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									                                            Travelling Story

Episode One

Lea, a tall and bright sixteen year old girl with short brown hair, and her brother Lukas, a short and
funny seventeen year old boy who also has brown hair and speaks English very well are in the same
class as Peter. Peter is the intelligent one of the three; he is tall and sometimes a little bit boring, he
is also seventeen. All three pupils are on the track and field team, but Lea is the best runner. All
three are best friends and plan on going on a train tour through Europe in two days. Before they
leave, they must complete a report for school.

It's Friday evening and Lea, Peter and Lukas meet in the Residence, a beautiful palace in Würzburg
with many priceless artworks, to write the report about a Flemish tapestry for the next German
lesson. They sat in front of the Flemish tapestry on a bench and copied it onto a piece of paper. But
Lukas and Lea got bored and began kidding around. „How are you, there above?" „Very well, shall
I spit on your head, my smaller brother?" "Ha ha, very funny" replied Lukas slightly insulted.
"You're only mad because I beat you at the last track and field competition." "That was only luck. I
bet you can't cross this room in eight seconds." "Any time, but..." looking left and right, she spotted
a mysterious looking man. He's tall, wearing a long black coat and a black a white chequered hat
and is standing near the tapestry. "Hey look at that guy! This man looks like a gangster with his
black long coat and his crazy hat!" whispered Lukas. "Yeah, you're right! He looks really
dangerous!" Lea answered. They thought he looked very funny and decided to shadow him. Then
they noticed that he was interested in the tapestry and they thought it was weird that he was
inspecting it so closely. "Hey! Why is he looking at the security system instead of the tapestry?"
Lea wanted to know. "Let's inform Peter, this man is very mysterious" said Lukas. After they
informed Peter who had been sleeping with his nose on his report, they turned around and the
darkly dressed man was suddenly gone. As they left it's already dark and after they crossed the
Balthasar- Neumann Promenade they noticed their man sitting across the Residence at the bus stop,
quietly talking in a foreign language on his cell phone while he was hiding himself behind a
newspaper. "Peter, do you think that this man is a gangster?" said Lukas while they headed to the
bench near the bus stop. "No, I think that we are wrong; there are many people here who are
wearing a black long coat and speak a foreign language." "But he had inspected the tapestry so
closely and he was nervous." replied Lea. "Perhaps he is interested in history, a professor or a
teacher; I don't know and he was nervous- maybe because he didn't want to miss his bus”, answered
Peter with a loud voice. "But why is he sitting here behind a newspaper?" Lea kept insisting. "He
DID miss the bus and now he's waiting!" Peter was now very annoyed because he didn't believe
Lukas and Lea that this man should be a bad guy. "Ok, you're right Peter, your arguments had been
convincing." said Lea in a friendly way and Lukas nodded. After this discussion, they sank in
another one about music without noticing that the man observed them and that he left the bus stop.
They decided to meet the next day at the Marktplatz to plan their shopping
tour for their interrail holiday tour. Though nothing happened all of them weren't able to forget the
mysterious man. Behind every tall man they expected to see the stranger. When finally the day of
their departure arrived Lea and Lukas were a little bit early and examined the passing people, a
habit they cultivated for its fun. “Hey, look, that fat woman with the big hat.” “Ha ha! Fesch!- I bet
she's meeting with that skinny man over there!” “Hey you are right! How did you know?“
„Intuition! No, she kept focusing on him!” “You're going to become the next Sherlock Holmes!“
“Flatterer! But look who's over there- our old buddy Mr. Mysterious man!!” “You're right and look
he has lost his wallet! Let's go over there and give it back to him. Perhaps we’ll be able to find
something out.” Lea and Lukas went and picked up the wallet. Lukas opened it and took a quick
glance. His expression suddenly changed, but he kept a straight face when he returned it. Mr.
Mysterious, as the friends now called him, grunted something that could have passed as thanks and
eyed the kids suspiciously. But as Lea didn't know what was in it and Lukas had the perfect poker
face, he let it rest. Just as Lea and Lukas turned away from the stranger, Peter arrived. “Hey what's
