Demons are a form of ascension gained by those who are evil at heart and have
ascended to the third level of Power as decreed by Universal Law. To ascend to this
level has a great cost. First of all the PC in effect hands over his Soul to the Demonic
winds and becomes a creature of great power and might. Demons are soul dealers by
nature and gain many powers because of this.

They are however a number of strong weaknesses a Demon is subject too. First, a
demon can be turned or controlled by a priest against the special category of the turn
undead table. Secondly a Demon is hunted by many different professions and cultures
for the souls they harvest and keep. These people are known as soul suckers and are
nearly immune to all of the Demons soul attacks. Thirdly there are those who deal in
souls and have powers that can control, banish and even kill demons and their kind.
These are known as Soul mages and there presence can be extremely unnerving to
demons and their kin.

There are two nations of demons, these are the Baazaatu and the Tanari. A Baazaatu is
a demon of the nine hells. Here the ninth hell is chaos incognito. Great burning pits of
larva suround huge volcanoes who never end erupting. It is in this fire that the
Baazaatu burn the souls they gather in their forges and ritual pits. A Baazaatu demon
and its culture is based on survival of the fittest and constant warring. When they are
not fighting each other they are joined under the command of a arch-demon lord and
are sent off on a unholy war against one of the lesser races or against the Tanari in the
blood war.

The Tanari on the other hand are sly, devious and tactical. They live in the abyss and
rule over it’s 666 levels. Like the Baazaatu the Tanari constantly battle against each
other. They live in fiefdoms on the dark planes of the abyss and give themsleves noble
titles. Their battles are fought for recognition and shows of force and are designed to
put enemies off rather than total destruction. PC’s play Tanari


There are several ancient recognised forms that demons use to walk the planes. As a
Tanari’s soul is given over in payment, his/her life energy becomes a recepticle which
can enter demonic forms. These forms have been created with soul energy and bestow
great powers upon the demon who possess them. Each form is designed for a reason
and when a demon becomes truly powerful and is bestowed a “Shadow” he can create
demon forms himself.

Demon forms usual have four special powers. These are:-

1. The Ability to cast spells through soul Magic.

This is where a demon uses a number of souls equal to twice a spells level to cast that
spell. Note, that this is any spell from either priest or mage schools and the demon
does not need a spell book.
2. The Ability to assume two forms. A minor and greater form.

This is where the demon has two forms. The lesser form looks like a normal lesser
race being, where as a greater form is the revealing of ones true and can usually be
terrifying in sight.

3. The Link with the higher planes.

As a demon has sold on their soul they are no longer linked with the Prime Material
Plane and so have a natural feeling with their chosen plane. This ability usual means
that the demon player can transport themselves at will to their higher plane, and visa

4. Soul Dealing

A Demon may clock up souls of those he kills and keep them to bestow powers upon
others and himself. This is called soul dealing and comes natural to all demons.

Some really powerful demons can create more than one form to ensure that if they are
destroyed they can always have a new form to goto. If all of the demons forms are
destroyed then the demon appears on the prime material plane as a the character he
was before he became a demon. In effect he is knocked down the ladder of power.


Cross breeds or dark breeds are the result of a demon giving souls to animals and
humans. They are enhanced by the energy given off by the souls they are given, but
they change mentally and physically into something dark and malevelent. Any mortal
given soul energy is classed as being a dark breed.

Dark breeds cannot be turned or banished like normal demons, they can however be
killed by mortal weapons and are not immortal like their creators.

Souls given to a PC darkbreed can do one of three things –

The Shining.

The shining gives the character either a spell like ability or a ability similar in the
creation of forms (such as wings). These soul costs are the same as their costs in both
the soul magic casting and the forms table.

The Ascension

The ascension is where the character uses souls to gain levels. A number of souls
equal to the characters next level times 10 are required to go up one level at a time.
The Enchantment

The enchantment is where a character uses the energy of souls to increase their
attributes. These rules work along the same lines of the wish spells. A character can
use 1 souls per 1 point of attribute until he reaches 16 in that attribute, where upon
any advancement beyond costs 10 souls per 1 point.

