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					To the airport “Falcone-Borsellino” (Punta Raisi) Palermo.

The airport’s zone is different from the departures zone, because in this moment they are
restructuring our airport.

Three possibilities:
(you can see the mape in the following page)
1. By Bus. You can take the Bus "Prestia & Comande", it goes directly in the city centre and the
last stop is the railway Station in Palermo. You should go down to there. The people that will go to
the Hotel Elena will find it really close to the stop of the Bus. Those that will go to the Hotel
Archirafi will have to make 100 meters along the Street Lincoln on foot, it is extremely close to.

2. By Train-Metro. You can take the train-metro that connects the airport to the city, hardly exits
you have to take a shuttle (free) that brings you to the station of the airport. The train-metro stops to
the railway Station. Just gone out of the station railway turn to your right the Hotel Elena and there
is later immediately the Street Lincoln and therefore the Hotel Archirafi to 100 meters.

3. By Taxi. The cost of the Taxi                         is   of   38     Euro    (max     4    people).
"Cooperativa Trinacria" Airport 091 591662.

You recommend profits.
I recommend you to make attention for your purses. There could be above some thieves in the
evening, but this zone is very checked.

Possible climatic conditions
I recommend you to bring your trip umbrella.
The temperatures can be between 8-10 degrees and 15-18 degrees.
You can consult the following site to have some useful information:

BUS ("Prestia & Comande") Palermo-Airport “Falcone-Borsellino” (Punta Raisi)
                                PRESTIA & COMANDÈ TEL.091.580457

Palermo to Airport: every half time by the 5.00 of the morning at the 23.00

Run and Stops: Palermo Terminal Stazione Centrale (Railway Station) “Hotel Elena” - Via E.
Amari (porto) - Politeama- Via Libertà (agenzia SAIS TOURS) - Via Libertà (Angolo Viale
Lazio) - Via Croce Rossa (angolo p.zza De Gasperi) - Via Belgio - Aeroporto

Airport to Palermo: every half time by the 6.30 of the morning at the 24.00 – And' guaranteed
the coincidence with the last national flight of the evening.

The run has a duration of around 50' minutes with departure from the central station in Palermo,
or of 35 minutes in the case of departure from the “Politeama” theater .

                                  Train-Metro Airport-Palermo

                TRAIN T RINACRIA EXPRESS         BY PALERMO C.LE 4.45; 5.20; 6.10;
                DURATION AROUND 45 MIN.          7.10; 8.10; 9.10; 10.10; 11.10;
                AIRPORT -PALERMO STAZIONE        12.10; 13.10; 14.10; 15.10; 16.10;
                CENTRALE (RAILWAY STATION)       17.10; 18.10; 19.10; 20.10; 21.10;
                PALERMO-AIRPORT (BY THE 4.45 AT
                THE 21.40) AND AIRPORT -PALERMO BY AIRPORT 0.05; 5.40; 6.10; 7.40;
                (BY 5.40 AT THE 0.05)           8.40; 9.40; 10.40; 11.40; 12.40;
                                                13.40; 14.40; 15.40; 16.40; 17.40;
                 €. 4.13                        18.40; 19.40; 20.40; 21.40; 22.40.


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