up?“ “You won't believe what was in that wallet!“ Lukas loved to be mysterious. “Oh come on, tell
us!” Lea was one of the impatient type. “There were at least three different passports; I'm not quite
sure, but it seemed as if they were all of this guy but fakes!“ “Lukas- I don't believe you! You
should stop doing this ridiculous detective thing and quit believing in conspiracy theories!” Peter, as
usual, was sceptic. “Now, we have more real problems than trying to catch some gangsters. Let's
get on the train.” Some minutes later they stood at the rails, waiting for the train to arrive.
Eventually they sat down in a compartment and Peter groaned: “I’d like to warn you, I haven't slept
very much so watch your words. I'm not in the right mood for any detective stories“. “Oh right,
thanks, we wouldn't have noticed that!“ replied Lea saucily. Peter leaned back in order to gain some
sleep at last. The departure whistle sounded shrill and the train started to move. “Next stop:
Finland”. “Oh well. Lukas, your jokes used to be better, you know”. “Ha ha”. “Could you please be
quiet? There are people here who want to sleep!” “All right, all right”. After this, the first part of
the journey took a quiet course just to the point when boredom forced Lukas to start to stroll around
the train. He inspected the compartments closely, but suddenly he stopped dead. That couldn't be
possible! Mr. Mysterious! Again! What was he doing? Lukas leaned closer but attached importance
on not being seen himself. The man took a quick glance left and right and then leaned close over his
bag. Slowly he opened it, looking suspiciously around. “Oh come, on just open it!”, Lukas couldn't
help thinking. Finally the bag was open, but Lukas couldn't make out anything and started cursing
secretly. Suddenly the train jolted and Lukas staggered backwards. Now it was Mr. Mysterious’
turn to curse, though, and Lukas didn't understand the words. Nevertheless, his eyesight was
fantastic so that he could see the contents of the bag before the man was able to shove it hurriedly
back into the bag. For a fraction of a second Lukas was paralysed. He couldn't believe his eyes,
even though he could normally rely on them. He hurried back to their compartment, but would his
friends believe him? He shouldn't have bothered about that- his friends took one look at his
horrified expression and were absolutely convinced that he spoke the truth. “So you're telling us
that the stranger stole the tapestry? You're not making fun of us? Perhaps it was just a woollen
blanket?” “Just look at him- he's shocked!”, said Lea. “I know my brother- if you don't believe
him, believe me!“ “Calm down! I do believe you... hold on, I think I noticed something.” Peter
picked up the newspaper he had bought and flipped through the pages “Yeah! Here it is! Tapestry
stolen from Residence!” At once the others were next to him and tried to catch a glance of the
article. “What shall we do now? Nobody will believe us. We will be just some kids who seek
attention with their little detective games in their eyes.” “Well, we could try to shadow the thief and
steal the tapestry back!” “Don't be such a fool, that's dangerous! But perhaps we could go to the
next police station when we leave the train. Look here- it says relevant information on the case is
accepted at any police station.” “Well if they are going to believe us.” “Don't be so negative,
anyway let's try it before we throw in the towel.” “OK, I propose that we take turns in shadowing
him, so we don't miss him when he leaves the train.” “I agree, but we should move to a nearer
compartment where we can watch him more comfortably, because it is not very helpful if we have
to cross the whole train. It's somewhat suspicious if we take turns standing round the corner of his
compartment.” After everything was settled, the three friends had to learn the hard way that
shadowing isn't as easy as it seems. Long, dull hours awaited them, but they could cope with that
because they were hardened by long, dull hours in school. When they passed Hamburg, they had
found a way to occupy themselves since all of them had a vivid imagination. They pictured a hot
pursuit of the gangster through all the countries they were able to imagine- they didn't know how
near they were to reality! The next big event was the crossing of the Baltic Sea, but the friends were
too occupied to appreciate this properly. But they were in for a big surprise. Just as they were
disturbed by the thought that the thief would stay in the train when they had to leave, because their
ticket only lasted to Oulu, the man obviously had the same destination. “Next stop Oulu.” The
friends picked up their luggage and left the train right behind the thief....

