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					Brief Report on the Closing Ceremony of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of
K J Somaiya College of Engineering Graced by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam,
former President of India

Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam - the former President of India graced the closing
ceremony of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of K. J. Somaiya College of
Engineering (KJSCE) on the 26th September, 2009. Young engineers at KJSCE
displayed their innovative projects on this occasion. Dr. Kalam's interaction with
the young minds provided them with insights which will unleash their potential to
flourish and reach greater heights. Few students of KJSCE performed a dance
on Vande Mataram in traditional Bharatnatyam style offering tributes to India -
our beloved country.

Dr. S. K. Somaiya, Vice President, Somaiya Trust warmly welcomed and
felicitated Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. A memento representing the logo of the 25th
year of KJSCE was presented to Dr. Kalam. Dr. S. K. Somaiya gave a brief
overview of the activities and facilities offered at Somaiya Vidyavihar and KJSCE
in particular.

Starting the speech with the topic “Engineering Education Empowers”, Dr. Kalam
stressed the need for entrepreneurship together with an attitude towards
interdisciplinary outlook for products, convergence perspectives of technologies,
understanding of the national development needs and taking up product missions
in collaboration with nearby community. Dr. Kalam described his visualization of
the distinctive profile of India by 2020. To achieve this distinctive profile of India ,
he identified five areas which are closely inter-related and if progressed in co-
ordinated way will lead to food, economic and national security. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul
Kalam addressed India’s Future Mission and present economic environment.

In conclusion, Dr. Kalam shared with students an inspiring message from
Maharshi Patanjali in Yoga Sutra. He said “When you are inspired by some great
purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds, your
mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, you
will find yourself in a new great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties
and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far
than you ever dreamed yourself to be”.

He said, “I am sure, the education system in K J Somaiya College of Engineering
will provide the inspiration to kindle the dormant forces, faculties and talents
among all the students and create the confidence that “I can do it”, “we can do it”
and the “nation will do it”.
Dr. Kalam then administered the Oath for Engineering students:

1)    Engineering and Technology is a life time mission. I will work, work and
      work and succeed.

2)    Wherever I am, a thought will always come to my mind. That is what
      process or product I can innovate, invent or discover.

3)    I will always remember that “Let not my winged days, be spent in vain”.

4)    I realize I have to set a great technological goal that will lead me to think
      high, work and persevere to realize the goal.

5)    My greatest friends will be great scientific-technological minds, good
      teachers and good books.

6)    I firmly believe that no problem can defeat me; I will become the captain of
      the problem, defeat the problem and succeed.

7)    I will work and work for removing the problems faced by planet earth in the
      areas of water, energy, habitat, waste management and environment
      through the application of Science and Technology.

8)    I am as young as my faith, as old as my doubt; As young as my hope and
      as old as my despair. I will develop faith, self-confidence and hope.

9)    My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my nation.

KJSCE students and faculty came together to put a stage for technical and
cultural excellence in the 25th year of the college. KJSCE is an institute that has
transformed learning into an art; and technology into a culture. A major highlight
of the year was the accreditation of all the five courses in the college by the
National Board of Accreditation. The college also acquired permanent affiliation
to the University of Mumbai in the silver jubilee year. Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, the ex
- Director General of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), at the
opening ceremony of the 25th year of KJSCE on 12th September, 2008
emphasized the fact that technology is in concurrence with society and
humanitarian causes. He echoed the theme of the college for the 25th year – The
Human Face of Technology; sensitizing the budding engineers with their
environment and urging them to take technology to the masses; an idea reflected
every October at Abhiyantriki, the technical festival of KJSCE. Last October had
robots abound, classrooms turned into gaming areas, debates on nuclear
technology over canteen tables and project intricacies as the latest gossip! The
silver jubilee year has lent a golden sheen to the students’ technical abilities at

Prakalp, the platform for young technicians of Mumbai, saw engineers competing
and innovating on their pet fields in the form of futuristic project models. The
National conference on ‘Emerging Trends on Computers, Communication and
Information Technology’ conducted in March 2009, jointly by the Information
Technology, Computer Engineering department together with IEEE Bombay
Section, IETE Mumbai Centre, ISTE KJSCE Chapter, CSI Mumbai Chapter and
University of Mumbai definitely set the ball rolling. It saw some of the best ideas
come up. It was followed by another National Conference on ‘Global Challenges
for Deemed universities in Indian Education by 2020’ on 4th April 2009.

Adding a feather to the cap was the Orion Racing India -a team of engineers
from KJSCE. The team is into automobile design and fabrication for the past
three years. Orion Racing India is the most successful Indian team to participate
in an international engineering design event. Orion Racing India participates in
Formula Student Germany, an international car designing event held at the
Hockenheim ring, a renowned Formula 1 racing circuit.

Symphony, the annual cultural festival is literally a ‘symphony’ of different
elements-of culture, of young enthusiasm, of budding talents; each lending its
own individualistic beat. With seventy-five institutes from all over Mumbai getting
in above five thousand students, the celebrations scales new heights.

Well, if technology is human, then culture is the force that binds it into a society.
At Somaiya, traditions which are both old or young are cherished. The closing
ceremony truly kept up this spirit.

The College annual magazine “Kshitij” was released by the hon’ble Chief Guest.
Finally Shri Samir Somaiya, Trustee, Somaiya Trust proposed a vote of thanks
and the programme concluded with the national anthem.

The closing ceremony of the Silver Jubilee celebration received an overwhelming
response from one and all. We are indeed fortunate to have the honour of having
Dr. Kalam amongst us. We are extremely thankful to Dr. Kalam for sparing his
valuable time to grace the occasion and making the function a memorable
occurrence in the history of KJSCE which will be cherished by all of us for many
years to come.