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									                                                                                                                             Attachment D2

                                               DOCUMENTATION TO BE PRODUCED
                    For the recognition of the degree other than: Medico chirurgo, Veterinario, Farmacista, Odontoiatra,
                                            earned in a non-EU country by EU or non-EU citizens.
                  (Application also valid for non-EU citizens with degrees earned in or recognized by another EU country)

1.   Copy of a valid identification document including the signature of the interested party.
2.   Should the interested party not submit the application directly, he or she should delegate a physical person or a services company to
     submit the application and/or to follow its evaluation. In this case, the delegate of non- EU citizens shall produce a proxy in which the
     delegating party’s signature shall be authenticated by the Italian consular authority in the country of origin, by an Italian registry
     official, or by a notary public. In case of EU citizens, the delegate shall produce a proxy, attaching a copy of a valid identification
     document of the delegate and of the delegating party.
3.   Authenticated copy of the specific qualification degree for the requested activity.
4.   Authenticated copy of the specific enabling document for the activity, if provided for by the country where the degree was awarded.
5.   Authenticated copy of entry in the professional registry in the country where the degree was awarded, only if provided for in that
6.   Authenticated copy of the plans of the studies required for the degree for which recognition is being requested, with the name of the
     holder and referred to the years of study, clearly indicating the hours studied (distinguishing between hours of theory and of
     practise) and subjects studied.
7.   Original declaration of value ( DICHIARAZIONE DI VALORE) issued by the Italian consular or diplomatic authority present in the State
     where the degree for which recognition is being requested was awarded, attesting:
           a) that the degree was issued by a competent authority in the country where it was awarded;
           b) to the course access requirements (basic prerequisites);
           c) that the degree qualifies for the practise of the profession in the country where it was awarded;
           d) to the duration of the licentiateship course, in years;
           e) to the authenticity of the signature on the degree, and that the degree is in order (without this authenticity certification, the
               degree must be legalised by the competent authorities);
           f) to the professional activities that the degree permits to be exercised in the country where it was awarded.
8.   Certificate that there are no criminal or professional impediments to the exercise of the profession to be practised, issued by the
     competent authorities in the country of origin and/or provenance (the document shall be produced bearing a date no earlier th an
     three months prior to the application submission).
9.   Certificate(s) attesting in detail to any working activity subsequent to the earning of the degree for which recognition is being
     requested (including practical internships performed) (Remember that practicing a health profession in Italy before your qualifications
     are recognized by the Ministry of Health is a violation of the criminal code).
10. Certificate attesting to any specializations pursued or courses taken.

    declaration issued by the Authority that recognized the degree, specifying the modes or procedures that led to the recognition of the
    degree (e.g. aptitude test, adaptation internship, any subjects studied to supplement the training path, etc.).
12. Curriculum Vitae signed by the person involved who expressly declares its truthfulness.
13. A marriage certificate for women who have taken their husband's last name.
14. List of submitted documents, signed by the applicant.

   Notes and general information:
   Legalizations of qualifications received in an non EU country are accepted if made by Italian diplomatic or consular authorities in the
country where the qualification was issued or if made by Apostille (AIA Convention, October 10, 1961).
     All documents prepared in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation in Italian certified as true to the original text by the
Italian consular or diplomatic authority in the country where the document was issued, or by an official Italian court translator.
    Photocopied documents may be authenticated either at the Italian Embassy in the country of origin or in Italy by a notary , a clerk of
the court or at the offices of any Italian municipality
Color photocopies are not allowed
 The documentation presented attached to recognition requests cannot be returned, since the Administration must retain them.
    This Administration shall send all communications regarding the procedure to the address indicated by the interested party in the
 application. It will, therefore, be the responsibility of the person involved to communicate any change of address in a timely manner via fax
 to 06 59942419.
    The Administration will not be responsible for communications not received following a move or when the person involved has
 provided an incorrect address.
 In conformity with DL 196/2003, the “Privacy Code,” we cannot answer questions about the status of paperwork over the telephone.
 Any requests may be sent by fax to 06 59942419, no sooner than three months from the submission of the application.

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