bond                    Vivendi Universal
Financial Bond – Senior Debt               Household Finance
Financial Bond House – Subordinated Debt                  UBS      EMERGING MARKETS AWARDS
Financial Bond – Subordinated Debt                      Aviva      Emerging Market Bond House                               UBS
Supranational/Sovereign/Agency Bond House           Citigroup      Emerging Market Bond                                Gazprom
Supranational/Sovereign/Agency Bond          Republic of Italy     EEMEA Emerging Market Bond House                       DrKW
Regional Authority Bond in Euros               State of Berlin     EEMEA Emerging Market Bond                          Gazprom
Covered Bond House                                ABN AMRO         EEMEA Emerging Market Loan House                 ABN AMRO
Covered Bond                                            HBOS       EEMEA Emerging Market Loan                             Lukoil
Swiss Franc Bond House                                    UBS      Latin American Bond House                         JP Morgan
Swiss Franc Bond                             Republic of Italy     Latin American Bond                                    Brazil
Sterling Bond House                                       RBS      Latin American Loan House                          Citigroup
Sterling Bond                                             BBC      Latin American Loan                         Coca Cola Femsa
Non-Core Dollar Bond House                      TD Securities      Emerging Asia Bond                                ICICI Bank
Emerging Currency Bond House                   Deutsche Bank
Nordic Currency Bond House                     Deutsche Bank       EQUITY AWARDS
Asia Bond House                                           UBS      US Equity House                              Morgan Stanley
                                                                   US Equity Issue                                    Accenture
DEBT PROGRAMME AWARDS                                              European Equity House                               Citigroup
Euro-MTN House                                   Deutsche Bank     European Equity Issue                         France Telecom
Euro-MTN Programme                                         EIB     Asia-Pacific Equity House                                 UBS
Euro-CP House                                    Deutsche Bank     Asia-Pacific Equity Issue                               MTFG
Euro-CP Programme                                  Fannie Mae      Global IPO                               Northumbrian Water

STRUCTURED FINANCE AWARDS                                          EQUITY-LINKED AWARDS
Securitisation House                                   Citigroup   Equity-Linked House                                JP Morgan
European Securitisation House                   Barclays Capital   US Equity-Linked House                             JP Morgan
European Securitisation                       Toll Road Funding    US Equity-Linked Issue                   Bristol-Myers Squibb
North American Securitisation House             Morgan Stanley     European Equity-Linked House                   Deutsche Bank
North American Securitisation                                SLM   European Equity-Linked Issue       KfW into Deutsche Telekom
Japanese Securitisation House                       Shinsei Bank   Asia-Pacific Equity-Linked House                    Citigroup
Japanese Securitisation                           Hydra Series 1   Asia-Pacific Equity-Linked Issue            News Corp/BSkyB

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