Argov Fellows in Leadership and Diplomacy 2008-2009 Closing Ceremony by whitecheese


									Argov Fellows in Leadership and Diplomacy
2008-2009 Closing Ceremony
The closing ceremony of the third annual class of Argov Fellows, following in
the legacy of Israel’s late ambassador Shlomo Argov, was held on June 14,
2009 on the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya (IDC) Campus.

By Daniella Namvar
Third year student, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy and Argov fellow

         Opening the evening with a                       Dr. Alisa Rubin Peled, Director
smile, our Master of Ceremonies and               of the Program was next to speak to
Moderator, Mr. Jonathan Davis, Vice               the Fellows and the audience about
President of IDC’s External Relations             our very dynamic and accomplished
and Director of the Raphael Recanati              year. In quoting Ambassador Shlomo
International     School       welcomed           Argov, Dr. Peled mentioned that “the
everyone and introduced Professor                 future of Israel can compensate for its
Uriel Reichmann, President and                    numbers       with its    quality and
founder of the IDC to share a few                 excellence”. She reminded us that
pearls of wisdom. In his speech, Prof.            although the academic year may have
Reichmann pointed out that the Argov              come to a physical close, being part of
Fellows are “outstanding students who             the Argov Network is more than a one
can speak up for Israel and continue              year affiliation and we will always be
the story of the Jewish state and                 connected to the IDC and Argov
existence as they fight for Israel’s              Alumni Network. She praised us by
future”.     As we defend Israel’s                mentioning that we “exceeded [her]
existence as a homeland for the                   expectations not only as students, but
Jewish people, we must always                     also as human beings”. Dr. Peled
educate others to make the “case for              highlighted our achievements and
Israel”. In celebrating the third class of        reminded us “to always keep aiming
Argov graduates, Prof. Reichmann                  high, but always to remain true for
and Prof. Rafi Melnick, Provost of IDC            what [we] believe in. [We must] never
Herzliya, wished us good luck in our              forget [our] responsibilities for Israel
future endeavors, but reminded us to              and its future.”
“never forget what [we] studied; as
[we] are the leadership of the future”.

                                                  Argov fellows, class of 2008-2009

Ayela Ziv, Program Coordinator, and Dr. Alisa            Speaking to a room full of
Rubin Peled, Program Director                     educators, friends, family, and close
                                                  acquaintances, our evening truly came
to life as the audience realized what a     authority” here. In his many words of
significant academic it was. Ms. Ayela      advice, Mr. Reiner mentioned to all of
Ziv, The Argov Fellow’s Program             us that “we must not ask what the
Coordinator (and past Argov Fellow)         future holds for [us], yet should rather
addressed the students and told us          ask what the future holds for the state
that throughout our year together, she      of Israel and what we are going to do
was able to witness “talent, dedication,    to influence Israel and contribute to
passion, and love”. She mentioned           that singular opportunity to shape her
that throughout her life, she has never     future”. Though our numbers may be
experienced such a group of loving          quite small, we must realize that Israel
people who strive for the utmost            is also a small country and needs us.
academic excellence. In her words,          The essence of a full life is knowing
The Argov Fellows have “enriched my         that one has had a sense of obligation
soul, heart and mind of what                beyond one’s self, and this, in the
leadership entails”.       As a final       context of Argov means that there is
anecdote, Ayela pushed us to aim high       “much [we can all] do to effect the
and always to “be good” people in life.     future of the State of Israel.”       In
                                            quoting the late British Prime Minister,
          After the touching words of our   Sir Winston Churchill, Mr, Reiner, in
educators, former Argov Fellow, Assaf       his final remarks reminded us to
Irony was invited to speak about            “never, never, never, never, never give
creating the Argov Alumni Network           up”.
and Association for the future. Assaf
mentioned aims of the future alumni
network and provided us tools of
eminent success. Through working
together to meet the vision of the
Arogv Alumni association, Assaf
mentioned that the goal of the
Association was to advocate for Argov
Alumni in their pursuit of becoming
prominent figures in Israeli leadership.
Two current Argov Fellows, Shiri Fein
and Ido Herman were then able to
enlighten the audience with their Argov
experience over the past year and
express their gratitude for such a          Former District Attorney of Los Angeles County,
fulfilling experience.                      Mr. Ira Reiner

       Our guest speaker, Mr. Ira           It was finally time for our Policy project
Reiner, Former District Attorney of Los     presentations by the Argov Fellows
Angeles County, and lecturer on the         themselves. Proposing solutions to
U.S. Political and Legal System, was        some of Israel’s most pressing
able to delightfully enrich us on his       problems, the presentations included
past semester in Israel as a teacher.       “The Public’s Right for Neutral Media”,
He mentioned that the Argov Fellows         “The Argov Social Project: From
made     his    teaching    experience      Cleavages         to    Multiculturalism”,
memorable and challenging as they           “Assessing the Effectiveness of Non-
questioned everything that was taught.      Profit Organizations (NPO’s) within the
“Nothing,” he mentioned “was taken on       Ethiopian-Israeli Community- A Case
Study for the Non-Profit Sector”, “The
Lack       of     Enforcement        and
Consequential Breaking of Israeli
Labor Laws: The Case of Minimum
Wage”, “Affordable Housing: Building
a Future for Average Wage Earners in
Israel”, “Teach for Israel”, “Creating a
Critical Mass of Women at the Highest
Levels of Israeli Corporate Leadership”
and “Health Care Services in Israel:

        Ending    an    evening    of
excellence and accomplishment, a
strong impression was left upon all
guests and audiences who came to
celebrate the closing of one chapter,
yet the beginning of a new one. Both
students and teachers were nostalgic
over the past year and realized that
nothing would have been possible
without the most remarkable ‘team’ of
faculty, educators and students who
made our Argov experience the most
meaningful that it has ever been

       We look forward to help
shaping Israel’s future for the better in
our upcoming endeavors.

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