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					                                      Call for applications for research fellowships

                                                      The President

Art.1- Overview
A selection process is opened to generate a ranked list of candidates on the basis of scientific titles to
assign seven research fellowships, co-financed by the INRIM and the Piemonte Region.
Each research fellowship will last two years, with a salary (void of Italian taxes and social security
benefits) of 18.960,00 Euro/year.
Fellowships are available for research activities at the Divisions of the INRIM, in the following
scientific areas:
                Physics and Chemistry
                Information Engineering
                Industrial Engineering
See Appendix A for details on the Scientific Areas and the related research projects.
Fellowships are classified in two categories, named action a) and action c), according to the
Agreement between the INRIM and the Regione Piemonte:
a)        Fellowships for junior researchers: reserved for young Italian and foreign researchers (up to
          33 years old) with a Doctoral title (or a foreign qualification equivalent to a PhD).
c)        Fellowships for foreign researchers: reserved to foreign researchers with a PhD title (or
equivalent), and at least two years of experience in research position abroad.
Art.2- Eligibility
To be eligible, candidates must:
      Hold a Doctorate or foreign equivalent, awarded before the deadline of this application in a field
        related to at least one of the scientific areas listed in Art.1;
      Be no more than 33 years old (i.e., be born after the 31st of March 1975) on the day of the
        application deadline in the case of category a);

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)                      1/12
     Have at least 2 years of research experience abroad in the case of category c);
     Possess sufficient English skills to participate in an international research team.
In addition, the ideal candidate will have:
         A record of publications in the selected scientific area;
         Motivation, communication skills and an interest in cooperating with researchers of the selected
Candidates must not have already held a similar fellowship (i.e. awarded in accordance with Italian
Law n. 449, dated 27/12/1997) from any Italian university or institute for a period of more than 6 years.

Art.3 – Application process
Applicants must:
         Fill in the form in Annex B and provide all required information, as listed in Annex B.
Applicants will be requested to select up to two research projects (in order of priority) proposed by
INRIM and listed in Appendix A.
The following documents must be provided:
         A     motivation            letter,   in   English,    stating   the   candidate’s   research   interests   and
          professional/scientific background;
         A signed curriculum vitae, in English;
         A list of publications of the candidate (classified as per the format used in Annex D);
         A copy of selected scientific publications (maximum 3);
         Any other item (no more than 5) that the candidate deems useful for the selection (e.g., awards,
          title of specialisation, Master Degree, Language Certificate,…);
         Copy of the PhD certificate or other document certifying the PhD title;
         Abstract of the PhD thesis (about 6000 characters), in English;
         A list of the provided documents.

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)                             2/12
Scientific publications and certificates written in languages different from Italian, English, French,
German, or Spanish have to be translated into either English or Italian.
The candidate must also indicate the names and e-mail addresses of two referees who know and can
describe the applicant’s scientific activities. The INRIM will contact the two referees, inviting them to
submit a reference. Alternatively, the candidate can attach two references to his/her application.
         Sign the form and send it, together with all required documents, to :
Ufficio Affari del Personale
Strada delle Cacce n. 91
10135 Torino, Italy
The form and the documents must arrive by the 31st of March 2009 at 23.59 Italian time (application
deadline), either:
                hand-delivered,
                by fax (fax: +39 011 346384),
                by post,
                by courier.

Applications received after the 31st of March 2009 at 23:59 Italian time will not be considered, even if
posted beforehand.
The Administration of the INRIM will arrange appropriate formal checks on applications in order to
verify that qualifications are authentic.
The Administration of the INRIM assumes no responsibility for lost or late correspondence due to an
inaccurate or incomplete address given by a candidate, or other problems caused by the postal service.

Art.4 – Selection criteria
Selection is based solely on the candidate’s scientific qualifications and accomplishments.
A Committee will be appointed to evaluate the applications, comprising the Department Director of
INRIM, the heads of the four Divisions, and a representative of the Ufficio Affari del Personale as

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)               3/12
secretary. The Committee will evaluate the coherence of candidates’ CV with the proposed research
The Committee will assess candidates on the basis of their scientific production and of the
aforementioned coherence.
The Committee in its first meeting, before being informed of the candidates list, will define the
weighting to be assigned to different qualifications for each of the two fellowship categories of this
The Committee decides which candidates are eligible; a rank will be established for each category and
scientific area. The Committee decision is final.
In case of equal rankings, the factor of youth will be preferential element.