Sandra Volkamer
Barbara Schlögl
Julia Bauer
Judith Braun
Sabine Pfeiffer
Silke Zimmermann

Episode Two

As the three comrades descended from the train they noticed where they had arrived. The station
was rather small, as well as the wooden station building. “Is this what you guys call a town??”
complained Peter. “Oh, Peter!” Lea cried “Try to be a little more adventurous, you’re ruining this
all!” “Adventurous??? In a village like this it’s a little bit hard to be adventurous. I wanted to see
new places on our journey and now we’re stuck here, trying to catch a thief, possibly a dangerous
one. Why didn’t we just inform the police.” Peter continued complaining. “But you just….” Lea
couldn’t finish her sentence because Lukas interrupted her: “Stop it you two! Can’t you see that Mr.
Mysterious has sneaked away while you have been arguing.” “Sorry Lukas” Lea apologised. “What
would you two say if we sought a nice hotel for ourselves somewhere nearby, called the police but
still continued our investigations?” Peter didn’t look fully satisfied with the idea, but agreed. Lea
and the boys left the station to find a hotel suitable for a students’ budget. They didn’t have to
search long. The hotel was right opposite the railway station. It was rather old, but they decided it
could do. Luckily it wasn’t fully occupied and they could get two rooms.
                Our three friends left their luggage to the hotel and headed for the town centre. First
thing on their mind wasn’t Mr. Mysterious but food. “I’m starving!” said peter. “Well, do you think
you’re the only one?” asked the other two. As they walked towards the centre of the city, they saw a
nice little restaurant, Selma. They all wanted to eat pizza, and since it was cheap, they went in and
ate like three pigs. The food wasn’t bad at all. They just rested for a while because their stomachs
were so full. “Let’s go and explore this town” Lea suggested. The boys agreed and they left the
pizzeria. The weather was sunny and birds were singing. A lot of people came and passed them by,
quite many on bicycles. “But, umm, where are all the polar bears, reindeers and igloos?” asked Lea
“I am surprised too. I didn’t know that there could be warm in Finland” said Lukas. “Did you know
that Oulu is soon 400 old? And there are no polar bears nor penquins in Finland.” Peter said. “Is
there anything you don’t know?” Lea asked amazed.
                After they had spent time exploring Oulu, they decided to return to their hotel, for
they were quite exhausted. Immediately after entering the hotel they saw Mr.Mysterious running
upstairs. What a coincidence! The three made a plan. One of them would be awake looking if
Mr.Mysterious tried to leave the hotel, while the rest of them would be sleeping. Lukas was the first
one to be awake. The other two had just fallen asleep when Lukas saw Mr.Mysterious leaving the
hotel. They woke up and started to shadow him. Mr.Mysterious walked to the harbour of Oulu with
the tapestry he had stolen.
                Mr.Mysterious met an unknown man in the harbor area. The three were hiding in the
shadows nearby. They saw the unknown man giving some weird papers to Mr.Mysterious. Peter
realized that that they were tickets. Mr.Mysterious had used Oulu as a place to wipe out all the trails
that lead to him. He was trying to escape by a complicated route so the police could not follow him
well. They did not know what to do. After a while they decided to find out where Mr.Mysterious
was going. All of them returned to the hotel.
                Nothing happened during the night. When sun started to rise, they realized
Mr.Mysterious was gone. They packed their luggage and got to the harbor area back again as fast as
they could. They saw a big cargo ship and Mr.Mysterious was on the deck of it. The three had to
find out where he was going. They asked one of the workers in the harbor and he said the ship was
going to Belgium. Belgium? After a while of thinking, they couldn’t stop this adventure. They
decided to follow him and ran to the ship. Now they were going towards Belgium, hidden in a cargo
ship. “I’m not sure of this” Lea said. Nor were the other two.
Episode Three

