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									Accelerated Intermediate
Mrs. Albiniak - Spring 2008
Unit I—Responding to Nonfiction
Unit II—Responding to Memoir, Night

      Monday                    Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday                    Friday
                       Jan. 8                9    LATE ARRIVAL     10                       11

                       Introduce course,     Goal setting          Continue                 Diagram nf/fiction
                       likes/ dislikes                             nonfiction/fiction
                                             What is nonfiction?   show and tell            Discuss similarities/
                                                                   Review of annotation
                       HW: nonfiction show   Nonfiction show
                       and tell and          and tell, how we      HW: Read “Silent
                                             use nf in our lives   Spring” and
                                                                   “Thanksgiving Hunter.”
                                                                   Venn diagram
14                     15                    16                    17                       18   Half-Day

Spelling pre-test #1   Taking a stand:       Documenting using     Counselor Visit          Spelling quiz #1
How to read and        creating a thesis     one source
annotate nonfiction    sentence and                                Writing Center:          Editing with peers
                       having arguments      Grammar: fixing       argument writing
HW: Read article       to support            run-on sentences                               Distribute
packet                                                                                      vocabulary list #1
21                     22                    23                    24                       25

     NO SCHOOL:        Argument essay        Report out to         Go over vocabulary       Connections
      MLK DAY          due—submitted to      groups                list #1                  continued...
                       Annotating 101        Discuss beginning
                                                                   connections              HW: finish Night
                       Holocaust pre-        HW: Read pgs. 1-46
                       reading in WC         of Night              HW: Read 45-84
28                     29                    30                    31                       Feb. 1
                                                                   Spelling pre-test #2
                       Vocabulary Quiz #1    Night reading quiz                             significance of
Annotation check                                                   Thesis sentence:         quotes/examples
                       Finish video          Introduce paper       breaking down a
Begin Oprah video                                                  topic                    HW: find support for
                                             Begin brainstorming                            paper, complete pre-
                       Discuss final ideas                         HW: create thesis,       writing
                       from Night                                  subtopics
4                      5                     6                     7                        8
                                             Spelling quiz #2
Effectiveness of                                                   Rough drafts due!        Class critiques
intros, conclusions    Drafting/             LATE ARRIVAL          Self/ peer critiquing
                       conferencing in WC    Grammar lesson:
HW: write an intro                           active/passive
paragraph, bring to                          voice
11                     12
                       Night essay due: be
Edit, conference,      sure to submit to
revising     !
                       Distribute vocab. #2
                       Present connections

Accelerated Intermediate
Mrs. Albiniak, Spring 2008
Unit III—Responding to Reportage
Krakauer, Into Thin Air

      Monday                 Tuesday              Wednesday               Thursday               Friday
                                              Feb. 13                14                   15

                                              Everest KWL            finish video         Intro theme charts,
                                              Begin video            go over vocabulary   study guide
                                                                                          HW: Ch. 1, 2
18                     19                     20                     21                   22

NO SCHOOL:             How well did you       Vocabulary quiz #2     Introduce theme      Spelling pre-test #3
PRESIDENTS DAY         read and annotate      Re-create how          groups, theme work   Discuss opening
                       Ch. 1,2?               altitude climbing                           thoughts of the
                                              feels on your body                          book
                       HW: Ch. 3, 4                                  HW: Ch. 7, 8
                                              HW: Ch. 5,6                                 HW: Ch. 9, 10
25                     26                     27                     28                   29

Altitude sickness      Role of religion,      Theme group work       Spelling quiz #3     NO SCHOOL:
                       Buddhism in the                               Summit day 3D        COUNTY INSTITUTE
HW: Ch. 11, 12         Everest climb          HW: Ch. 15             map of elevations    DAY

                       HW: Ch. 13, 14                                HW: 16, 17
March 3                4                      5                      6                    7

