Avex China Artist Guan Zhe Appears at Beijing Olympics

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					                                                                        August 25, 2008

   Avex China Artist Guan Zhe Appears at Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony

Guan Zhe, an artist belonging to our overseas subsidiary located in Beijing, the People’s

Republic of China, Avex China Co., Ltd. (CEO: Masato Matsuura; hereinafter, “Avex

China”), was honored to have been chosen to sing at the Closing Ceremony of the

recently held Beijing Olympics. He sang four songs, including “Beijing Zhu Fu Ni

(Beijing Blesses You),” a new song written for the Beijing Olympics, with a popular

Chinese female artist at the ceremony, and was the most-heard artist during the course

of the Games.

In addition to “Beijing Zhu Fu Ni,” his major hit, “Beijing, Beijing, Wo Ai Beijing

(Beijing, Beijing, I Love Beijing)” was also sung by a number of famous Asian artists at

the Closing Ceremony. The two songs performed at the huge-scale closing event,

“Beijing Zhu Fu Ni” and “Beijing, Beijing, Wo Ai Beijing” were composed by Keisuke

Kikuchi, a music adviser for Avex China and producer and        composer who plays an

active role in the Chinese music business.

Profile of Guan Zhe (aged 27)

April 23, 1981: Born in Jilin Province in the People’s Republic of China

2006:    Applied for the “Beijing Olympic Songs” under which the Beijing Organizing

         Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad solicited songs for the event

         annually since 2005. He won first prize with the song “One World One

         Dream,” quickly becoming the highest-profile artist of the time.
2008:    Officially contracted to Avex China. He released his debut album “Guan Ai”

         on April 17, 2008 and applied for inclusion in the “Beijing Olympic Songs”

         with “Beijing, Beijing, Wo Ai Beijing” from the debut album. For the high

         quality of both the song and his voice, it had won second prize in the candidate

         song category for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics,

         beating off some 70,000 applications (musical composition: about 3,500;

         lyrics: about 66,500) lodged by March 2008 from all corners of the globe.

         “Beijing, Beijing, Wo Ai Beijing” will be also used at the opening ceremony of

         the Beijing Paralympics.

Contact: Avex Group Holdings Inc.

        Investors & Public Relations Room