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									                                          Eccles Archery Club
                                              Peel Green Road, Eccles, Manchester

                                         Eccles Double FITA 70m
                                           UK Record Status Tournament

   Sunday 23rd May 2010
   Double FITA 70m (FITA 720): 6 dozen at 70 metres, 122cm face, 10 zone scoring, faces to be marked.
   Two sessions: 9.15 am and 2.00 pm.
   Assembly followed by 2 ends practice, including equipment check.
   Judges: John Allison and Kath Collinson.
   Shooting will be under GNAS rules and GNAS dress regulations must be conformed to.
   This record status shoot will be liable for drug testing and competitors approached to give samples must comply; if they
    refuse, that refusal will be treated as a positive result. Juniors must have a parent or guardian sign the entry form to signify
    consent to their child being tested if approached.
   All entrants must be members of GNAS or a FITA affiliated organisation.
   In line with GNAS Child Protection Policy anyone wishing to take photographs or video at the competition must register with
    the organiser.
   Lady Paramount: TBC
   £5.00 per archer for one session, £8.50 for two sessions. Juniors: £4.00 & £6.00
   4 Archers per boss, two detail shooting, mixed Lady/Gent/Junior.
   FITA timing (20 sec & 4 min) under control of National Judge.
   Medals L/G/J x LB/RC/Comp & team-of-3 will be awarded at the end of the shoot.
   The team and junior awards will be calculated against Bowman handicap.
   Archers shooting both sessions will only be eligible for a medal for their first session (like an indoor shoot). However, there
    will be a most improved award calculated over the two rounds.
   GNAS rules state that only one score may count from one ground per day so six-gold-end claims, county records and
    scores for handicap purposes can only count for the first 70M round shot.
   EAC members who shoot are not eligible for awards.
   Prepayment by cheque is essential to confirm a place. Please make payable to Eccles Archery Club and send to Mark
    Leach, 20 Saturn Grove, Salford, M6 6HA.
   Call me (Mark) on 0161 736 6971 or 07 951 749 589 or email
   Please include two SAEs for target list and results.

                       GNAS No                         9.30       2.00      RC/C/LB     L/G/J       Parent or guardian   W.chair   £ total
       Name                              Club                                                           signature
                                                        session   session   bow type   junior age

        Contact phone number………………………………

        Target List and results at        
Entrance opposite 216 Peel Green Road

The archery club does NOT have a postal address, but the closest postcode is M30 7DR

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