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									                            II EMERGING EUROPEAN FILMMAKERS

                                 71st MIFED (Oct. 12 – 16, 2004)


On the occasion of 71st MIFED, the Mercato Internazionale del Cinema e del Multimediale
[International Cinema and Multimedia Market], which will take place in Milan from the 12th to the
16th October 2004, the Ministero per I Beni e le Attività Culturali [Ministry of Cultural
Property], the Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia [National Film School]
and Audiovisual Industry Promotion-MIFED are promoting the second edition of EMERGING
EUROPEAN FILMMAKERS in order to raise awareness of and expand the distribution of “Young

                                1 - NATIONS ELIGIBLE TO ENTER
Films produced in the 25 countries of the enlarged European Union will be eligible, i.e.
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,
Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

                             2 – CATEGORIES AND PARTICIPANTS
Narrative/fiction films, animations and documentaries directed by directors born after 1st January
1974 and completed after 1st July 2003 are eligible for entry:

   1. Full-length films (between 70’ and 120’) provided they are first works

   2. Short films (up to 30’)

It’s also possible to submit stories (maximum length: 3600 characters-spaces included).

                                  3- TECHNICAL CONDITIONS

To be selected, films must be presented to the buyers and the public in one of the following
formats: DVD in the original version with subtitles in English.

                                4- SCREENINGS AND HOSPITALITY

Directors and producers of the selected movies will have a stand inside Mifed at their disposal,
where video facilities will be available in order to let buyers see the selected works and get in
touch directly with their young directors and/or producers.

A public projection of the selected films will also be organized.

The director and the producer of selected movies will be accommodated in Milan for the whole
duration of Mifed. Hospitality and lunches will be offered by Mifed.
                                           5 - ENTRY
Entries for the competition must be made before 15th of July 2004.

The entry application must be sent by ordinary mail to EMERGING EUROPEAN
FILMMAKERS – MIFED – Audiovisual Industry Promotion, Fiera Milano, Palazzo CISI,
Piazzale Giulio Cesare, 20145 Milano – Italy, (information e-mail: anucara@aip-mifed.com)
supported by the following material:

   a) the entry form, duly completed (downloadable at www.mifed.com)

   b) photocopy of an identity document for the director of the film or for the author of the story

   c) CVs for the producer and director of the work or for the author of the story

   d) DVD copy (if not possible, VHS copy) of the work in the original language subtitled in
      English or Story, maximum length 3600 characters (spaces included), in English

   e) Dialogue list in English

   f) Photographic and/or promotional material

Failure to supply any of these attachments (with the exception of item f) and/or
failure to fully complete the entry form will result in the automatic exclusion of the

N.B.: The copies will remain at the disposal of the organizing bodies and will in no circumstances
be returned.

The authors whose works are accepted for the EMERGING EUROPEAN FILMMAKERS will receive
written communication by no later than 10th September 2004. Anyone not receiving such
notification will not have been accepted.

                                        6 – SELECTION

A shortlist will be drawn up, at the end of which the successful works will be submitted to an
International Jury, which will choose the films presented. The Jury, whose judgement is final, may
choose no more than 2 films per country but may exclude all the works of some countries if they
are deemed to be of lower quality than others. The number of selected films will not be less than
15 or greater than 30.

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