Dark breeds are used by the demon lords as soldiers and warriors to fill the numbers
in their great armies. There are dark breed generals who have been gifted by their
leaders so much that they hardly look human anymore.


Half Breeds is the generic term for those in the steps of power that half link
themselves with the power of demons. There are 4 types of Half Breed.

These are:-

Soul Mage

A Soul mage is a dealer in souls and is a cross between the demonic soul dealing side
of a demon and a priestly human. They have the ability to use souls as bargaining
chips in dealing with higher beings and also have very powerful powers over demonic


Some demons choose to be a half breed and possess the body of great warriors or
creatures of power. By doing this they lose a lot of their own forms abilities but gain
the powers of the creature they have possessed. A demon that does this must spend an
initial cost of 100 souls times the level of the creature they want to possess. The
creature then makes a saving throw vs death magic, if he fails the demon takes over, if
he makes it then the demon loses the souls and is sent back to his form.

A demon who has possessed somebody has the ability of teleportation and soul magic.
He can however be excorsised by either a soul mage or a priest by rolling on the turn
undead table under the special category.


It is possible for a demon lord to have a body of worshipers. These worshipers bestow
a special power on the demon called the shadow (see later). Cultists can gain powers
from their demon lord through sacrifice. This is usually through the killing of souls
devoted to the demon lord or through the sacrifice of hit points. These sacrifices are
done through three levels of power. These powers and their sacrifices are shown on
the following table.
POWER LEVEL –1 initiate

1-15 hp = Information given
16- 25 hp = Minor Power
26 – 40hp = Major Power
50+ hp = Demon sends Forces
100+ hp = Demon directly aids

POWER LEVEL – 2 Greater Worshiper

1-15 hp = Answers given & information given
16 – 25 hp = Minor powers
26 – 40 hp = Major Powers
50+ hp = Demon sends greater forces
100+ hp = Demon directly aids

POWER LEVEL – 3 Messiah

1-15 hp = Major Powers bestowed
16 – 25 hp = Demons sends forces
26 – 40 hp = Demon sends greater forces
50+ hp = Demon directly aids
100+ hp = Demon is summoned

Souls –
1-5 souls :- Information from the demon is bestowed
6-10 souls :- A aid is assigned to the worshipper
11-20 souls :- A gift is given
21-30 souls :- A power is given (cultist becomes a cross breed with shining powers)
31-50 souls :- A greater gift is given
51-75 souls:- Path to Ascension is offered
76-100 Souls:- Ascension is offered

Demon Dead

Demon dead are probably the most powerful of the half breeds. Through the plane of
negative forces a undead pc can bind his soul to negativity and effectively feed the
fires of damnation with his own soul energies. This means that the pc still remains a
undead but gains some of the powers of the demon kind.

The pc must choose between disadvantages of the undead kind and the disadvantages
of their demonic kind and then match these against the advantages of the dead and
demonic. These are in addition to his existing undead powers A common list lies

Each disadvantage is displayed with a points rating. Once these points have been
totalled up the pc may buy the powers of his demon dead character.
Undead Disadvantages

Any Light Kills – 20 pts
Any light Hurts- 10 pts
Sunlight Kills – 10 pts
Sunlight Hurts – 5 pts
Cannot Pass over water – 10 pts
Stake through heart paralyse – 5 pts
Holy symbols hurt – 10 pts
Holy Items Hurt – 2 pt’s / item
Ressurection spells kill – 5 pts
Fire causes double damage – 15 pts
Needs a Coffin to Regenerate – 10 pts
Destruction of original body or source kills character – 15 pts
One item holds PC’s soul – 10 pts
May not walk on Holy ground – 10 pts
Needs blood/soul to survive – 10 pts
Undead Artifact Consumed– 15 pts each

Demonic Advantages

Higher Planner Link – 50 pts / plane
Soul Magic – 20 pts / School
Dual Form – 25 pts
Soul Dealer – 100 pts
Spawn* - 70 pts

* This gift allows the demon dead to re-create his breed. Normally undead are able to
create others of their kind. These new undead mimic the powes of their sire only in
lesser from until they grow more powerful. The spawn power enables the pc to create
other demon dead like himself.


