Fred Zimmerman
415 Champions View Drive Alpharetta, GA 30004
H: (770) 667-9032
M: (770) 715-5233


August 2006 to Present
Contract Positions

.NET Web application development and architecture in a variety of vertical niche applications including:
Telecommunications (IPTV), advertising/E-commerce, and health care/insurance information systems. Worked
independently, and interfaced to senior level managers, and project management leads to resolve issues, and
schedule work and prioritize deliverables.
Technologies included: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, Visual Studio.NET 2003 and
2005, SQL Server 2000 and 2005, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Javascript, CSS, Ajax,
SOAP/Web Services, Remoting, XML/XSLT, XQuery.

Client Companies (most recent, to least):
NASCO (Affiliate of: Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
Think Inc.
Moxie Interactive (Zenith Optimedia/Publicis Groupe)
ATT/Cingular (formerly Bell South)

Web application design, and development in upgrading claims health insurance account claims entry
application. Involved reverse engineering, and analysis of existing code and database schema to remediate
incomplete application and system design and code flaws.

Development of E-Commerce shopping cart functionality and pages for major telecommunications client.
Involved design, and architecture for this functionality on the back-end, along with coding and testing the
application pages, and database functionality.

At advertising client, lead effort in re-architecting (business process and software design around application
portfolio). Involved optimizing code libraries and overall web application architecture, company-wide. Helped
on re-write of core .NET libraries, and some new work on advertising campaign metrics and reporting
application. Process documentation for Information Technology department-wide suite of enterprise
applications developed with Microsoft .NET toolset.

Working in small team of architect/developers to build a variety of pre-release IPTV streaming video, and set top
box applications for standard and HDTV devices. Portfolio of applications include: MyCast (DVR, and on-
demand video archival downloads); XM Satellite audiocasts archival and retrieval; Yellow Pages with
interactive video; interactive real-time weather forecasts with video feeds, radar, and satellite images; click-
stream marketing data collection to RDBMS reporting back-end.

July 2005 to August 2006
MDA Mindbox Inc., Roswell GA (,

.NET Architect
Software and consulting and services company focused on financial services industry, delivering sophisticated
decisioning systems using award winning rule and case-based reasoning software. Mindbox was purchased by
MDA Corp. in January 2006. MDA is a 2,700 person global company with multi-billion $ in revenues.

Designed, built, and maintained web-based portals for front-end, and middle-tier, and back-end processing of
mortgage processing applications on several customer projects. Also designed and built a variety of data
porting, and transmittal applications, utilizing web services. .NET, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET,
Javascript, CSS, SQL Server 2000, Web Services, XML/XSL/DTD.
October 2004 to June 2005
Contract Project Work, Atlanta, GA

Communique Xpert Messaging: Pre-startup VoIP software services company. Role entailed software product,
and project management responsibilities. Wrote functional specification, and high-level test documentation.
Implemented collaborative, virtual workspace utilizing Groove Virtual Office software. Troubleshooting of
telephony data center equipment, and software through communication, and post-mortem analysis of trouble
issues with Level(3) sales engineering staff. MS-Project, Groove Virtual Office v.3.1, PhP 4, PostgreSQL.

October 2004 to June 2005
Contract Project Work, Atlanta, GA

Transcend Services: Re-architected, and re-built sections of the automated billing system for medical client
facilities. Wrote sections of document processing MLS transcription application. Visual Basic 6, VBA,
SQL Server 2000, COM, MSMQ, XML/XSL.

T-Mobile: Designed and built of sections of public internet site, and authenticated customer internet site for
California Bill of Rights legislative changes, customer disclaimer information. Website encompassed ASP, and
ASP.NET based page files. Involved coding in: ASP/ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, DHTML, Javascript, CSS.

November 2002 to March 2004 (Volunteer)
Take A Swing At Cancer (American Cancer Society affiliate organization)

Worked on fluid team of 15-18 volunteers building, and administering a charity website for fund-raising, and
community building. I helped to build chat, and email functions of site. Developed customized scheduling
control to allow users to enter date-based data from calendar interface. Chat, email, and custom calendar control
built in C#. Helped design, and build portal-based architecture for site. Microsoft .NET Framework on
Windows 2000 platform: C#, ASP.Net, VB.NET, IIS, and SQL Server 2000.

October 2002 to September 2004
Dept. of the Navy - Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Detachment, Boston, MA (

Project Manager/Senior Software Architect
Phase I (Oct 02 to Feb 03):
Designed, and built internet based worldwide Service Craft procurement application. Database architecture and
design for back-end data warehouse for application. Complex, custom interface with high degree of interactivity,
and browser compatibility built in. Had to meet very strict U.S. Military security, protocols, and data integrity.
Utilized Microsoft Visio for data design, and architecture; reversed engineered existing D.o.D. Oracle data
warehouse utilized by application. Ported large portions of remote Oracle database to SQL Server 6.5 back-end
database. Cold Fusion 4.5, Perl, Javascript, Oracle 8i, SQL Server 6.5, Visio 2000, Visual SourceSafe 6.0.

