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              present the International Conference
“The Economic Impact of Public Support to Agriculture”
                    19th – 21st June, 2008
                        Bologna, Italy

Thursday, 19th June 2008                                                                                         Dept. of Statistics, Via Belle Arti, 41, Room I

9:00       Participants Registration
9:30       Introductory Session/Welcome Speech: Prof. Roberto Fanfani, President AIEA2, Dr. Eldon Ball, ERS/USDA
           I Plenary Session: New Directions in Agricultural Policy: the EU and US Perspectives, (Room I)
11:15             Cahill C. and Martini R., The economic implication of public support to agriculture , Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development,
                   Schmitz A., Welfare implications of recent policy changes, University of Florida, USA.

11:30                                                                           Coffee Break

11:30             Haniotis T., The CAP reform 'Health Check' and its implications, European Commission.
12:30             Alston J., The Incidence of US Farm Programs, University of California at Davis, USA.

14:00                                                                               Lunch

14:00      Parallel Session A-1: Changes in Agricultural Production from Innovations
           1) Ball E., Piesse J., Schimmelpfennig D., Thirtle C., Higher Energy Prices and Induced Innovation in Agricultural Production, ERS-USDA, Department of
           Management, King’s College London, Imperial College London, UK.
           2) Cisilino F., Local Innovation Policies: A Proposal to Measure their Impact on Farms, INEA Italy.
           3) Fritz M., Schiefer G., The policy – industry duality in multi-level impact assessment of food quality and safety regulations FoodNetCenter Bonn,
           University of Bonn, Germany
           4) Thirtle C., Piesse J., Schimmelpfennig D., An Error Correction Model of Induced Innovation in UK Agriculture, Imperial College London, Department of
           Management, King’s College London, ERS, USDA.
        5)Castro de Rezende G., Léo da Rocha Ferreira, Kreter A., Labor Legislation and Its adverse impacts on transaction costs in Brazilian Agriculture,
        Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

14:00   Parallel Session A-2: Agricultural Support and Government Policies
        1) Russo C., Agricultural policy and imperfect competition: Why the CAP reform needs a competition policy, University of Cassino, Italy.
        2) Goodhue R., Simon L., Stratton S., Economic implications for agriculture of government-sponsored stakeholder negotiations, University of California
        Davis, University of California Berkeley, USA.
        3) Garcia Gasques J., Teles Bastos E., Public Expenditure In Brazilian Agriculture, IPEA and Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, Brazil.
        4) Felici F, Economic impact of rural development plan 2007-2013 in Tuscany, IRPET, Italy
        5) Setti M., Social Oriented Agriculture: Economic and Policy Implications, University of Bologna, Italy

        Parallel Session A-3: Farm Productivity and Policy Reforms

        1) Lien G., Kumbhakar S. C. J., Hardaker B. Determinants of part-time farming and its effect on farm productivity and efficiency Norwegian Agricultural
        Economics Research Institute, Norway; Department of Economics, State University of New York, Binghamton, USA; School of Business, Economics and Public
        Policy, University of New England, Armidale, Australia
        2) Ameen F., Manrique E., Olaizola A.M, Evolution and Spatial differences of the factors partial productivity in sheep production systems, Department of
        Agriculture and Agricultural Economics, Universidad of Zaragoza, Spain; Agricultural Economics Department., Assiut University, Egypt.
        3) Butault J. P., La répartition des gains de productivité dans la filière alimentaire entre agriculture, IAA, commerce et consommateurs, INRA, France.
        4) Huffman W., The Impact of Public and Private R&D on Profit Function Choices: Evidence from Eight Midwestern States, 1970-2004, Iowa State
        University, USA.
        5) Henke R., Pierangieli F., Salvioni C., What drives the adoption of GIs in Italy?, National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA), Rome, Italy,
        University G.d’Annunzio –DASTA, Pescara, Italy.

16:30                                                                         Coffee Break
16:30   II Plenary Session: Agricultural Policy and Economic Efficiency, (Room I)
              Kumbakhar S., The Effects of Subsidies on Production, State University of New York, Binghamton, USA.
              Holloway G.J., Bayesian Inference About Productivity in the Presence of Interventions, University of Reading, UK.
              E.Ball, R. Färe, S. Grosskopf, D. Margaritis, R&D and U.S. Agricultural Productivity : A State Panel Approach, ERS-USDA, Oregon State
               University, and Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Friday, 20th June 2008                                                                                                      Biblioteca Centrale, Via Zamboni 35