Art.5 – Publication of the results
The final ranked list of candidates will be posted on the URL
and on the Notice Board of the INRIM.
An e-mail message will be sent to all applicants to inform them about the posting. This message will be
sent to the address specified by the applicants themselves on the application form.
Positions will be assigned to the candidates according to the ranking order previously approved by the
Selected applicants will receive the notification about the fellowship award at the address indicated in
the form. The awardees will have 10 days from the notification to accept the fellowship and fill in
Annex C. Failure to do this will result in the fellowship being transferred to the next applicant in the
ranked list of candidates.
For non-European Union researchers, the starting date of the contract is subdue to the obtainment of an
Italian VISA and a resident permit. For European Union researchers, the starting date of the contract
will be from the signing of the contract, not later than three months from the acceptance of the position.
The fellowship can be suspended for maternity leave, as specified by Italian law.
If a researcher stops or does not start his/her research activities, a new fellowship for the residual period
can be assigned according to the ranking list.

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)                 4/12
Art.6 – Duration of the fellowship
The fellowship lasts two years. Payment is made at the end of every month. The Fellow is not a
subordinate employee of the INRIM.
At the end of the first year the Fellow must prepare and submit a detailed report of his/her research
activities to the Head of the Division, who will recommend either the continuation or the termination of
the fellowship. A recommendation of termination will lead to the immediate withdrawal of the

Art.7 – Amount of the fellowship and other benefits
Remuneration for the fellowship amounts to 18.960,00 Euro/year (void of Italian taxes and social
security benefits).

Art.8 – Additional grants
For fellowships in category c) - “Fellowships for foreign researchers” there will be an additional
13.000,00 Euro gross for partial reimbursement of subsistence costs.

Art.9 - Duties of the Fellows
The Fellow has to carry out the fellowship duties, otherwise the fellowship will be terminated
immediately. Specifically, according to regulations, the fellowship cannot be added to other
fellowships, aside from those supporting foreign trips. Compatibility with other work relations will be
decided by the Head of the Division according to the opinion of the research group leader. The
candidate is therefore expected to declare the existence of current work relations in detail within his/her
curriculum vitae.
The fellowship cannot be taken into account formally for the purpose of future employment in Italy.

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)              5/12
Art.10 – Privacy
In accordance with Italian law (decree n. 196/2003), the INRIM undertakes to respect the privacy of all
personal data provided by the candidates: all data will be used only for the purposes of selection and
the fellowship award.
In observance of the above-mentioned legislative decree, participation in the selection process requires
the applicant to give INRIM permission to publish his/her personal data concerning the results of the
selection procedure on the INRIM website.

Art.11 – Regulations
For matters not explicitly mentioned in the present announcement, rules on Italian public calls (DPR
n. 693/1996) and INRIM Regulations shall apply.

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)             6/12
                                                       Annex A

                                                   Scientific Areas

Physics and Chemistry. It includes experimental physics, condensed matter physics, applied physics
(cultural heritage, environment, biology and medicine), analytical chemistry, physical chemistry,
inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry (environment and cultural heritage).
Industrial Engineering. It includes fluid dynamics, industrial and environmental physics, mechanical
and thermal measurements, science and technology of materials, applied physical chemistry, electro-
technical engineering.
Information Engineering. It includes electronics, electromagnetic field, information data processing,
electrical and electronics measurements.