October 2002 to September 2004
Dept. of the Navy - Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Detachment, Boston, MA (

Senior Client/Server Applications Architect
Phase II (Mar 03 to September 2004):
Responsible for design, maintenance, and enhancement to in-house IT, and engineering workflow applications.
Major application was enterprise-wide client/server application for management, and data storage of service craft
drawings (vector, and bitmap files), and drawing data. Interface to NTFS, and other file storage APIs. First, and
second tier of application is Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8.0; back-end consists of both VFP, and SQL Server 6.5
databases. Added web interface, and functionality to drawing generation application written in Visual Basic 6.
Added Microsoft Project file export functionality to enterprise Drawing generation, and data application;
involved building custom .DLL in VB6. Visual FoxPro 8.0, SQL Server 6.5, Oracle 8, Visual Basic 6.0, Cold
Fusion, Javascript, Visio 2000, Visual SourceSafe 6.0.
April 2002 to September 2002
Leading Indicator Systems Inc., Lexington, MA (

Senior Web Architect Lead/Project Manager/Customer Technical Liaison
Re-architected web platform application for survey taking and data analysis for client Yum! Brands (Fortune 500
company HQ in Louisville with KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and several soft drink products). Involved overhaul
of client-side Javascript, and server-side ASP with custom .DLLs that ran on IIS web server. ASP 3.0,
Javascript, VBA, VB6, COM, SQL Server 2000, IIS 5.0, Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
Yum! Project was 6 to 9 months overdue, and my efforts, both with application, and in communications with
client, helped rescue project, and client for company (largest revenue client).
Leading Indicator Systems is a very small post-startup company handling a variety of small and large clients
survey and assessment applications needs. Clients include: Seibel Systems, Time Warner, Polaroid, Verizon,
Keane, Yum! Brands.

November 2001 to March 2002
ProvisionSoft Inc. (Div. of CMGI), Andover, MA (

Chief Web Architect
Architected, designed, and coded full-featured internet site. Worked in a team of two people over ten
week period to help deliver web presence. Included web mastering, and database administration:
IIS 5.0, MS-Access 2000, SQL Server 7.0, DHTML, Active Server Pages 3.0, Javascript, VBScript, Perl.

April 2001 to June 2001
EMC Corp., Hopkinton, MA (

Senior Web Developer/Database Architect
Designed and coded intranet application to manufacturing database conversion validation tool. Involved data
validation, and data scrubbing of databases converted from legacy applications and new systems. Old
systems: AS/400 CMS, MacPac; new systems: Oracle Manufacturing, and Windchill 4.0. Web application
written for Win2000/IIS with ASP. Extensive coding of Oracle 8i PL-SQL procedures and embedded SQL with
ADO. Performed Webmaster duties for iPlanet app server, executing up-time monitoring, and performance
monitoring functions.
October 1985 to March March 2001
Contract Consulting Clients included:

        Intel, Beaverton OR
        Digital Equipment Corp (DEC)/Compaq Computer, Marlborough and Boston MA
        NEC, Southborough MA
        Lotus Development/IBM, Cambridge MA
        Kronos Inc, Waltham MA
        Sprint, Marietta GA
        Verizon, Worcester MA
        Fidelity Investments, Boston MA
        Wellington Management, Inc., Boston MA
        Thomson Financial Services, Boston, MA
        Boston Partners Asset Management, L.P., Boston, MA
        State Street Bank, Boston MA
        Bank Boston, Boston MA
        Fleet Bank, Boston MA
        Concentra Managed Care, Waltham MA
        Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Information Technology Division, Boston, MA
        Harvard University Medical School, Boston MA
        Optiant Inc, Somerville, MA
        Webhire Inc, Lexington MA
        Family Education Company, Boston MA
        Lojack Inc, Dedham MA
        Systems Engineering Corp, Waltham, MA
        Bronner, Slossberg, Humphrey Advertising, Boston, MA

Vertical Applications:
         Financial (Mutual Funds, Bond trading, Securities monitoring, Auditing), Banking, Insurance
         Manufacturing (CAD/CAM, inventory, accounting, supply chain)
         Software products, Hardware and firmware products
         Medical (patient data, records management, scheduling, insurance handling and billing)
         Government (State: insurance board, licensing, state-wide programs management;
                      Federal: D.o.D. Dept. of Navy – Worldwide Service Craft Management).
         Education (K-12)
         Advertising/Public Relations
         Human Resources (Employee compensation and scheduling/accounting; recruiting and staffing)


    2006 – Present: University of Georgia at Athens, coursework towards M.E.D. in Instructional Design

    1982 to 1996: Extensive post-graduate coursework from several universities, and professional
                  technical training organizations, including:

                 University of Massachusetts, Boston MA
                 Northeastern University, Boston MA
                 Harvard University, Cambridge MA
                 Georgia State University, Atlanta GA
                 Portland State University, Portland OR

    Coursework: Microsoft (.NET), and Novell Certification, Systems Analysis, Compiler Design,
    Discrete Mathematics, Advanced Data Structures, Advanced Machine Architecture (Assembler),
    C++, Pascal, Fortran, Cobol, RPG, Macintosh programming, Technical Writing/Communications.

    1981 Business Administration - University of Connecticut, Storrs CT

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