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					Phillip Sweeney
                                                PO Box 137 - Fairfield, CT 06430 - (203) 820-4666 -

AT&T Labs – Middletown, NJ - Senior Developer/Engineer - 2002-Present

Lead Software Developer / Systems Engineer responsible for analyzing AT&T’s needs, designing and developing systems to meet
those requirements, and then leading AT&T’s teams to implement the solution on new, custom Sun Unix application servers.

Highlights include:
    - Seven applications designed, coded, tested and implemented to global production servers.
    - These software(s) currently save AT&T hundreds of hours per week in engineering time and related expenses.
    - Application configure complex Cisco IOS commands including MPLS, MIAB, QOS and VOIP and other IP services on
        11,000 routers globally
    - Web application server software written in Java, Python, Oracle, SQL, HTML/Flash/JavaScript and C#/ASP.NET
    - Device communication using multi-threaded telnet/SNMP API’s over TCP sockets and Orchestream & Syndesis
        provisioning software.
    - Designed, coded and tested automatic network performance statistics gathering software on Oracle based reporting
    - Designed, coded and implemented GUI Interface software, XML messaging schema and services, and FTP tools used for
        provisioning, systems messaging and automated backups.
    - Designed, coded and implemented Oracle database for transaction recording/reporting used in all seven applications.
    - Coded and implemented Python Scripts to perform mission critical, emergency uploads on the global network.
    - Developed, coded and implemented all Unix CRON & Shell scripts for managing background server administration
    - Designed, coded and tested software for accessing devices directly using SNMP and telnet API’s.
    - Created a system to auto-create Visio drawings from input network/Orchestream data
    - Auto-discovered devices & interfaces using generic telnet and SNMP API’s
    - Never missed a deadline in all the time working with AT&T.

Orchestream, Inc. (now Metasolv Inc.) – One Penn Plaza – NY, NY & Kensington, London, UK - Product Manager – 2000-2002

Product Manager/Developer responsible for network management/IP provisioning software services. Focused on API integration
to external software(s) for automated provisioning to Cisco, Riverstone and Juniper networking devices.
- Lead the analysis, requirements gathering, design & implementation for the JAVA-CORBA API used at all top tier clients
- Managed North American technical support staff responsible for all wide-area communications systems user support, telephone
installation and services, as well as training and maintenance of internal email, sales and accounting software in the New York and
Washington DC offices.
- Focused on closing top North American accounts.
- Coded and installed working labs/integrations for customers like AT&T, SBC, Verizon, Teleglobe, BellSouth, Accenture, KPMG
- Gathered requirements and use cases which lead to product enhancements and revisions, which were later incorporated into the
product and closed new business.

OM Technology, Inc. / Broker Tec – Wall & Broad Street - NY, NY & Stockholm, Sweden – 1999-2000
Teamed with a group of engineers and programmers to implement the North American branch of a global US government bond
exchange. Managed NY and NJ facilities, edge router configurations and installations, LAN/WAN wiring and cabling, wide-area
circuit delivery, installation, troubleshooting, NT server installations and rollouts, and IP infrastructure design. Created a web-
driven resource database that cut maintenance and documentation costs by more than fifty percent. Installed Network services on
location at 15 leading Wall Street banks in less than two and a half months. The exchange was installed and working globally in 6

Wareforce, Inc.  Ardent Technology Group - Los Angeles, CA - Senior Engineer & Contractor – 1996-1999
Managed a team of engineers who installed information systems for companies of all sizes. Lead teams of integrators, technicians,
wiring specialists, building contractors and software developers to deliver scalable, fast, fault-tolerant business systems that meet
business goals and work - consistently on time and in budget. Systems were up and proactively monitored 24 hours every day.
Specialist in remedying mission critical, high stress emeregency situations. Designed, installed and managed firewalls, routers,
campus switches, server clusters, storage cabinets, database applications, messaging systems, imaging systems, fax servers, PPP
dial in servers, network management servers. Implemented new accounting, hiring, sales, and operations proceedures for new
Wareforce northeast division. We had been profitable since inception.
EAC Inc. – Trumbull, CT – Senior Engineer, Manager Internet Services – 1994-1996

Responsible for large TCP/IP Infrastructure and security projects including wide area frame-relay network design and
implementations, Internet connectivity and security, NT and Novell server integration and rollouts, mass workstation and operating
system upgrades - full project responsibility. Managed a small team of network integration engineers responsible for installation
and maintenance of all local school and municipal contracts. I was also responsible for presenting sales presentations focusing on
the technical superiority of solutions to existing and prospective customers. I trained divisions of IT professionals and non-
technical staff on the use of and strategies for implementing their technologies.

First Chicago National Bank – Chicago, IL –US Bond Options & Futures Trading Desk, CBOT – 1993-1994

Clerk & trading specialist responsible for timely execution of broker trades on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. Orders for
front and back month futures and options on benchmark 30-year government bonds as well as Fed Funds and government issued
notes. Trades were executed during extremely volatile and fast moving market conditions - where seconds of delay could result in
extremely large losses. Trades were always accounted for and executed to take advantage of market timing and volatility. All
available methods utilized to get the best execution.


Sun Java-Oracle – Database Application Development and Design Degree (Oracle, Java & C) – January 2001
Cisco Authorized - Routing, switching, securing and managing TCP/IP WANs & LANs – CCNA level.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) - Installing and setting up Microsoft servers and services
Novell Network Associate - Managing and integrating Novell file and print services
Compaq, HP, Digital Authorized Technician - Building and installing client - server hardware, software


Columbia University – New York, NY - Graduate Application Dev. & Design Degree (Oracle DB, Java, & C) – 1999 – 2001
Boston College – Newton, MA - BA - Finance and Philosophy – 1990-92
Northeastern University – Boston, MA – Business and Liberal Arts – 1988-1990
Fairfield College Preparatory School – Fairfield, CT – 1984-88
Personal: Runner, fishing, basketball, painting, ski racing, photography, Catholic volunteer & youth groups

Currently residing in Stamford CT, 30 Miles from New York City, with wife Ledice who is a licensed trader on Wall
Street, and 3 year old son, James.

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