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					                      Constitution and Statutes

1.- That there be a review of each position in the Constitutions that presumes only a Brother
may hold the position (e.g. Province Bursar; director of an apostolic work) to see if it is
appropriate that lay people may take the position.
Change the text of article 150.2.16 – take out the term brother and insert administrator /
To revise the documents by favouring a language inclusive of Brothers and lay persons
In respect to the mission: To expand the terminology. The term Brother should not be
exclusive. Widen to embrace brother and lay person.
Revision of the Constitutions in reference to the appointments of directors and administrators.
To use inclusive language (Brothers and lay people) in what concerns the
administration/governance of the Works.
                            Yes-63; Not-1; Abstention-2; Another-2.

7.- Clarification of the identity of the lay Marist.
To clarify the ways of belonging of the Marist laity.
                              Yes-61; Not-0; Abstention-5; Another-2.

4.- That the Constitutions and the Statutes be open (readapted) to let the Provinces adjust
their governance to the new situation with regard to Brothers and lay people, function, period
of responsibility.
                           Yes-61; Not-3; Abstention-4; Another-0.

2.- That the Constitutions allow for the Provincial Council to delegate governance
responsibilities for the apostolic works of the Province to other bodies or councils of suitably
qualified people (e.g. a Mission Council; civilly juridic body).
That the Constitutions consider the delegation of the functions of the Provincial Council to
other types of decision-making bodies.
To explore ways to gain approval for those in leadership roles in ministries and on our ministry
councils (example: School Boards, Social Service Boards) to make concrete decisions apart
from the Provincial Council. One possible example: Allow (within the Statutes?) for the creation
of a separate structure (apart from the Provincial Council) with authority and management
responsibility to handle issues dealing with ministries. This would allow the ordinary
management and decision-making authority to rest with the local organization.
                            Yes-58; Not-2; Abstention-6; Another-2.

9.- We agree with the proposal of Br. Juan Miguel Anaya (eliminate the word brother as a
condition for the positions proper for the carrying out of the mission and to modify the statutes
150.2.16, this after the 154, and 161.13).
                            Yes-54; Not-4; Abstention-10; Another-0.

11.- To allow each administrative unit to set up processes of administration/governance with
higher levels of decision-making and autonomy (life of the Brothers, management/ governance
of works and finances)
                           Yes-49; Not-4; Abstention-12; Another-3.

10.- To give reflection to the provincial’s mission as leader and animator.
                            Yes-44; Not-7; Abstention-16; Another-1.

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8.- To revise the necessary articles to provide the access of lay persons to all levels of
decision-making in the area of governance.
                          Yes-43; Not-14; Abstention-10; Another-1.

15.- To consider the restructuring of the Provinces in the wording of the articles concerning the
role of the Provincial vis-à-vis the administration and the governance of Works.
                            Yes-41; Not-8; Abstention-18; Another-1.

6.- To consider the inclusion of autonomous entities, canonical and civil, and criteria for
possible models of management and governance.
                         Yes-38; Not-14; Abstention-14; Another-2.

12.- To explore ways within the Statutes to allow a lay person along with a finance commission
to manage the finances of the Province.
                         Yes-34; Not-13; Abstention-20; Another-1.

3.- Not to regionalize the General Council.
                           Yes-32; Not-22; Abstention-13; Another-1.

14.- Need to affirm subsidiary… something added to appropriate statutes with the phrase “as
                          Yes-30; Not-4; Abstention-33; Another-1.

13.- To allow regional structures/Councils to make decisions apart from the local Province.
                           Yes-28; Not-13; Abstention-26; Another-1.

16.- To verify the advisability of statute 80.1 on the relations of the Brother Provincial and the
local Ordinary.
                          Yes-28; Not-14; Abstention-23; Another-3.

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                         In the Footsteps of MC
21.- To create an appropriate document with common lines for Marist Management in the
different spheres of activity. Not to include any elements of management in the FMC.
Management : That the Chapter recommend to the General Council that it draw up, after the
Chapter, a working document on the management in the Administrative Units.
To draw up an annex of models of management represented by a framework with guiding
criteria and common terminology.
To draw up a document of Marist management (providing direction, open, with “soul”).
                             Yes-52; Not-9; Abstention-4; Another-3.

17.- That Chapter 2 (# 48) be strengthened to make explicit that Lay Marists have a
legitimate role in the governance, leadership and animation of educational works at the level of
the Province.
Chapter 2 (shared mission) requires an intensive reworking in the light of the documents on
the identity of the laity.
                            Yes-49; Not-9; Abstention-8; Another-2.

22.- Role and place of the lay person in the Institute :
                           Yes-46; Not-5; Abstention-14; Another-3.

25.- That a rewriting of Chapters 2 and 6 be done to introduce new concepts, the world as it is
today :
- The rights of children
- Ecology
- Modern communications
- Shared mission – Brothers and lay persons
                           Yes-45; Not-14; Abstention-7; Another-2.

