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									Inside Out Pre-intermediate

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UNIT TEST (Unit 17)

Section 1: Listening (Tapescript 75)
Listen to three people (a–c) talking about their pets. For questions 1 to 7, choose the best
answer (a, b or c).

(1)       Which person isn’t sure what animal he/she wants to be?          _______
(2)       Which person has a pet that eats all kinds of food?              _______
(3)       Which person has a pet that doesn’t really like men?             _______
(4)       Which person thinks people are afraid of his/her pet?            _______
(5)       Which person buys special food for his/her pet?                  _______
(6)       Which person likes the same things as his/her pet?               _______
(7)       Which person talks to his/her pet?                               _______

Section 2: Grammar and Vocabulary
Choose a suitable word from the box to complete the following sentences. Use each word
only once. There are more words than sentences.

      interested   disapprove   worry   fascinated   think   object   bored

(8)       I still ______________ about the dog I had when I was young.

(9)       I get ______________ with all those wildlife programmes on TV.

(10)      I’ve always been ______________ by how dolphins communicate.

(11)      A lot of people ______________ to hunting animals for their skins.

(12)      Some people are more ______________ in animals than in other people.

(13)      I ______________ of keeping animals in zoos.

Write out the following unreal situations in full using the correct form of the verbs in

(14) If you (be) me, what you (do)?

Inside Out Pre-intermediate

(15) If I (win) £1 million, I (travel) around the world.


(16) If she (can drive), she (be) more independent.


(17) I (go) to the gym more often if I (have) time.


(18) If I (not live) in a flat, I (get) a dog.


(19) If she (go) out more often, she (meet) more people.


Combine each of the following sentences with that to make one new sentence.
(20) I have a neighbour. He travels everywhere by bicycle.


(21) We went to the Italian restaurant. It has just opened.


(22) The police caught the man. He stole my car.


(23) I know a man. He swims with dolphins.


(24) I have a cat. It likes listening to music.

Inside Out Pre-intermediate

(25) An amphibian is a creature. It can live on land and in water.


Section 3: Reading
Read the amusing story below. For questions 26 to 30, choose the best answer (a, b or c).
A man had a handsome, highly intelligent Labrador dog named Henry. Every morning, the man
put a £5 note in Henry’s mouth and said, ‘Go and get my paper, Henry.’ The dog then went out of
the flat, down the stairs, out into the street and around the corner to the newsstand. A few minutes
later, he returned with the newspaper in his mouth and sat down next to the man like a faithful

One day, Henry was ready as usual to go on his mission. The man searched in his pocket, but
couldn’t find a £5 note. So he gave him a £20 note instead, saying, ‘Be careful, Henry, and come
straight back.’ The dog wagged his tail happily, left the flat, and went out into the street. Watching
him go from the window the man said to himself, ‘What a wonderful friend he is to me.’

After ten minutes, Henry still hadn’t returned, but the man tried not to worry. ‘Maybe the streets
are busy today,’ he said to himself. But after another ten minutes, there was still no sign of Henry.
He looked out of the window. There was nothing. Quickly, he put on his coat and went out to
search for him. ‘Perhaps someone has hurt Henry and stolen the money,’ he thought, and
quickened his step.

Around the corner, he came to the newsstand. ‘Did Henry come here today?’ he asked. ‘Sure,’
replied the newspaper man. ‘But he didn’t stop for the paper. He just carried on walking. I saw
him heading toward the delicatessen at the end of the street.’

Very concerned now, the man ran toward the delicatessen and went in. ‘Did a Labrador come by
here today?’ he asked. ‘Yes,’ replied the storekeeper. ‘He came in about twenty minutes ago,
spent quite a bit of money, and left. He went that way,’ he said, pointing right.

The man hurried out of the delicatessen. Then, passing an alleyway, he turned his head. There in
the alleyway was Henry, sitting with a beautiful female Labrador, enjoying the fabulous food he
had just bought from the delicatessen.

‘Henry! What are you doing?’ said the man.

‘I’m having a nice romantic meal with my girlfriend,’ replied Henry.

The man was clearly shocked and upset. ‘But Henry, you’ve never done anything like this before,’
he said.

The dog looked back, gave a smile and said, ‘Yes, I know. But I’ve never had the money before.’
Inside Out Pre-intermediate

(26)   The man gave Henry £20 because…
       a) he did it every day.
       b) he had no change.
       c) he wanted him to buy something special.

(27)   The man wasn’t worried at first because…
       a) he thought Henry was delayed.
       b) Henry was often a little bit late.
       c) the trip always took ten minutes.

(28)   The man left his flat thinking that…
       a) Henry had run away.
       b) Henry was lost.
       c) something bad had happened to Henry.

(29)   The man at the newsstand …
       a) didn’t see Henry.
       b) didn’t sell a newspaper to Henry.
       c) saw Henry in an alleyway.

(30)   Henry didn’t do this kind of thing before because…
       a) he didn’t have a girlfriend.
       b) he was a good dog.
       c) he only had £5 to spend.

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