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					Boston, May 10 2007
For those of you who have followed Giovanni's story during the last few months, today
we celebrate a GREAT day!
Giovanni Guglielmo was born on July 24, 2006 and was affected by a rare genetic
disease called NEMO. He entered the hospital in November where he remained until
today under an intensive care regimen. He underwent many highs as well as lows
throughout the process.
His family (his father is of italian heritage) started searching for a bone marrow donor.
The bone marrow drives organized by his family (one was also supported by the italian
consulate) collected over 8000 donors in the US. Unfortunately no compatible match for
Giovanni has been found, but 66 potential donors have been found for other patients.
No suitable bone marrow donors have been found, so on March 22nd a cord blood
transfusion took place. The cord blood had been donated by an unknown donor in 2002.
After many anxious weeks spent hoping that the cord blood stem cells could engraft
Giovanni, the first positive signs had been observed in April. As of today, they are
Little Giovanni's progress have been fantastic. Finally the door of Children's Hospital
opened up for Giovanni and the baby has been sent back home. Reporters from all the
Boston TV stations and a troupe from RAI International followed the event. RAI
International broadcasted the case in February, thus contributing to the media coverage
on Giovanni's case that started in Italy.
Thanks to the request of bone marrow initiated in Italy, some fellow Italians became
aware of the moving story of Giovanni. Many started an intense activity to help Giovanni
find a suitable bone marrow donor.
In Italy approximately 1000 people checked their blood for compatibility and entered the
International Bone Marrow Registry.
No one was a match for Giovanni, but one day some of these donors can potentially be
called to save a life, frequently the life of a child.
Italy has sent generous monetary donations DIRECTLY to the family. Together with the
offers from the US they helped Giovanni's family overcome the huge difficulties and the
sacrifices they had to manage months ago.
Italian solidarity touched our hearts. For little Giovanni, a meeting was organized in
which the bone marrow donation process had been presented. Moreover the first
collective bone marrow drive has been organized.
The initial goal was to try to help a single person, however soon this effort became a huge
campaign to inform people on the importance of bone marrow donation.
In the meantime, we are overjoyed for Giovanni as he walks out the hospital where he
has been restrained for months in bed and connected to feeding tubes, in his life and
death ordeal.
We all hope that the coming months are victorious and we also wish that someday he will
have the chance to visit Italy.

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