Rubric for Papers in English Composition

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					              Rubric for Papers in English Composition
                       (A) High Proficiency (B) Good Proficiency                   (C) Minimal Proficiency        (D or F) Non-proficiency
       Ideas                                                                                                                                     Comments:
        topic          Ideas are clear, insightful,   Ideas are clear and             Ideas are clear but         Ideas are unclear or
 thesis/central idea   thought-provoking, and         focused to support the          conventional or general,    clichéd and demonstrate a
        focus          focused so that they           topic and a clearly-stated      and support the topic,      lack of focus in support of
      purpose          consistently support the       central idea, but are not       thesis, and audience for    the topic or a central idea,
      audience         topic, thesis and audience     consistently insightful or      the paper.                  which may be vague or
                       for the paper.                 thought-provoking.                                          missing.                       Rating: A B C   N
      details          Development is fresh,          Development is adequate,        Development is sufficient   Development is                 Comments:
     evidence          with abundant details and      but may lack depth, with        but general, providing      insufficient, providing
    examples           examples that arouse           details and examples that       adequate but perhaps not    scarce or inappropriate
       logic           audience interest and          arouse audience interest        interesting details,        details, evidence, and
    arguments          provide relevant,              and provide relevant,           examples, and evidence      examples that may
                       concrete, specific and         concrete, specific              that include no logical     include logical fallacies or
                       insightful evidence in         evidence in support of          fallacies or unsupported    unsupported claims.
                       support of sound logic.        sound logic.                    claims.                                                    Rating: A B C N

     structure         Organization is coherent,      Organization is coherent,       Organization is coherent    Organization is confused       Comments:
    coherence          unified and effective in       unified and effective in        and unified overall in      and fragmented in support
       unity           support of the paper’s         support of the paper’s          support of the essay’s      of the essay’s purpose/
    transitions        purpose/ plan and              purpose/ plan and usually       purpose/ plan, but is       plan and demonstrates a
                       consistently demonstrates      demonstrates effective          ineffective at times and    lack of structure or
                       effective and appropriate      and appropriate rhetorical      may demonstrate abrupt      coherence that negatively
                       rhetorical transitions         transitions between ideas       or weak transitions         affects readability.
                       between ideas and              and paragraphs.                 between ideas or
                       paragraphs.                                                    paragraphs.                                                Rating: A B C N

Style & Mechanics
 sentence structure    Style is confident,            Style is readable and           Style is readable, but      Style is incoherent or         Comments:
    word choice        readable and rhetorically      rhetorically effective in       unremarkable in tone,       inappropriate in tone,
         tone          effective in tone,             tone, incorporating varied      sometimes including a       including a lack of
      grammar          incorporating varied           sentence structure,             lack of sentence variety    sentence variety,
       spelling        sentence structure, precise    effective word choice, and      effective word choice, or   ineffective or
     punctuation       word choice and correct        correct grammar, spelling       some distracting, but not   inappropriate word
                       grammar, spelling and          and punctuation.                serious, errors in          choice, and serious errors
                       punctuation. (Mastery of       (Effective style)               grammar, spelling and       in grammar, spelling and
                       style)                                                         punctuation. (Readable      punctuation. (Ineffective
                                                                                      but inconsistent style)     style)                         Rating: A B C N
    presentation       Format is correct, meets       Format is correct, meets        Format is mostly correct,   Format is faulty, does not     Comments:
       sources         all assignment directions,     all assignment directions,      meets critical aspects of   meet sufficient aspects of
   documentation       and works expertly to          and works generally to          assignment directions,      the assignment direction,
     MLA style         support the essay’s            support the essay’s             and works mostly to         and does not support the
                       purpose/plan.                  purpose/plan.                   support the essay’s         essay’s purpose/ plan.
                                                                                      purpose/ plan.                                             Rating: A B C N