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									                                    Arckeo Bike
             (Travel by bicycle through the history of the Etruscans)
This mountain bike path extends throughout the Maremma Etrusca touching all most important
sites under the cultural and natural aspect.
The physical effort in which the participants are subjected will be greatly rewarded visiting the
extraordinary landscapes of breathtaking beauties that will open itselfs in front of their eyes.
The territory isn’t a significant elevation, it doesn’t present long and intense ways uphill. It’s
contrary. This territory is characterized by large valleys that give countless ups and down. this is
the reason why the daily routes are carefully studied in mileage and in the level of difficulty in
order to keep it always in a level with a medium difficulty. The whole Arckeo Bike route is approx.
235 km divided into 5 steps to go in 7 days.

1° Day
Arrival at Poggio Nebbia Farm in the afternoon. The guests will be welcomed with an aperitif, then
the group will be shown their accommodations. Dinner in the farmhouse.

2° Day
1° percorso Km. 35
After breakfast departure on the path of the old rail in direction to the ruins of “Cencelle”, an
ancient settlement built by the people of Civitavecchia to escape attacks from Saracen. Visit of the
ruins and departure to the church of the Farnesiana, an ancient cathedral in a flaming Gothic-style.
Following the old railroad we’ll arrive at the oldest prehistoric settlement of the region Lazio that
is called “Luni sul Mignone”. Lunch will be consumed at the foot of the source of Luni, where is a
camp organised by the comune of Blera. Return to the farm through the magnificent scenery along
the banks of the river Mignone.
A welcoming heated Jacuzzi will be available for a pleasant time to relax before dinner.

3° Day
2° percorso km. 50
After breakfast departure crossing the splendid valleys of the “Monti della Tolfa“ (mountains of
Tolfa), to arrive at Blera for a visit of etruscan archaeological and medieval sites of S. Giovenale.
This site of big historical interest had a very strategic position in the way of communication
between the territory “Longobardo” and “Stato Pontificio” to protect the "Guado di Viterbo”.
Continuing this ancient street, we’ll arrive in the city of Blera, at the necropoli “Pian del Vescovo“
in the ancient “Tagliate“ consular road “Clodia“.
After lunch that is organised in one of the camps, we’ll go on crossing the “Valli del Biedano“, at
time of “Parco Marturanum” in the comune of Barbarano Romano, where we’ll finish our visit.
We’ll part in direction to the hotel “Da Beccone” where we’ll stay for dinner and spend the night.

4° Day
3° percorso km. 50
After breakfast departure in direction to north on the ancient costum street till we arrive at the
archaeological site of Norchia, an extraordinary city, with its architecture good conservated,
represents one of the most tangible testimony of the “Necropoli Rupestri“. Also Norchia is
situated at the disused road Consolare Clodia and at this point is the longest, “Tagliata Etrusca”,
length approx. 400 meters. We’ll pass in its inside to arrive at the castle of “Roccadespampani” in
the territori of Tuscanica. After lunch we’ll visit the medieval village of the city before we continue
our journey to Farnese where we’re expected for dinner and the overnight stay.

5° Day
4° percorso km. 35
After breakfast departure for the most intense route in the meaning of difficulty and in the
meaning of landscape beauties. We’ll start the route crossing the “Selva del Lamone“, to the trail
of the bandit Tiburzi and his compare, derived from an uncountable amount of boulder left there
as a result of a vulcanic explosion until you reach the city of “Castro“, the capital of the ancient
Ducato owned by the family Farnese, of 1500, where are still visible the remains of architectural
renaissance palaces built by Sangallo and dal Vignola.
This magnificent city was razed to the ground for vengeance by the cardinal Innocenzo X.
The route continues in a landscape of rare beauty along the river Fiora, up to the “Romitorio di
PoggioConte”, ancient monastery of the 1300 where the monks isolate theirself from the rest of
the world. It’s very possible that the participants of the tour will try the strongest emotions of the
whole trip by seeing this magnificent site. This romitorio completely dug into the tufa, still
perfectly intact, frescoes and relief. The route goes along the river Fiora. Exceeded Ponte S. Peter,
we’ll leave the territory of the Lazio region and enter into Tuscany where we’ll rise about 4km a
gentle slope to get to the town of Manciano and Saturnia where the fatigue of the travel will be
taken away by a never-ending bath in the pools of sulphurous water.
Departure for our hotel where we’ll spend the night and where we’ll consume our dinner.

6° Day
5° percorso km. 65
After breakfast departure for what will be the return path, which winds in the typical landscape of
the Maremma. First stage “Ponte dell’Abadia”, at the ancient castle of Vulci, where over admiring
the treasures enclosed in the castle, first among all the splendid Etruscan tombs of Francoise, will
it be possible to take a bath in the fresh water of the river Fiora which at the toll, by origin was a
striking waterfall.
Continuing cross the paths and mule tracks of the medieval, we’ll arrive at Tarquinia in the centre
of the Roccaccia. The Roccaccia is a splendid farm of the Agraria-University, where we’ll
accompanied by maremma cowboys called “Butteri” stay for a tipical lunch in maremma style
before we’ll take the street that will bring us back to the farmhouse .
Arrived in the farm, the group will have a bit of time to relax itself, before we’ll meet for dinner.
Spend the night in the farm.

7° Day
Free day to rest, to go shopping o to make part at one of our offers at the farm.
Last dinner where we’ll see all the pictures made during your stay on a big screen. Last but not
least all the group will receive a diploma about the participation at Arckeo Bike Tour.

8° Day
Breakfast followed of last greetings, and departure.
The package includes:
   - nights with breakfast
   - lunches
   - dinner
   - Bike-Tour guide
   - Translator (english/italian)
   - Assistents in car to follow the group during the whole tour
   - Transfers of the groups loggage to every place where you’ll spend the
   - Use of bicycle
   - Entrance to museums and archaeological sites

The package not includes:
   Meals or activities on your freeday (Friday)
   The package don’t provides what’s not specifically listed.

                    Cost of the package € 1.350,00 per person

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