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									1    Title of course                              Physics II
                                                  (for students of Laurea degree course of

2    Total examination credits
3    General Goals
4    Tipology of examination
5    Coordinator of the course

6    Teaching module title                        Physics II
                                                  (for students of Laurea degree course of

7    Scientific field of reference                FIS/01

8    Tipology of reference educational activity   A = compulsory basic subject

9    Year of degree course                        1st

10   Semester                                     3rd

11   Credits total amount                         6

12   Global workload (in hours)                   156

13   Time distribution                            Lectures 38 h.s.
                                                  Exercises 18 h.s.
                                                  Tests and individual work 100 h.s

14   Teacher’s name                               Barbara Ricci

15   Educational Goals                            Basic knowledge of physical laws
                                                  for electrostatics and
                                                  magnetostatics; practice in
                                                  calculation and dealing with
                                                  problem solution for the relative
                                                  Capability of connecting the
                                                  basic notion learned during the
                                                  lectures to some physical
                                                  phenomena of our life.

16   Prerequisites                                Knowledge of Algebra and
                                                  Geometry, differential and
                                                  integral formalism, mechanics of
                                                  one particle and of a system of

17   Course syllabus                              Electrostatics, electrical
                                                  conduction and circuits,
                                                  magnetism, induction, alternating
                                                  current, maxwell equations,
                            electomagnetic waves

18   Reference books        D. Halliday, R. Resnick, J.
                            Walker, Fondamenti di Fisica
                            (Elettrologia, Magnetismo,
                            Ottica). (Casa Editrice
                            Ambrosiana, Milano, 2001).
                            Chapters from 22 to 28.

                            R. A. Serway, Principi di Fisica
                            vol. II, (EdiSES srl, Napoli
                            2002) Chapters from 22 to 25.

19   Theaching activities   Conventional
                             (lectures and class problem
                            solving )

20   Exams                  Written

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