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Awards and Closing Ceremony


									                                        Daily New‘
DAY 9                                             JULY 21, 2009                                    BREMEN, GERMANY

   Awards and                               Lisa Sauermann, Germany, first
                                        won a silver
                                                                                        a o
                                                                                      L´ szl´ Lov´ sz, E¨ tv¨ s Lor´ nd
                                                                                  University Bu-
                                                                                                   a     o o        a

Closing Ceremony                        medal at the
                                        IMO 2007 and
                                                                                  dapest, works in
                                                                                  discrete mathe-
                                        gold     medals                           matics and the-
                                        2008 and 2009,                            oretical com-
                                        this year only                            puter science.
     From the Award and Closing Cer- one point away                               Born 1948, he
emony we can tell you that is was an from a perfect                               won three IMO
impressive celebration. But we do not score.                                      gold and one silver medal 1963–1966.
need to tell you, because you were                                                He is currently the president of the
                                            We also note that the three best
there. We only can congratulate all of                                            International Mathematical Union.
                                        buses were Bus 8 (CHN, HKG, JPN,
you to your achievement, equal if you
                                        KOR, MAC, PRK, TWN) with an av-
won a medal or not. You can be proud!
                                        erage score of 27.14 coming in first,          Stanislav Smirnov, University of
     This is our last Daily News issue Bus 2 (BLR, GEO, KAZ, MDA, MNG,
                                                                                  Geneva, works
for the 50th IMO 2009. Normally they RUS, UKR) with 22.71 in second place
                                                                                  in complex and
were written late at night, somewhere and Bus 7 (IDN, IRN, KHM, MAS,
                                                                                  geometric anal-
11 pm and 4 am. This time we are try- THA, VNM) with 19.75 third .
                                                                                  ysis, dynamical
ing to get some rest, so we cannot yet
                                                                                  systems, prob-
tell you whether the farewell party was
                                                                                  ability theory
wonderful, but we are sure it will be.
                                                                                  and percolation.
                                             G UESTS OF H ONOR                    Born 1970, he
                                                                                  won two IMO gold medals in 1986 and

    T OP PARTICIPANTS                       We say thank you to the six main
                                        speakers of Sunday’s anniversary cele-         Terence Tao, University of Califor-
                                        bration who took the time to be present   nia at Los An-
                                        at the award ceremony to present the      geles, works in
                                                                                  harmonic anal-
    We congratulate all participants to medals to the successful participants.
                                            B´ la Bollob´ s, University of Cam-
                                              e          a                        ysis, partial dif-
their achievements. Very impressive
                                        bridge and Uni-                           ferential equa-
scores were achieved by the three top
                                        versity of Mem-                           tions,     proba-
                                        phis, works in                            bility, ergodic
    Dongyi Wei, People’s Republic of functional anal-                             theory, combi-
China, first par-                        ysis, combina-                            natorics, compressed sensing, repre-
ticipated at the                        torics,    graph                          sentation theory, and number theory.
IMO in 2008.                            theory and per-                           Born 1975, he won bronze, silver, and
Both times he                           colation. Born                            gold at the IMO 1986–1988 and the
achieved gold                           1943, he won a bronze and two gold        Fields medal in 2006.
with a perfect                          medals at the first ever IMOs 1959–
score.                                  1961.
                                                                                       Jean-Christophe Yoccoz, Univer-
    Makoto Soejima,      Japan,   had       Timothy Gowers, Cambridge Uni-           e
                                                                                  sit´ Paris XI,
two prior IMO                           versity, works                            Orsay, works in
participations,                         in     combina-                           dynamical sys-
where he won                            torics and func-                          tems, complex
bronze      2007                        tional analysis.                          analysis,   and
and gold 2008.                          Born 1963, he                             number theory.
This year he                            won an IMO                                Born in 1957,
achieved gold                           gold medal in                             he won IMO
with a perfect                          1981 and the                              silver and gold medals in 1973 and
score.                                  Fields medal in 1998.                     1974, and the Fields medal in 1994.
DAY 9                                           Daily News     JULY 21, 2009                                            2

              S HORT                    leaving their rooms on 22 July. Any- We thank all of you for coming to Bre-
                                        one loosing their key will be charged 50 men and wish you a good return to your
      A NNOUNCEMENTS                    Euros.                                   home. We look forward to seeing you
                                                                                 again at future IMOs, at Jacobs Univer-
                                                                                 sity, and as active members of the inter-
    Changed check-out procedure We keep a photo collection of the 2009 national mathematics community.
Please check out at the IMO office IMO on a German web site for young
in the Campus Center. If the office math talents:                                                     8
is closed, you may check out at the
                                              You can find an archive of the daily
porter’s lodge.
                                                                                 news letters (with color pictures) on
                                        If you register, you may upload your
                                        own pictures or exchange messages
All meals are available on Wednesday. with other participants. The user inter-
                                        face is currently German only, but we                        8
                   8                    will try to set up an English version if
                                                                                 Daily News was brought to you by
                                        technically possible.
Team guides should check that all their                                          Stephanie Schiemann, Marcel Oliver
team members have their keys before                         8                    and Wilfried Kurth.

                  At the closing ceremony                                          The Korean teams

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