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FAQs _Frequently asked questions_ ITP-TOEFL

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					FAQs (Frequently asked questions)


1.    How can I apply for an ITP-TOEFL Test?


         during the application period.

2.    If I have any problems regarding the test application system, who should I get in touch with?

Ans      Khun Prapa, SIT Computer Specialist at telephone 0-2470-9828

         Khun Vichchuda, ELCS Secretary at telephone 0-2470-9866

3.    How many ITP-TOEFL Tests are organized in a year?

Ans      ELCS organizes the ITP-TOEFL Test six times a year: January, March, May, July, September,

         and November. Please visit ELCS website:

4.    What skills are evaluated in the ITP-TOEFL Test?

Ans      - Listening Comprehension

         - Structure and Written Expression

         - Reading Comprehension

5.    Can I submit the ITP-TOEFL Test result administered elsewhere?

Ans      Sorry, the ITP-TOEFL test taken elsewhere will not be accepted.

6.    What test and score are required for M.Sc. graduation?

Ans      The following is a list of various English tests that you can choose from

         ITP-TOEFL       not less than 500     (The information of the ITP-TOEFL can be found at ELCS
                                                website:, under ITP-TOEFL

                                                Examinee Handbook)

         TOEFL (IBT)      not less than 61

         TOEIC            not less than 700

         IELTS            not less than 5.5

7.    What test and score are required for Ph.D. graduation?

Ans      Choose either one.

         ITP-TOEFL        not less than 800

         TOEFL (IBT)      not less than 79

         TOEIC            not less than 800

         IELTS            not less than 6.5

8.    Is there any score validity date?

Ans      Yes, the test results are valid for 2 years.

9.    How much does the ITP-TOEFL Test cost?

Ans      1,050 Baht (Oct. 09)

10. What can I do after I have met the School’s English requirement?

Ans      - If you have taken the ITP-TOEFL test, collect your test score 10 days after the web

announcement of the result date. ELCS will automatically copy your test score and submit it to Khun

Aphorn, Khun Chanidapa, or Khun Mayula on your behalf. For those who have met all the School’s

requirements, you MUST also report to Khun Aphorn, Khun Chanidapa, or Khun Mayula to process

your graduation by yourself as ELCS will not do it for you.
         - If you have taken any other type of test, you must make 2 copies of your test result and

bring them together with the original test copy to ELCS first. Please sign your name to certify the 2

copies as well as writing your student I.D., field of study, and class.

      For example:                 สําเนาถูกต้ อง

                          นางสาวเปรมกมล หลวงสนาม

                            รหัส 48440621      EB 7

            ELCS will later forward the 2 copies and the original copy to Khun Aphorn, Khun

Chanidapa, or Khun Mayula. The original copy can be obtained from your Educational Services

Personnel, not from ELCS.

11. Does ELCS accept any other English test result such as TU TEP, CU GET?

Ans      No.

English Courses

1.    If I’m required by the school to improve my English proficiency within the first academic year,

      can I choose not to do it?

Ans      You can, but you must be able to obtain the English score as required by the school within

         the first academic year of your M.Sc. study. If you cannot obtain it by then, you’ll have to

         study English.

2.    What are the differences between Fun I and Fun II?

Ans      Fun I course is highly recommended for any students lacking or wanting to improve their

         knowledge of the basic grammatical rules. It is also suitable for students receiving TOEFL

         scores less than 44O.
         Fun II course is designed for M.Sc. IT students to brush up on their grammar and improve

         their knowledge of English on certain skills such as listening and reading. It provides all the

         necessary skills for undertaking the ITP-TOEFL test.

3.    What is the difference between Fun II G. 1 and Fun II G. 2?

Ans      The content of the Fun II course for both groups is the same, but the English ability of the

         students in each group is different as reflected on their English Entrance Examination scores.

4.    Are there any English courses on Sunday?

Ans      No.

5.    If the new M.Sc. IT students with English condition cannot study English courses with ELCS,

      what should they do?

Ans      They can study any English courses with any academic institutes within the first academic

         year of the M.Sc. Study. Then, they are required to submit any proof of study such as the

         receipt or the certificate to ELCS within the first academic year of the M.Sc. Study.

6.    Which institutes are recommended by ELCS?

Ans      Any English institutes run by the government universities, AUA, or British Council. Choose

         the course carefully as these courses can be pricy.

7.    If I am now studying English elsewhere, can I be exempt from the English condition?

Ans      Yes. However, you are still required to complete a graduation requirement.
8.    Do all M.Sc. students have to meet the English requirement of the school before being

      allowed to graduate?

Ans      Certainly.

9.    If the ex-students of Fun I or Fun II want to restudy any previously enrolled English courses run

      by ELCS, what should they do and will they have to pay for the course fee again?

Ans      They should send an e-mail to ELCS during the application period which will be announced on

         the ELCS website in advance. They need not pay again.

10. Can non-KMUTT students study the English courses with ELCS?

Ans      Yes, please inform ELCS of the reason why and provide the name of the person

recommending the student.


1.    What is ELCS?

Ans      ELCS is the English Language Coordinating Section of SIT that is located on the 2nd floor of the

         SIT building.

2.    Who should I turn to if I have any questions or problems regarding English?

Ans      Aj. Pat

         Aj. Rose

         Aj. John

         Aj. David

3.    How can I contact ELCS?
Ans      By e-mail or by telephone at 0-2470-9866

4.    Are there other English courses available?

Ans      Sometimes ELCS will arrange speaking courses and writing courses. Please check our news at

         the SIT and ELCS website.

5.    Will SIT allow any M.Sc. students to graduate if they cannot fulfill any single requirement

      within their 5 academic years?

Ans      Definitely not.

6.    What are all SIT’s requirements for M.Sc. graduation?

Ans      - an English score of ITP-TOEFL 500 or its equivalent

         - a comprehensive Test with a minimum score of 70

         - completed courses of each program with a G.P.A. of not less than 3.00

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