Relocate an Object by hcj


									                                Relocate an Object

The goal of this challenge is to move an object from one location to another. The object to be
moved will have to be lifted out of a base that it starts in. The board will have tape laid down on
it like the picture below.

                                                                       Be Advised that each board is not
                                                                          designed exactly the same.
                                                                        Choose one board and continue
                                                                       to program and test on that board


   1) Your robot must have all the points that touch the ground start inside the 12” square box.
      Your robot may extend beyond the starting box as long as the parts that extend beyond
      the box do not touch the ground when the program is started.
   2) No part of your robot can begin the challenge inside the circle of tape around the object.
   3) The base that the object starts inside of will be fixed to the board so that it does not move.
      The object will have to be lifted out of the base in order to move it.
   4) Once you start your program there are no limits to where your robot travels. In other
      words, there are no off limit areas on this board.
   5) The object does not have to be standing up straight at the end of the challenge.
   6) Your robot can not be touching the object at the end of the challenge.
   7) Your robot can not include ANYTHING that does not come as a part of your Robolab
      kit. You are limited by the number and type of parts that your kit inventory sheet
      indicates. (no borrowing parts from other groups or using extra parts if your kit initially
      started with more of something than it should have had)
   8) You get TWO tries for points on this challenge. TEST TEST TEST your robot before
      you try for points. Please be advised that your teacher will let you know when it is your
      time to be tested.


See Score Card

Think outside the box on this challenge. You will have to come up with something very creative
in order to overcome the parts limitation.

Remember, as long as your creation meets all the requirements listed above, your design is legal.

Group # _________

Team members: _______________ ___________________

Score Card                                                          Try #1        Try #2

               Robotic Design for activity                    40    __________    _________

               Removing the object from its starting base     20    __________    _________

               Moving the object outside its starting circle 10     __________    _________

               Placing the object within the target circles         __________    _________
                      Bulls Eye (Center of target) 50
                      Next ring                       30
                      Final ring                      15

               Journal reflection                             10    __________    _________

               Total Points received                          130   __________    _________

           Staple your reflection to this score card to receive full credit
                          Relocate an Object Design/team Reflection

These questions are to be answered on a separate piece of paper by each team member.
Remember this is an individual activity and your responses will be different from your
partner at times. STAPLE your answers to the score sheet and turn in to the teacher.

Please answer the following on how the Relocate an Object went.

Question #1:
How has your team been working as a team? Are there any problems? Concerns? What can
you do to make your team better?

Question # 2:
When you first started this activity what was the first design you thought up to use. Did your
original design work or did you need to think up another design to work for this activity?

Question # 3:
Was this activity challenging? What was hard or easy about this activity? What would you do to
improve or change this activity?

Question # 4:
Print out a copy of your program (one copy from each team member). Under each program icon
explain what the program is doing so that a person who has never used the program would know
what is happening with your program.

Question # 5:

Is your design an original? Or did you get some ideas from other teams/students.

Question # 6:

During the building of this activity you have seen many different designs being built and used.
The two most used designs are the crane and the Roverbot. Each design works differently and
has the same effect at the end. I want you to compare and contrast the differences between each
design and justify to me which design you feel would be the most reliable to do this activity.

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