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					Competitions and out-of-competition sections

Short film competition and Feature film competition
These two competitions have achieved international recognition thanks to their high quality. The films
are screened without being divided into categories, in original language with Italian and English
subtitles. The filmmakers are invited to present their films to the festival audience.

Colpe di Stato - State (t)error
A collection of documentaries depicting crimes, injustice and massacres in the name of freedom,
security and religion. This sort of deliberate terror is used by different so-called democratic
governments against civilians, to ban dissent or bias news coverage. These screenings mark an
interesting but disturbing journey around the world, from South America to Iraq, from Russia to the
Middle East, from Italy to the United States. And help us remember that the truth is far from the
dumbed down and misleading news that the media deliver us everyday.

Histoire(s) du cinéma – Cinema according to Jean-Luc Godard
The 2006 special season is focused on Histoire(s) du cinéma by Jean-Luc Godard, a work in four
episodes released between 1988 and 1996.
This section aims to show this entire work for the first time in Milan and to highlight different
central films from which this stream of images flows.
Alongside a series of masterpieces that have found general acceptance thanks to the enthusiasm of
Nouvelle Vague directors, the programme will include some films that are crucial to the evolution
of Godard's work and to the overview he expresses in his Histoire(s). As in the previous seasons
featured by Milano Film Festival, the purpose is to highlight films that are essential to the views of
particular filmmakers. Since Jean-Luc Godard disappeared from the scene in Italy 16 years ago
(Nouvelle Vague was his last film and was released in 1990, while in France he has been celebrated
with an all-round retrospective and an exhibition in the Centre Pompidou), this could be a good
opportunity to reintroduce a critical analysis on this director in Italy. The starting point will be the
Histoire(s) du cinéma, a critical study, not only for professionals, but for a general audience that will
get the chance to see such unique and difficult masterpieces of film, as great historical films will
introduce the Histoire(s) du cinéma.
In collaboration with Fondazione Cineteca Italiana – Spazio Oberdan.

Incontri italiani
This section features young Italian filmmakers, screenings and meetings to help directors gather,
exchange ideas and projects, create new collaborations. A prize is decided and awarded by the
directors themselves to the best short film of this section.
Focus animazione
An overview on a film genre that has achieved increasing success. Non-stop screenings, workshops
and seminars to discover the most innovative technologies. An in-depth look through traditional styles
and techniques and cutting edge technologies.

Salon des Refusés
A section managed by non-selected directors – democratic, open to all the films submitted to the festival,
created to give the filmmakers a chance to show their films, debate with the audience and other directors, discuss
the choices of the selecting committee...

motion&picture against poverty
The UN campaign for the 8 Millennium Development Goals relies on alternative means of
communication, including films.
The Milano Film Festival supports the UN campaign and in 2005 has tried to outline its goals with a
film season, motion&picture against poverty.
The second edition, which is currently in the organisational stages, will be run during the eleventh
Milano Film Festival and then exported to other countries, so as to communicate this innovative
project on an international level.

Awards and juries
The composition of the juries reflects the tireless commitment of the Milano Film Festival towards the
exchange of ideas and opinions on different interpretations of the current times.

Feature Film Award
The prize is awarded by important figures of the cultural field both in Italy and abroad: filmmakers
and actors, and also writers, musicians and various cultural operators, so as to gather different artistic
expressions and views on contemporaneity.

Short Film Award
The prize is awarded by a wide range of professionals in filmmaking, or justs generally in the visual
arts in the broadest sense. Usually, the short film jury is made of a group of experts who are used to
working together: for example the editorial office of a magazine, the members of a film association or
a syndicate.

Aprile Award
This important prize is awarded by the selection committee to the most significant films that best
represent the artistic choices of the festival.
Audience Award
At the end of each screening, the festivalgoers have the cance to assign a coin to their favourite films.
The film that receives the highest number of coins wins all the money. This award requires full
involvement from the audience that effectively judges the films in competition.

Incontri Italiani Award
This prize is decided by the young Italian filmmakers that take part in the Incontri Italiani section
which traditionally offers a unique opportunity to filmmakers to share their experiences and opinions.
The award usually consists in a material prize that is strictly linked to filmmaking. The prize is offered
by Canon.

"Fa' la cosa giusta" award
This prize is decided by the organizers of "Fa' la cosa giusta", a fair dedicated to sustainability and
fair-trade products, by the street traders of "Terre di Mezzo" newspaper and by the association
"Insieme nelle Terre di mezzo". It is awarded to the short film that best portrays aspects of social
integration and awareness or highlights issues linked to social marginalization, alternative economy,
environmental protection and rights of workers.

Filmmakers’ Award
This prize is decided by the competing filmmakers who attend the festival in Milan.

Staff Award

Students' Award
This prize is given by students from different Milan high school students coming from different
Milanese schools

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