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                                 Sample Certificate of Inspection Letter

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Public Works Plans Review Services
201 West Colfax, Room 2.H.10, Dept. 202
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720-865-2782, Fax: 720-865-3281

RE: Certificate of Inspection for: (Project Name/Address)________________________
    Type of Project:                     (Private Storm Sewer/Detention Ponds, etc)______________
    Company Job Number:                  (Optional)_________________________________
    PW DES Project #                     ________________________________________

I, ___________, a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado, PE No. __________, in
accordance with Sections 5.3 of the Bylaws and Rules of the State Board of Registration for Professional
Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors, do hereby certify that I performed or supervised construction
observation at all times construction operations took place for the following: (Check all that apply)

    Private Storm Sewers Grading                            Site Grading                                 Detention/Retention Pond
                                                                                                 (See attached Pond Volume Certification)

    Public Storm Sewers                                     Outlet Structures                             Private Sanitary Sewers

    Public Sanitary Sewers                                  Storm Drainage Features                       Water Quality Features

Based on field inspections/observations, it is my professional opinion that all work has been installed and
is in substantial compliance with PW WMD Specifications, the approved Construction Drawings, and the
Grading Plan. The As-Built drawings included accurately depict the final installation of the storm drainage
and/or sewer system.


Engineer’s Signature
P.E. Stamp/date

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