Now the boat has left the harbour, they have to look for a good place of concealment. After a while
of wandering around they found an open container where they quickly jumped into.
Time is passing slowly. Sometimes they hear strange noises that make them jump out of their skin.
Lea whispered: “Did you hear that?!” “Did we hear what?” ,said Lukas. “Well, those
footsteps…Ssht, they are coming closer! Quick Peter, look who’s there.” Peter looked out through
the little gap between the two doors. Suddenly, he stood face to face with a sailor who looked him
straight into the eyes. Peter was petrified like he’d seen a ghost. “What the hell are you doing on my
boat?”, the sailor screamed. Peter wasn’t able to answer him because he was completely in shock.
The sailor grabbed Peter by his neck. At that particular moment he saw the two youngsters in the
corner of the container. It was too late for them to hide. Lea yelled: “Shit, we’re caught!” The sailor
led them to the kitchen where they had to work to earn their stay on the ship. On their way to the
kitchen they try to explain the sailor what they were doing on the ship. The sailor looked at them
with a strange face because he couldn’t believe those strange and ridiculous story. Meanwhile, time
passed by and finally they arrived in the harbour of Zeebrugge. There, they got kicked off the ship
while the sailor was saying something awkward in Finnish they couldn’t understand.
“I was so scared! I thought he was going to throw us overboard!”, Lucas said with a pale face. “Oh
my god yes!” Lea answered. “I’m so hungry” Peter said while he was pointing at the Mc Donalds.
So, they went to the Mc Donalds And they wanted to order “Wat zal het zijn?” the lad asked.
“Excuse me?” Said Peter. “Oh, you speak English, may I have your order please?” They ordered
French fries and hamburgers. After dinner, Lea asked: Peter you look so pale, are you feeling
alright?” He answered: “No I’m not feeling very well, I think I ate too much.
They decided not to end their mission and to send Peter back home by train.
A couple of minutes later they entered the station and they bought a ticket for Peter. While they
were saying goodbye, Lea gave a yell. “Oh look, isn’t that the mystery man?” and she pointed to the
nearest platform. “Yes it is! Come on hurry, we’ve got to run!” Just on time, they jumped on the
train in which the mystery men got into.
They took a seat behind the mystery man and notified that he carried black suitcase. Two hours
later, the man finally stood up to step out of the carriage. They followed him, walking to a dark car.
As if the car was standing there, waiting for him to get in, a door opened. Lucas and Lea couldn’t
see who sat in the car. At that moment, the car took off. “What do we have to do now?”, Lea asked,
“We can’t just let him escape like this!” “Look there!” Lucas said, and he pointed at the bicycles
which were standing in a row, at the left of the train passengers.
“We have to hurry!” Lea said while she grabbed a red bike. They took the same street as they saw
the black car drive in to. Because of the traffic they could stop right next to the their target which
was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.
“It’s now or never Lea”, Lucas whispered.
“Ok here we go!” she said.
Lea jumps in front of the car. The driver gets out of the car to ask what was wrong. Lucas takes his
chance and steps in the car to get the black suitcase. But the mysterious man grabs Lucas by his
throat, Lucas is shocked and in a reflex he throws the suitcase to the man’s head. Meanwhile, Steve
Stevaert (Hasselt ’s best known politician) is passing by. He jumps of his bike and says: “Hola, hola
was der hier aan de hand?” I’m sorry, I don’t speak Dutch Lukas said. Oh, I didn’t know, what’s
going on? Lukas tells him the story. Meanwhile, the Mysterious man lies on the ground,
unconscious. After hearing the story, Steve Stevaert answers: “Oh yes, I’ve read about the stolen
tapestry in the newspaper, in Het Belang Van Limburg.”
Steve orders a policeman who had been notified by a trespasser to arrest the mysterious man and his
driver. “I see that the tapestry is in a bad condition because of this adventure, I know a great Italian
tapestry fixer. You know what, I have to go to Berlusconi in two days, I’ll take it with me and I’ll
make sure that the tapestry will be repaired and delivered back safely to the rightful owners.” Steve
Stevaert said. Both mystery man and his partner are imprisoned in the new hypermodern and super
safe prison of Hasselt until further notice.