                                                  Research Projects
Category a) Fellowships for junior researchers

        Scientific Area              Research Project                     Division         Tutor
                          Quantum devices for electromagnetic         Electromagnetism      V.
   Physics and Chemistry
                          metrology                                                      Lacquaniti
                          Development of novel measurement               Mechanics
   Industrial Engineering                                                                A. Rivetti
                          systems for gas flow
                          Pulsed laser application to length
   Industrial Engineering                                                Mechanics       M. Zucco
   Physics and Chemistry Photon-counting light detectors                   Optics        M. Rajteri
                          Entanglement applications in quantum             Optics           M.
   Physics and Chemistry
                          optical states                                                 Genovese
                                                                           Optics           M.
   Physics and Chemistry Quantum Imaging

Category c) Fellowships for foreign senior researchers

        Scientific Area                         Research Project          Division         Tutor
         Information                  Applications of acoustic and
                                                                      Thermodynamics     R. Gavioso
         Engineering                  electromagnetic resonators

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)                      7/12
                                               Annex B

                                          Admission Application

10135 TORINO (Italy)
FAX +39 011 346384

- I, the undersigned, am applying to be included in the selection process for:
Preferred Position :
Project 1 :                                                                    Tutor:
Project 2 :                                                                    Tutor:

- For this purpose I declare that I am:
First and Last Name :
Email :
Date of birth :
Native country :
Nationality :
Gender :
Address :
Phone number :
Notification address

- That I have obtained the PhD Degree
Degree in :
Date of PHD :
Name of Institution :
Address of Institution :
Tutor :
PhD Dissertation Title :

- That my current Research Affiliation is:
Scientific affiliation or
University :
Address of current Affiliation :
Position :
From Date :

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)              8/12
- That my past Research Affiliations were:
Scientific affiliation :
Address of affiliation :
Position :
From/To :

Scientific affiliation :
Address of affiliation :
Position :
From/To :

Scientific affiliation :
Address of affiliation :
Position :
From/To :

- That I have asked for two recommendation letters from the following experts:
Referee Name:
Referee Name:

- Or that I have attached the following recommendations letters from:
Referee Name:
Referee Name:

- That I have attached also the following titles:
Title1 :
Title2 :
Title3 :
Title4 :
Title5 :

- That I have published and attached the following articles and publications:
List of publications (as per
Annex D):
Publication (copy):
Publication (copy):
Publication copy):

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)                 9/12
- That :
     I have an adequate knowledge of the English language
     I do not have a criminal record
     I have not held a fellowship of this kind (i.e. awarded in accordance with Italian law n. 449
         dated 27/12/1997) with another Italian university or institute for a period longer than 6 years
     I take the responsibility of immediately informing the INRIM of any changes in my addresses
         and domicile
     I confirm that the information and details provided on this form, and other information related
         to my formal application are correct. I understand that any false information or
         misrepresentation would result in my application being disqualified or, if appointed, could lead
         to my dismissal

- And also that I have good languages skills in:
Other Languages :

- That I have also attached the following documents:
Motivation Letter :
CV File :
Copy of PhD certificate or
certifying document :
Abstract of the PhD thesis :
List of provided documents :

I attach to the present application a copy of my ID card (passport or identity card)

Date_____________________ Signature________________________________

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)                10/12
                                               Annex C

                                      FELLOWSHIP ACCEPTANCE FORM

To the President of INRIM
C/o Ufficio Affari del Personale
Strada delle Cacce n. 91
10135 Torino - Italy
fax +39 011 346384

I undersigned ……………..……, born on …(date)..……, in …..(city, Country)….. , of
…..……..nationality, having been selected for the fellowship for ………. ……… (position), in the
scientific area of………………………., assigned to the Division of …….


     o as a NON EU-citizen, to accept the fellowship and to start immediately all the required
       procedures for signing the contract.

     o as an EU-citizen, to accept the fellowship and to commit to signing the contract and starting
       work within three months of the present acceptance. Failure to respect these conditions will
       result in my forfeiting my right to the fellowship.

Moreover, I declare that my permanent residence is ………………………………………..
………………………………………….…(street, number and post code, city, Country).
  o that I have an Italian Fiscal Code n. ………………………………………………

     o that I do not have an Italian Tax Code, and that my National Insurance Number is
       ………………………………………………, or my Passport number is

Date ……………………...
Signature …………………

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)             11/12
                                         Annex D
                                      Publications List

Papers on ISI Journals                         A2.
Papers on non-ISI Journals                     B2.
Book Chapters                                  C2.
Books                                          D2.
Proceedings                                    E2.
Patents                                        F2.
Other                                          G2.

Fellowship call - actions a) and c)       12/12

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