Abyssal demons are given their power through the nexus. The nexus is a dark evil
being who trades the souls of the very powerful so they can take on one of the
universal forms of abyssal demon. A characters Hit Dice at the time of ascension
determines his soul tally for the demonic form he takes on.
HD X 10 = soul tally

Some demons either ascend to the Abyss where they become Demonic lords or
become so powerful they are worshipped. When this happens a demon gains a
shadow. A demonic shadow is a spiritually guide who represents the demons
worshipers or demonic land. It resembles the demon in all forms shapes and speaks to
the demon telling him of what his worshipers think and what his land can do.
A shadow can also watch or spy for the demon as long as it is in a area owned and
classed as being demonic home ground. Shadows also represent the power link
between worshipers and their lords. This means that when worshipers sacrifice their
hit points it is the shadow that automatically aids them in the hour of need.

These greater demons have three more abilities that set them apart from the rest of
demonic kind.

First these greater demons can create dark breeds by giving souls to mortals below
them. This means a demon lord can selectively bestow gifts upon his followers or

Second a greater demon can use his/her souls to deal with much higher beings than
the normal mortals. These beings are called Patrons and have a vestige interest in the
demons survival as they gain souls in return for gifts. There is no limits to the mount
of patrons a demonic character may deal with.

Third and probably most powerful of these three advantages is that a demon with a
shadow may gain the Form Building ability. The forms a greater demon makes may
be used for either himself or as a recepticle for his followers to “ascend” into when
they become demons themselves. The nexus does not mind this as it still receives the
worshipers soul.

Demon form building requires skill and souls. Once the total souls have been spent on
creating the form that’s how much souls are needed for a mortal or demon to ascend
into that form.

These features of a form can also be given as gifts to mortals allowing them to have
special abilities without being demonic in nature.
         Feature                                Notes                   Soul Cost
Attribute 1d6                This is the roll for that attribute     2 / dice
Attribute +                  This is a modifier for an Attribute     2 / +1
Leg                          Describe leg                            5/ Leg
Arm                          Describe arm                            5/ arm
Head                         Describe head                           6/ head
Tail                         Describe tail                           3/ tail
Natural weapon               Attached to each appendage – 1d6 dam    2/ weapon
Jagged natural weapon         1d8 damage                             4/ weapon
Heated natural weapon        1d10 damage                             6/ weapon
Mega natural weapon          1d12 damage                             8/ weapon
Giga natural weapon          1d20 damage                             10/ weapon
Super Natural aura           All claws and body weapons gain magic   5/ +1
Armoured hide                Gives a better AC                       3/ +1 AC
Spell Like Ability           Body has spell like abilities           Spell Lv X 10
Tenticle                     Tenticles                               2/1ft long
Spawn Armour                 Special regenerative armour 5hp/rd      10/ HP
Chains of Hell               Chains that you control                 4/ 1ft long
Gliding Membrane             Glide – 6 MC - D                        5
Standard Wings               Fly – 12 Hold Max Press                 10
Speed Wings                  Fly – 24 Hold Max Press                 15
Draconic Wings               Fly – 36 Hold Max Press – Also lock     20
Demonic Wing Bones           Max Press mulitplyer                    10/ X1
Streamlined structure        Movement Class in air – K to A          4/ grade
Soul Magic                   Power of soul magic *                   50
Planner Link                 Power of planner teleportation *        50
Dual Form                    2 forms *                               50
Enhanced Sense               Choose a sense and it becomes better    5
Night vision                 See perfect in natural darkness         10
Infravision                  As normal                               2 / 10 feet
Shadow Walk*                 Walk from Shadow to Shadow - LOS        15
Weapon Knowledge             Is proficient with all weapons          25
Weapon Expert*               Is Specialised with all weapons         50
Command power*               Has command over certain low species    30
Time Travel*                 May travel level in hours into time*2   50

* - This may not be given as a dark gift
*2- Costs 10 X hours in souls to do this.

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