Distribute             Beck Weathers          Begin summit day       finish summit day    Vocabulary quiz #3
vocabulary list #3     interview              timelines              timelines
                                                                                          Read epilogue
Complications of                              Go over vocabulary                          aloud, discuss final
the summit day                                words                                       thoughts on book
                       HW: Ch. 20, 21
HW: Ch. 18, 19
10                     11                     12 LATE ARRIVAL        13                   14

final theme group      ITA Reading quiz       Discuss impromptu      NO SCHOOL:           NO SCHOOL:
meetings               Annotation check       writing techniques     PARENT/ TEACHER      PARENT/ TEACHER
                                              Score samples          CONFERENCES          CONFERENCES
17                     18                     19                     20                   21

Impromptu #1           Score samples,         Small group scoring,   Return impromptu     NO SCHOOL
(worth 12 points)      discuss                discuss class essays   #1
                                                                     Impromptu #2
                                                                     (worth 30 points)
24                     25                     26                     27                   28

Spelling pre-test #4   Continue working       Have working topic     Spelling quiz #4     NO SCHOOL: STAFF
                       on topic selection…    idea: asking           Researching topic    DEVELOPMENT
Introduce RAL,                                questions to elicit    development sheet
brainstorm topics                             research              due at the end of
                                                                    the hour!
                                              presentation by LRC   potentially set up
                                              staff                 interviews
Accelerated Intermediate Composition
Mrs. Albiniak, Spring 2008
Unit IV—Reporter-at-Large

         Monday             Tuesday                Wednesday             Thursday                Friday
Apr. 7               8                        9                     10                   11

Interviewing 101     Researching:             How to write good     Have vocab words     Interviews
Distribute           Writing Center           questions, take       defined              scheduled:
Vocabulary #4                                 interview notes                            interviewee sheet
                                                                    Researching:         due!
                                                                    CAI Lab              7 print sources due!
                                                                                         Weeding out good
                                                                                         and bad sources
14                   15                       16 LATE ARRIVAL       17                   18

Vocabulary Quiz #4   Spelling pre-test #5     Quoting vs.           Work on outlines     Interviews due
Establishing a       How to use sources       paraphrasing day                           Outlines due: for full
preliminary          Quoting vs.              #2                                         credit, you must
focus/thesis         paraphrasing day                                                    have your sources
                     #1                                                                  documented in
                                                                                         your outline
21                   22                       23                    24                   25

Rough drafting       Spelling quiz #5         No Classes: PSAE      No Classes: PSAE     Completed rough
Writing Center       proper works cited       testing               testing              drafts due:
                     pages, MLA                                                          --all sources
                     formatting                                                          included
                                                                                         --all paragraphs
                                                                                         --works cited page
                                                                                         --rough draft
                                                                                         submitted to
                                                                                         checked for

                                                                                         Initial peer/self
28                   29                       30                    May 1                2

Effective            Lesson: comma            Class samples for     Edit, conference,    RAL Essays due
conclusions,         usages, clauses, -       critiquing            revising day         See essay checklist
continue editing     ing phrases,                                                        for what to turn in
                     adjectives in a                                                     with the essay
                     series                                                              Distribute
                                                                                         Vocabulary #5
                     Distribute final draft                                              Intro Shakespeare,
                     turn in information                                                 Macbeth
Accelerated Intermediate Composition
Mrs. Albiniak, Spring 2008
Unit V: Shakespeare, Macbeth

       Monday              Tuesday                Wednesday               Thursday            Friday
5                    6                      7                       8                   9
Distribute Macbeth   Go over vocab.             LATE ARRIVAL        Introduce CRT            HALF DAY
books; begin Act I   words                       Discuss Act II
HW: finish Act I,    Discuss Act I          HW: Act III; activity                       Vocabulary Quiz #5
activity             HW: Act II; activity   for 5/19
                                                                                        HW: Prepare for CRT
12                   13                     14                      15                  16
CRT                  CRT                    CRT                     CRT                 CRT
                                                                                        HW: Read Act II;
19                   20                     21                      22
Discuss Act III      Discuss Macbeth        Macbeth unit test       Final exams begin
HW: Act IV, V;       overall

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