23.- Changing circumstances have made the document out of date in: Government, Mission,
and Lay people. It is necessary to adapt it.
                           Yes-43; Not-7; Abstention-15; Another-3.

24.- To revise and adapt the document on the Marist educational mission:
- language.
- corresponsibility with the social works.
- corresponsibility on the level of charism.
                            Yes-43; Not-13; Abstention-9; Another-3.

20.- To revise the document In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat – to introduce other
types of education (hospitals, means of communication, social units, and institutes of higher
                         Yes-37; Not-17; Abstention-10; Another-4.

18.- That Chapter 6 refer to the possibility of suitably formed local boards or councils for
individual educational works.
Something should be added to address the reality of School/Ministry Boards which help in the
management our school ministries. These Boards are composed of lay men and women who
are already participants in the governance of our school ministries
                           Yes-35; Not-14; Abstention-17; Another-2.

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19.- Not to touch FMC in this XXI General Chapter
To be considered valid as a framework and inspiring document.
                           Yes-22; Not-38; Abstention-6; Another-2.

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                                New structures
39.- To foresee mechanisms of support, reflection, and of collaboration between the
organizations of the different Provinces through a harmonious planning of international,
regional, and local meetings.
                           Yes-60; Not-2; Abstention-5; Another-1.

34.- To promote organizations of interprovincial coordination for the development of the
                        Yes-58; Not-4; Abstention-6; Another-0.

28.- To strengthen the Conferences, Organisations (UMBRASIL) and regional networks; to
strengthen the already existing regional structures.
                           Yes-55; Not-6; Abstention-7; Another-0.

31.- To improve the governance of the Institute.
                         Yes-51; Not-2; Abstention-13; Another-2.

35.- To evaluate and revise the process of restructuring (vitality).
                          Yes-47; Not-6; Abstention-14; Another-1.

27.- That the General Chapter asks the next General Council to undertake a study of ways in
which new international civil and canonical structures (e.g. NGOs, foundations, PJPs) can serve
our apostolic mission or take responsibilities for specific aspects of the mission (e.g. in
countries which have few or any Brothers).
                           Yes-45; Not-5; Abstention-17; Another-1.

30.- To look for other models of animation to be practiced by the General Council.
To revise the current structures of animation at the Institute level (an excess of structures,
reunions and meetings)
                          Yes-45; Not-6; Abstention-15; Another-2.

26.- That the General Chapter asks the next General Council to undertake a study of the ways
in which people who are not Marist Brothers but who are attracted to the spirituality and
mission of Marcellin Champagnat can belong to it in a canonically juridical way
(internationally), and share co-responsibility for this mission with the Brothers.
                           Yes-42; Not-3; Abstention-20; Another-3.

33.- To set up a secretariate of management to promote analysis of the methods used, to
make recommendations to the provinces, and to share experiences and favour learning.
                        Yes-39; Not-17; Abstention-10; Another-2.

29.- To establish the General Councillors for reference
                          Yes-38; Not-13; Abstention-16; Another-1.

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37.- Meetings by video-conferencing
                         Yes-37; Not-13; Abstention-16; Another-2.

32.- To make the necessary modifications to ensure the presence of the General Councillors in
all the geographical limits.
To make a study of the type of General Government so that it may become more decentralized
and closer to the different regions.
Have Councillor General living in the region.
To redefine the role of the Brother Councillor General and look at the possibility of his living in
« region ».
                            Yes-36; Not-16; Abstention-14; Another-2.

36.- Creation of a regional structure to assist in the management and animation of a particular
region, in particular in mission cooperation. It should not be something that is too
bureaucratic. Re-examine the role of the Provincial in this new proposed structure.
                          Yes-33; Not-12; Abstention-22; Another-1.

38.- To redefine the structure, the length of term and the mandate of the General Council.
                           Yes-32; Not-11; Abstention-24; Another-1.

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             Other thoughts for consideration…
40.- Something needs to be done for the formation of our Finance Teams in the Marist charism
                         Yes-46; Not-4; Abstention-16; Another-2.

41.- Something needs to be done for the formation of our Brothers in understanding the needs
of the Province/Institute…so that they realize that our governance capacity cannot be
accomplished by Brothers alone.
                         Yes-45; Not-4; Abstention-19; Another-0.

43.- That the expenditure limit requiring General Council approval (currently US$500,000) be
reviewed [Vademecum]).
                          Yes-37; Not-7; Abstention-23; Another-1.

42.- Recommend that for the next Chapter (XXII) re-examine the Constitutions and Statutes
to see if they accommodate the variety and practices in governance and management that are
in existence within the Institute. The next 8 years will allow for continual examination.
                           Yes-37; Not-15; Abstention-15; Another-1.

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