Episode four

Steve, Lea and Lukas went to the police station and the police questioned them about how they had
discovered that Mr Mysterious had stolen the tapestry. When they finished telling their story Steve
informed the pupils that the police wanted him to take the tapestry with him to Italy and have it
fixed in Verona by a famous specialist in tapestries.
“Lukas” said Lea, “why don’t we go to Italy with him?”
“To Italy?” Lukas was perplexed.
“Yes, Come on! It was Peter that wanted to visit northern Europe, but now he is back home… Oh,
let’s go to Italy, to Verona, it must be such a beautiful place! Verona is the city of Romeo and
Juliet, it’s so romantic!”
Lukas thought about it for a while, but then he considered how good Italian food is, so he made his
mind up and decided that Italy wasn’t such a bad idea after all.
They told Steve they would like to go with him and he thought it was a good idea. “So I can have
some company during the trip” he told them.
The police bought the two students two plane tickets as a reward for catching the thief and the next
day they flew to Verona.
“It’s fantastic!” Lea exclaimed when she arrived. The sun was shining and the city was very
different from anything she had ever seen before. She was bewitched.
“Everything is so ancient!” commented Lukas on seeing the Roman buildings when they were on
their way to their hotel in the city centre.
The next day Steve brought the tapestry to the famous specialist to have it repaired. The specialist
was worried. ”It’ll be a difficult job” he admitted. “The tapestry is badly damaged and in some parts
the pattern is difficult to recognise. But I’ll do my best.”
In the meantime the pupils decided to go for a walk around the city. They saw many wonderful
sights: Medieval palaces, the Roman Theatre and Amphitheatre, Renaissance buildings, and, of
course, they ate some delicious Italian specialities. Now even Lukas was happy.
“Why don’t we go to Juliet’s house now?” suggested Lea, who was a very romantic kind of girl.
Lukas agreed and there they went. They saw the balcony and the walls covered with love messages
written by thousands of lovers in many different languages. When they entered the house Lukas
stopped in front of a painting that showed a girl in a room. Lukas couldn’t believe his eyes. “Lea!
Look at this!”.
Lea look at the painting but she didn’t notice anything special.
“What’s up? What’s so strange?”
“Look at the wall behind the girl? Can you see it now?”
Lea looked more closely and she was dumbstruck. In the picture, behind the girl, their tapestry had
been painted!
Immediately they called Steve, who was still at the workshop of the tapestry-fixer.
“Steve, come here immediately with the specialist! We are in Juliet’s house. We have found
something incredible!”
When Steve and the specialist arrived they showed them the painting.
“It’s unbelievable!” exclaimed the expert. “This will be a great help for my job!”
Steve called the police headquarters and the Residence in Wuerzburg to inform them about what
they had just discovered.
In two days a team of experts arrived from Wuerzburg and they decided to ask Verona City Council
to allow them to take the painting with them to Germany for more thorough analyses and in a few
days he city council granted them permission to take the painting away temporarily.
Lea and Lukas felt exhausted after such an adventure and they decided it was about time to go back
home. Plus they couldn’t wait to tell Peter their story! So, the following week they took a train back
and Peter went to meet them at the station. “You won’t believe what we have to tell you!” they said
to him.

Elisa Magalini
Carolina Vignati

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