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                                            English Reinforcement I

                          Write basmalah _________________________________________

    Name         : ________________                                        Group: _____________
    Date         : ________________                                              Score   Teacher Sign

Present Simple
The Present simple says that something was true in the past, is true in the present, and will be true in the
Example        Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen.
               The world is round.
1. Conjugation
Affirmative                          Negative                          Interrogative
I work.                              I do not work.                    Do I work?
You work.                            You do not work.                  Do you work?
He works.                            He does not work.                 Does he work?
She works.                           She does not work.                Does she work?
It works.                            It does not work.                 Does it work?
We work.                             You do not work.                  Do we work?
You work.                            We do not work.                   Do you work?
They work.                           They do not work.                 Do they work?
Contracted forms: do not = don't / does not = doesn't

2. Spelling of 3rd person singular (he, she, it)
General rule: infinitive without 'to' + S
to work ==> works                       to play ==> plays
Verbs ending in O, SS, X, CH, SH : infinitive without 'to' + ES
to go ==> goes                          to kiss ==> kisses
Verbs ending in Y, preceded by a consonant: Y changes into IES
to cry ==> cries                        to fly ==> flies
                 I study for two hours every night.
                 He always eats a sandwich for lunch.

Exercise 1       Fill in the affirmative form of the verb.
1. He ... (to play) the guitar.
2. We ... (to dance) every Saturday.
3. My friends ... (to speak) French.
4. She ... (to watch) TV every evening.
5. That boy ... (to study) English at school.

Exercise 2       Fill in the negative form of the verb. Only write full forms.
1. James ... (to fly) aeroplanes.
2. You ... (to work) very hard.
3. Bob ... (to drive) a car.
4. Mary ... (to go) to bed early.
5. Your dog ... (to bark) all day.

Exercise 3        Make interrogative sentences. Don't forget to write a capital letter and a question mark!
1. she / to speak / French
2. the banks / to close / at 4 o'clock
3. it / to cost / a lot
4. you / to like / chocolate
5. your sister / to work / here

Exercise 4         First read the answers, then complete the questions. Use these verbs:
                   to like - to start - to enjoy - to go - to do - to do - to teach - to work

1. What                              ?                        I work in a factory.

2.                           it?                              It's okay.

3. What time                             in the morning?      At 8 o'clock.

4.                           on Saturdays?                    Sometimes.

5. How                             to work?                   Usually by bike.

Exercise 5         First read the whole text, then fill in the verbs. Use negative (contracted forms) where

At the weekend Jane often (1. to visit)                             her sister in Oxford.

She (2. to live)                         in Canterbury so she (3. to drive)                       for 2 hours.

They (4. to spend)                             all weekend together, only the first evening and Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday Jane (5. to like)                            to get up early.

She (6. to like)                         to sleep in until 11 o'clock.

After that she and her sister ( visit)                          some friends.

Her sister (8. to wake up)                            before 7 o'clock on Saturdays.

She (9. to work)                             in a supermarket and

she (10. to get)                          home until 9 o'clock in the evening.

                           Write hamdalah _________________________________________

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