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					           el. im.                                S.r.l.

         Divisione Olearia
      -Head-Office Calabria-                        -Head-Office Milan-             -Head-Office Rome-
      Establishment & Production:                   Commercial Offices:             Commercial Offices:
      C.da Torre della Signora – Villapiana(CS)     V. Grazioli, 76 – Milano (MI)   V. Flaminia, 9 – Rome (RM)
      Tel: 0039 0981/56605                          Tel: 0039 02/6467041            Tel: 0039 06/3611440
                                                    Fax: 0039 02/6480534

  EL.IM SRL-Oil Division owner of the farm “TORRE DELLA SIGNORA” located in the province of
Cosenza, Ionian coast to Villapiana Lido, offers Extra Virgin Olive Oil of top quality only from olives
collected in their company made up of about 50 thousand plants and companies in the plain of Sibari.
  The product follows a rigid protocol in cultivation, processing and bottling, is certified by the Region of
Calabria, with a Regional Order Code CS51 where it is certified that the Oil Mill “TORRE DELLA
SIGNORA” produces only Extra Virgin Olive Oil from olives collected in the plain of Sibari , province of

  Our high technology plant is arranged on 5,000 mq. of factory with an annual production ranging
between n°4.000.000 and n°5.000.000 bottles, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bottled and stored with nitrogen
manufacturing plant that remove the oxidation.

  Our strength lies in each year always maintain unchanged the quality of Extra Virgin Olive, the cultivars
of olive trees, and the amount of constant annual supply of that product.

  We would be delighted if your company could consider, by sampling our product, with the hope of
beginning a business relationship. We will offer the first year a price for you advantageous dictated by our
promotional spirit.

 The product is presented in: bottles of 25 cl - 50 cl - 75 cl and tins of 5 lt.

One of our staff is at your disposal for any clarification

                          OIL MILL “ TORRE DELLA SIGNORA”
                                Villapiana Lido (CS) – ITALY
                        Tel: 0039 02/646704.1 – Fax: 0039 02/6480534
                            Web :

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