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             BNL Private Banking: a family-oriented service model
  BNL Private Banking (a division of Italy’s BNL banking group), chose ORS as its ICT partner. With ORS
 technology, BNL has implemented a service model based on a comprehensive view of its clients holdings
 (from current accounts to managed portfolios and pension schemes). BNL considered its clients and their
 families’ needs when designing its service model, and in partnership with ORS, has perfected its focus on
                                portfolio optimisation and risk management.

Alba, ….. 2005 – Since 2003, BNL Private Banking has offered clients with
€1,000,000 or more to invest a comprehensive management service of their
overall investment portfolio – a service that deals with everything from selling
investment products to managing clients’ risk and return profiles. The service,
headed by Roberto Fredella, today counts as many as 7000 families among
its customers, with upwards of €8.5 billion under management.

Implementing this service model required a strong IT element, and placed
special emphasis on the use of reports as a tool for meeting clients’
expectations. “Position Keeping” on client portfolios has been key – that is,
having a comprehensive detailed report on a portfolio’s current positions,
alongside an immediate view of its corresponding model portfolio and
risk/return profile. This approach, for both individual account managers and
the BNL Private Banking management team, has lead to better management
of client portfolios as well as improved marketing strategy.

“One innovative aspect of our service model is its focus on the family unit,”
said Alberto Planta, Marketing and Planning director of BNL Private Banking.
Thanks to the tools available in Personal Financial Planner (PFP), private
bankers can effectively analyse a client’s estate and investment objectives,
with a comprehensive view on all related considerations, so as to offer the
most effective estate management possible. PFP helps private bankers to
minimise risk and increase expected returns – in relation to associated model

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“The IT element”, continued Planta, “was a key component in achieving the
service model we set out to build. Partnering with ORS was definitely the right
choice. With ORS solutions, both our timelines and objectives were met.”

“BNL’s Private Banking Investment Center creates model portfolios with
GianoEvo, ORS’ optimisation tool. GianoEvo allows users to create portfolios
based on specific risk and return profiles ” said investment manager Edoardo
Mezza. “Portfolio managers can then assess real client portfolios in relation to
model portfolios, and take corrective action as necessary.”

According to Nazzareno Oberto, CEO of ORS, “BNL Private Banking has
implemented the entire RAMS suite for the private sector. With the EPM
module, daily prices are conveniently downloaded, while GianoEvo allows for
effective building of model portfolios. AMC gives managers a complete view
on client positions, and outputs related reports, including information on
portfolio performance. The PFP module gives a comprehensive view of the
client profile and facilitates investment planning.”

Some information obtained during the financial planning process (with the
use of PFP) is also used by the Wealth Planning Office, for dealing with
consultancy on non-financial assets – such as art. In future, real estate will
also be factored into these considerations.

Finally, BNL’s Private Banking team oversees their services with AMCViews,
a management reporting module that helps them plan their strategies so as to
meet their clients’ needs, as well as those of portfolio advisors.


ORS (Operational Research Systems) is a software house with offices in Alba and Milan that specialises in the development and
implementation of highly sophisticated solutions for Asset Management, Risk Management, Private Banking, financial advising networks
and other financial service providers.
Among its clients, ORS counts several major Italian and international financial institutions: BNL, Gruppo Capitalia, Banca CR Firenze,
Gruppo BPVN, BSI, Banca CR Parma e Piacenza, UBS Italia, Pioneer Investments sgr, Aureo Gestioni sgr, Effe Gestioni sgr, Banca
Euromobiliare sgr, Cortal Consors sgr, Ifigest, Zenit sgr, Ersel sgr, Banca Sara Banca della Rete, E. de Rothschild sgr, SACE.

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