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					                                REGISTRATION FORM
Date:                                 Name:


Phone:         Day                                   Night
Fax:                                                 E-mail

Please write section number (i.e. B0507) by the class in which you would like to enroll:
  Beginner Sewing                                     4 Part Series
       Stitch & Bitch University OR   Beginner              Stitch & Bitch University OR       Beginner
                                      Sewing                                                   Sewing

         Basics to a Sewing Machine                         Intermediate Sewing
         Teen Sewing                                        The Perfect Dress
                                                            Pants-Advanced Sewing

  Hip Home Series                                     Online Video Learning
       Basics to a Sewing Machine                          Intro to Crochet
       Pillow                                              Make a Crochet Rose
       Appliqué Pillow
                                                           Intro to Knitting
       Curtain Lecture                                     Sewing #1 – Lacy Tanga Panty
                                                           Sewing #2 – Putting in an Invisible Zipper
                                                           Sewing #3 – Making a Makeup Bag
                                                           Sewing #4 – Men’s Low Rise Underwear
                                                           Sewing #5 – Inserting a Lap Zipper
                                                           Sewing #6 – Inserting a Fly Zipper

 1,2 & 3 Night Classes
 Tops                                     Skirts & Pants                           Accessories/Bags
         Sweet Little Jacket             The Girlfriend Skirt                 Tote Bag
         SNB Knit Combo Class            SNB Knit Combo Class                 Learn to Sew with Leather
         Knit Dress Class                Knit Skinny Pant                     Bracelet Bag
         T-Shirt Class                   Moulage – Pant
         Moulage – Bodice                Moulage – Skirt
         Moulage - Sleeve                Sew Hot Mamas
         Birth of a Bustier

      I am paying a Non-Refundable Deposit of                           I am paying the full amount of
 $_        __________________ or                                   $_         ____________________

 by: Cash         Visa      MasterCard – credit card information should be provided below
 I(I understand that I must pay the balance on or before the day of my session: Initials________

I understand that:
Our location is Sew Fast Sew Easy 147 West 35th Street, Suite # 807, (take the elevator to 8th Floor) Between Broadway
and 7th Avenues
The store is located near the 34th Street stations of all west side subways. We are also located two blocks north of Penn
Station and the Path Trains.

Materials List: For all classes, please go to our website (, find the specific class description,
and click on the green and blue MATERIALS LIST button under the class description to see your class' materials list. Print
this materials list straight from the webpage. NOTE: If you forget to bring the sewing supplies, you can purchase the items
in our store.

Payment Policies: ***These are the terms of the contract you agreed to when you pressed the "PLACE ORDER " button on
the Registration Form. In addition it is on the bottom of our website before you agreed.

(1) If a balance is due for any class, it must be paid on or before the start date at the store. Otherwise, you will lose the
deposit paid.

(2) For any cancellations, there is $25 automatic cancellation fee. If you need to cancel, you must do so 7 days before the
start of your class. Otherwise, you lose the entire amount you paid.

(3) I am entitled to NO TRANSFERS or MAKEUP CLASSES. There is a 100% charge for NO SHOW. If a student misses a
class, payment cannot be forwarded to another date. Students who wish, may re-register and pay the full amount of the

I am not taking this class to teach sewing and will not provide lesson plans and other information learned in a class to a
business of providing a similar service.

Class Policies: Please turn off your cell phone. If you must talk, please go out into the hallway. No filming or picture taking
in classes.

There is no lost and found. We are not responsible for anything you leave.

No Dogs or other pets are allowed. Also, we have no provisions for infants.

I am not taking this class to teach sewing or provide the information to someone who is teaching any craft.

We welcome you to Sew Fast Sew Easy and hope that you will find sewing as rewarding and fun as we do.

  I authorize Sew Fast Sew Easy to put the Name on Card:
       fees as listed above on this account: Account Number:
                                             Expiration Date:

                If you are paying with a gift certificate please provide #_________________

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