9:00      III Plenary Session: Energy and Agricultural Policy
                 De Gorter H., Just D.R., Policy Lessons from the U.S. Biofuels Experience, Cornell University, USA.
                 Khanna M., Economics of a New Generation of Bio-energy Crops : Implications for Land Use and Greenhouse Gases, University of Illinois, USA
                 Von Ruschkowski E. Climate Change Mitigation by Biomass – Core Statements in a Special Report prepared by the German Federal Advisory
                  Council (SRU), Institut für Umweltplanung (IUP) University of Hannover, Germany .
                 Canali M., Bio-fuels vs. food competition for agricultural resources: analysis of impacts on the EU farming system, University of Bologna, Italy

11:15                                                                           Coffee Break

11:15     IV Plenary session: International Trade and Agricultural Policy
                 Coomans M., Worldwide Competitiveness of the European food industry : facts and perspectives, European Commission.
                 Josling T., WTO Compliance and Domestic Policy Choice, Stanford University, USA.
                 Gurkan A., Recent Development in Agricultural Commodity Market. Implications for Vulnerable and Food Insecure Countries and Policy
                  Dimensions. Food and Agricultural Organization

14:00                                                                              Lunch

                                                                                                               Dept. of Statistics, Via Belle Arti, 41, Room I

14:00     Parallel Session B-1: Biofuels, Economic Impacts and Policy Lessons
          1) Altomare F., Maccani P., Samoggia A., Trapani F. The role of networking activities for biofuels value chain promotion agreements at European level,
          ERVET SpA, Bologna, Department of Agricultural Economics and Engineering,University of Bologna, Italy.
          2) Peter S., The Potential of a Crop-Based Bio-Fuel Production in Switzerland and Its Impact on Swiss Agriculture, Institute for Environmental Decisions
          (IED), Switzerland.
3) Falcão Gonçalves M., Evangelista F., Sousa Mendes J. The Brazilian Program for Production and Use of Biodiesel in Ceará: The problem of the supply of
oil , ETENE/BNB, Brazil.
4) Sipiläinen T., Kumbhakar S. C., Effects of direct payments on farm performance: The case of dairy farms in northern EU countries, State University of
New York

5) Monasterolo I.,Tinonin C., A preliminary evaluation of the European Financial Support to Agriculture in Hungary: Efficiency and Equity, University of
Bologna, Italy
6) Vàsàry V., Elekes A., Halmai P., Long term vision for the future agricultural policy in the EU, Institute of European Studies, Hungary.

Parallel Session B-2: Modelling Farmer Behaviour

1) Kopecek P., Foltyn I., Modelling Economic Efficiency of Pig and Cattle Breeding, Research Institute of Agriculture Economics, Prague, Czech Republic
2) Foltyn I., Zednickova I., Vávra V., Kubat J., Model AENVI-1 for impact simulation of the sustainable economy on environment and farm economics in
CR, Research Institute of Agriculture Economics, Prague, Czech Republic.
3) Hoveid Ø., Raknerud A., Modelling dynamic farmer behavior when separability does not hold, Norwegian Agricultural Research Institute, Norway.
4) Goodhue R., Howard P. Howitt P., Implications of pesticide regulation for production decisions and welfare: restricting volatile compound emissions from
California agriculture, Department of Agriculture and Resource economics, University of California, Davis, USA.
5) Shehata S., From the Business Conception to the Bank: Educating and Helping Hawaii Agribusiness Grow, University of Hawaii, USA.
6)Vieira Junior P.A., Buainain A., Caporale Madi M., Jardim da Silveira J., Carvalho Pinto Vieira A., de Oliveira Ojima L., Pereira de Souza R., An Integrated
Model of Agricultural Risk Management for Brazil, Agricultural Economics Institute, IEA, Brazil
Saturday, 21st June 2008                                                                                         Dept. of Statistics, Via Belle Arti 41, Room I

9:00    V Plenary Session: Commodity Programs and Risk Management, (Room I)
11:00         Ball E., Cevazos R., LaFrance J., Pope R., Tack J., Aggregation and Asset Management in Joint Production, University of California at
                  Berkeley, Washington State University, and Brigham Young University, ERS-USDA, USA
                 Mishra A., Livingston M, Erickson K., U.S. Disaster Assistance Programs: A Bayesian Analysis of Farmers’ Risk Attitudes, Program Costs
                  and Economic Efficiency, Louisiana State University and ERS-USDA, USA.
                 Babcock B., The Political Economy of U.S. Crop Insurance, Iowa State University, USA.
                 Cucuzza G, Climate change effects on agricultural risk management in Europe, University of Catania, Italy.

11:15                                                                            Coffee break

11:15   Closing Roundtable: Lessons Learned
            Prof. Bruce Babcock, Iowa State University, USA.
            Dr. De Castro,
            Dr. David Kelch, Market and Trade Division, USDA.
            Dr. Anastassios Haniotis, Head of Unit, Agricultural Policy Analysis and Perspectives, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development , EC.
            Prof. Jeffrey LaFrance, Washington State University, USA.

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